Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LAW & ORDER'S Future Looks Murky

LAW & ORDER, NBC's flagship crime drama might become an endangered species soon unless NBC can get TNT onboard a new syndication agreement deal. With rising production costs and sagging ratings, NBC needs TNT to purchase old episodes to make any continued deal to air LAW & ORDER profitable. So far, TNT has refused to extend their syndication deal with NBC beyond season 20 of the long running drama.

If the drama can last just one more season, then it will tie with GUNSMOKE for the longest running TV drama run of all time.
Strangely, although LAW & ORDER itself might be an endangered species, there are possible plans for another spin-off of the series called LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES. Whether this series will see the light of day remains to be seen.

Jesse James In Arizona Rehab Facility

Where do stars go that screw up big time? Well, like the old Amy Winehouse song says, ....Rehab! And now that Sandra Bullock's husband has screwed up big time, he's checked himself into Sierra Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

The rehab center treats sex addictions(is there really such a thing? They used to call that just being a horndog) as well as alcohol and drug abuse issues. Seems like only yesterday Tiger needed a little rehab stay himself. And Charlie Sheen is still in one. Not taking personal responsibility and blaming phony "addictions" that don't even exist seems to be all the rage among celebrities these days.
Interestingly, good girl Sandra Bullock's only time in the Sierra Tucson facility was for a movie role only. America's sweetheart isn't likely to be claiming any rehab issues of her own. She's clean as they come.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesse James Uses California Highway Patrol Stop For A Little Marriage Counseling Session

The troubled marriage between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock might have gotten a help from a California Highway Patrol officer when Jesse James used the stop for a 15 minute talk about how to save his troubled marriage. Reportedly, the policeman stopped James for driving his tinted windows Mercedes without a front license plate. But then James opened up to the officer about his love for Sandra Bullock and his troubled marriage. The policeman kindly listened to James, and the two talked for 15 minutes.

BTW, the policeman let James off with a warning to get a front license plate and to comply with California state vehicle laws.
But, a further strain on the troubled marriage is the latest news that the number of women linked to James is now at four. Whether this marriage can survive this much stress is a very good question.

Oh Big Surprise! Ricky Martin Claims He's Gay

Not really the biggest surprise ever heard. But, Latin singing sensation Ricky Martin finally made it official and announced to the world that he's a happy gay man. Not many persons will be falling over from shock today. As reported on CNN Entertainment, Martin was quoted as saying that I'm a "fortunate homosexual man".

Martin has become one of the biggest names in Latin music since his debut with the boy band, Menudo. Martin has sold over 60 million albums world wide since he broke from the band and recorded as a solo act.

Twice PEOPLE Magazine has proclaimed Martin to be one of the "World's Most Beautiful People".

The Puerto Rican entertainer has remained very independent politically as well. He was a headline entertainer for the inaugural events of President Bush on one hand, but supported Hillary Clinton in her landslide win in the Puerto Rican primary over Barack Obama in 2008.

The Latin superstar continues to be one of the biggest names in recordings and entertainment since his crossover to English lyrics on some recordings.

Stocks, Bondage & Strippers?

Who likes to spend $1,946.25 a night at strip clubs? Well, move over Tiger, Britney and Lindsay, former CNN conservative pundit, Tucker Carlson now claims that RNC Chairman Michael Steele has strangely become one of the biggest nightclub party animal big spenders. According to FEC filings, the Republican National Committee paid $1,946.25 so that Steele could get his jollies off at Voyeur Hollywood West, a bondage oriented strip club where the girls engage in simulated lesbian sex acts onstage, although the RNC now disputes that Steele was at the club, claiming that another high ranking Republican leader was there instead. Regardless, someone at the party likes to spend big time at strip clubs.

And that's not all. The party chairman also is known to spend over $17,000 on private planes another $12,000 on limousines some months. Further, the party chairman would like to buy his own private jet for commuting.

Interesting, the party started out with over $22 million on hand before Steele took over. Now the party has a mere $9.5 cash on hand going into 2010 elections.

As a young man, Steele was headed towards becoming a Catholic Priest. But now it looks like all of that vow of poverty stuff has gone out the window as the party chairman lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous at the expense of GOP party donors.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ultrapaul's Fantastic Drag Racing Wally Booth Gremlin Art

Ultrapaul is one of the greatest artists and designers out there. Check out his fantastic designs and art. And this awesome image created based off the famous drag racing Gremlin from racer Wally Booth is sheer mind-blowing art. Absolutely incredible.

Having A Pope That Looks Like Palpatine Doesn't Help

In an especially arrogant and callous remark made during the Palm Sunday homily marking the opening of Holy Week, the pope compared the building sex abuse scandal rocking the church to the "gossip" journalism rags. Instead of acknowledging the serious criminal wrongs of sex abuse, instead the pope proclaimed that God instills "the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion".

American victims and their lawyers probably were flabbergasted at the comment, which seems to indicate a culture in the church where the pope views himself and others as above the law and above questioning. And rather than the events being mere "petty gossip" as the pope may dismiss, the events are both real and documented, and extremely serious. Some American journalists now compare this scandal to Watergate.

THE BOSTON HERALD's latest news on the developing story opinions that the pope is probably unlikely to resign no matter how deeply he may be involved in the scandal. However, protesters in London and around the world are organizing and calling for the pope to resign for his said role in the scandal while acting as cardinal.

The news media will likely have a long story here with a long run as much more information comes to light and lawyers for victims press for the release of more documents. And the image of a religious organization that covers up for serious crimes is an unwholesome image that definitely casts a dark shadow over this year's celebration of Holy Week.

Alex Chilton: Rock And Roll Great

The recent heart attack death of American musical genius Alex Chilton closes out a spectacular life producing some great pop music. Chilton was once the driving force and lead vocalist behind The Box Tops, which were as good as any top UK pop musical act at the time. Their version of "The Letter" so impressed UK singer Joe Cocker that he just had to do his own version. And some singles by The Box Tops such as "Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March" impressed one baking company enough to become their commercial slogan for a time.

The Box Tops also managed to have a string of other successful singles such as "Cry Like A Baby", "Soul Deep", "I Shall Be Released" and more. Chilton's group was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1967 for "The Letter" which sold a staggering four million copies and became a smash hit.

Chilton was probably also the originator of the "power-pop" sound, when he formed the new group, Big Star, in later years. And Chilton was also a big influence on the later new wave and punk rock genre as well. Chilton was probably a major figure in proto-punk history for this very reason.

Unfortunately, despite critical acclaim for Big Star from many sectors, Chilton's early success with The Box Tops never followed him in later years. But for a time, The Box Tops were the biggest act from the Bell Records label which included The Fifth Dimension, and later top UK acts such as Gary Glitter, The Sweet as well as Canadian acts like April Wine on their Big Tree Records label.

Alex Chilton was a real legend. A great influence on music both in the U.S. and the UK. He'll certainly be missed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dennis Hopper Receives Star On Hollywood's Walk Of Fame

This weekend, dying actor Dennis Hopper, who is terminally ill with inoperable prostate cancer became the 2,403rd celebrity or act to receive a star on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The frail looking actor Jack Nicholson, David Lynch Dwight Yoakam and other celebrity friends attended the ceremony to celebrate Hopper's great honor.

Friends of the very ill entertainer wanted to see him honored while still alive. And the 73 year old actor much appreciated the great honor and respect given to him. It was probably one of the greatest moments of his entire acting career.

Proof Positive That Some Cars Are An Extension Of A Guy's Manhood

Some guys get criticism from girls for owning cars that act way too much like an extension for their manhood. Well, here's the ultimate car in that genre, girls . Not much is really known about this wild car that surfaced as a photo inside the 1971 album by Steppenwolf, FOR LADIES ONLY. But it's definitely an attention grabber. Especially when parked alongside of Hollywood's Walk Of Fame.

One rumor circulated that the car was once owned by the band's leader, John Kay. However, since John Kay is legally blind, that seems highly unlikely. But whoever is responsible for this car must be a real cocky guy. It takes balls to drive something like this.

The car is strangely like a 1930's Cord sports car in many ways.

Former Portland Trailblazer Hopes To Become Oregon's Governor

6 foot 11, former center for the Portland Trailblazers, Chris Dudley, has entered the race for governor of Oregon, running as a Republican. Despite the huge celebrity status of players with the Portland Trailblazers, this marks the first time that any player from the team has ever sought elective office.

Dudley has always been a popular figure with fans in the state, with a squeaky-clean reputation. And his charitable work for children with diabetes has made him a sentimental favorite as well. Dudley has long suffered from this disease as well.

What might give Dudley some hope this year is the uneven nature of the slowly building economic recovery. While some retailers are reporting sharply increased and building retail sales as are many wholesalers, unemployment still lags in the state for many workers. Wisely, Dudley's campaign focuses mostly on economic issues and avoids many social issues that can cause trouble for more conservative politicians among the more socially liberal Oregon voters. But, Dudley straddles the abortion issue, probably not really pleasing anyone. However, in a year when Republicans have been able to win unlikely victories such as in Massachusetts, Dudley could be a wildcard.

The democrats are running two old retreaded politicians, former Governor John Kitzhaber and Secretary Of State Bill Bradbury. Both have some vulnerabilities and some political baggage issues with many voters.

Dudley was able to escape any of the bad image problems associated with old Trailblazers image of the past. And while a hard working center, Dudley was hardly a great center by any means. One of the greatest vulnerabilities of the old Trailblazers has always been weakness in the center position ever since the glory days of Bill Walton. However, in a year that voters might be sick of many politicians, Dudley might appear fresh enough to many voters to have an opportunity to surprise. And if you don't think so, just ask a former Wrestler by the name of Jesse Ventura or an actor by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

FOX Cancels 24

Jack Bauer won't be saving the world from impeding doom on FOX after this season. It's now official, FOX is putting the edge of your seat action drama on permanent vacation after the May series finale. Reportedly, actor Kiefer Sutherland wanted the show to go out on a high note. But real world problems such as weaker scripts, sagging ratings and rising production costs began to tick the clock on 24. Now, those problems have driven the once great TV drama to the point of extinction.

But, fans of 24 shouldn't shed too many tears. The series finale will actually serve as the setup for a high budget movie version of the show. So 24 will be back, but not on the little screen. So the countdown clock won't exactly stop for good....Jack Bauer lives on for another day.

One Badass 707hp Cadillac!

As if the 6.2 liter LSA supercharged engined Cadillac CTS-V doesn't have near enough horsepower at a lowly 556, a Houston-area company run by John Hennessey has boosted the car way up to 707hp with 717foot lbs. of torque. The result is a crazy wild ride that rivals the Lamborghini Gallardo in neck breaking quickness.

The Hennessey V700 takes your basic Cadillac CTS-V supercharged ride costing nearly $62,000, and through the miracle of altering the cold air flow, polishing and porting the heads, putting in a better cam, etc.. your lowly $62k ride is converted into a $90k supercar. Ain't magic grand!

If anything, the Hennessey V700 has to be one of the best aftermarket Cadillac versions ever built. But okay, there's got to be more than a few higher wage earners who still love to spin tires who own a business or a bank for a living. And if you have to commute, then why not get there fast. Real fast. Neck breaking fast. The Hennessey V700 looks like the way to go.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Weird Al Ready For A 2010 Comeback?

Weird Al Yankovic may be on the verge of a 2010 comeback. After releasing the Grammy Award winning album POODLE HAT in 2003, Weird Al waited until 2006 to release STRAIGHT OUT OF LINWOOD, his largest commercial success so far. But, then nothing until his 5 song INTERNET LEAKS EP digital download package emerged this past Summer. Now, comes word that these songs will be included in a new cd to be released sometime this year. And over at Wizbang, writer Jay Tea announced the news of a trailer for a new movie about the life of Weird Al to be released this year as well.

INTERNET LEAKS was nominated for a Grammy Award, and contains an excellent parody of The Doors with Ray Manzarek of the legendary band playing keyboards to add authenticity to the song, "Craigslist". The music video for the song is floating around YouTube, with Weird Al doing his best Jim Morrison impression with scenes very much like some Doors music videos such as "L.A. Woman" and similar scenes from the Oliver Stone DOORS film as well. It's one of the best things that Weird Al has ever recorded. "Craigslist" seems mostly like a parody of "When The Music's Over" by The Doors for the most part, and Manzarek is in fine musical form on keyboards as well. The song does lift some from "The End" and "Light My Fire" as well. But you have to wonder what Jim Morrison would think about making fun of the accident scene and Native American Indian images. But, Manzarek proved that he's a great sport to help out. After all, how many people get to do music with any of The Doors?

But, the upcoming film about the life of Weird Al looks like a real gem compared to the flop UHF film. The film features an actor sporting the worst ill fitting wig and mustache since the days of early 70's porn(and that's just the girls I'm talking about). Patton Oswald plays Dr. Demento in the film as well.

Strangely, the film makes a comic comparison between Weird Al and Jim Morrison once again with a fictitious Miami arrest. In real life, Weird Al's song parodies are about as safe as milk, and pretty G-rated stuff. He usually opts for safe topics such as "food" or something nonsexual to joke about about. This is a sharp contrast to other funny song acts such as punk rock bands or The Fugs, which spawned-off The Holy Modal Rounders. "Boobs A Lot" by the Rounders was a favorite song by Dr. Demento to play, along with Weird Al favorites. But Weird Al has always been a favorite of the doctor.

But part of Weird Al's "safe as milk" musical formula might be because he identifies himself as being a Christian, and probably wants to avoid working more "blue" like many musical raunchy comics do. His more "family-friendly" approach to musical comedy makes his concerts events where you see all ages attend, babes to grandpa types.

2010 looks like it might be good year for the comic singer.

NIGHTLINE Asks Whether The Pope Should Resign

NIGHTLINE, ABC's news program that began as a special report on the Iranian hostage crisis is raising an important question worthy of consideration: Should Pope Benedict XVI resign for his role in the cover-up of an abusing priest? As then-Cardinal Joseph Ratsinger, he has been directly implicated in preventing an American abusing priest for coming to justice. Is this the sort of actions acceptable for someone who is supposed to be the successor to Peter, the early leader of the Christian Church?

Ratsinger ascended to the papacy amid some controversy because of his role as member of the Hitler Youth and as a German soldier during WWII, although he was never a Nazi Party member. Ratsinger had claimed that membership in Hitler Youth was compulsory, however he joined at 14, which was far older than many 10 year olds in the organization. Further, Ratsinger claims that he never fired at shot at allied forces, which may be true, however he only deserted as a German soldier at the end of the war in 1945, and remained in uniform assigned to protect a BMW factory against allied bombing until that time. Ratsinger must have been aware that prisoners from the Dachau concentration camp were being used as slave labor at the BMW plant to make aircraft engines. What would Ratsinger do if any prisoner attempted to escape? Ratsinger hasn't been entirely upfront and honest about his roles in the Hitler Youth, or as a German soldier, and now his involvement in the cover-up of an abusing priest raises new questions. Is this the "infallible" agent of God that he claims to be?

NIGHTLINE is raising an important issue here. News is supposed to make people think. NIGHTLINE isn't questioning faith here, but some of the leadership who claimed to be God's Earthly representatives. No doubt, NIGHTLINE will be airing far more shows on this scandal as more news comes out and lawyers press the issue with the church.
Wizbang Pop often reports about celebrity scandals. However, it's sad that religion often isn't very far behind with many scandals of it's own.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" May Live On As A Movie

Reportedly, Warren Zide who was involved in production for both the AMERICAN PIE and FINAL DESTINATION films has struck a deal with the widow of Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce, to produce a live action comedy based off the famous hit song, "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown".

Zide hopes to create a whole new franchise of films based off the character from the song, Leroy Brown, Who is "the baddest man in the whole damn town".

Writers are currently working on the project in which Jim Croce's widow is excited about.

Jim Croce was only 30 years old when he was killed in a plane crash after a concert in Louisiana, when either human error or else a heart condition caused the pilot to miss a pecan tree at the end of the runway, killing everyone onboard. After Croce's death, his last album I GOT A NAME, which was recorded only eight days before his death was released. Croce had two #1 hits in his career, including "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", which sounded like it was recorded in a music in the round-type atmosphere. It was a fun recording.

Croce actually had created music since 1960, when he graduated from high school. However 1966's FACETs and a 1969 album with his wife Ingrid gained little traction. But when he signed a deal with ABC Records in 1972 to produce three albums, his career finally took off. His first ABC single, "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" which peaked at #8 on the charts was another fun song somewhat like "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", which became his biggest seller by far. The album sold two million copies. Jim Croce was a hot star with a bright future. But then the accident robbed him of what would likely have been superstardom.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dolly Parton vs. U.S. Senator Story Takes A Strange Turn

The story reported yesterday by the country western THE BOOT news, took a very strange turn today, as the office of U.S. Senator Bob Corker now claims that the interview of Dolly Parton by WAXO1220AM (Kickin' Country) never took place. Spokesperson for Corker's office, Laura Herzog claimed that the senator's office had checked with the radio station as well as Dolly Parton's representatives, claiming that Dolly Parton wasn't on that station in an interview segment.

Herzog also claimed that it was "categorically false" that the senator carved out any exemption clause for payday loan companies. However, THE NEW YORK TIMES reports just the opposite to be true, claiming that Corker was indeed the driving force to exempt payday loan companies from proposed new consumer law legislation. Further, W. Allan Jones, who owns Checks Into Cash has been a longtime friend and political supporter of Corker. Since 2001, Corker has received $31,000 in political contributions from Jones and other employees of the business.

So far, no official statement has come from Dolly Parton or WAXO radio about the claimed interview. And according to one source, military families are already protected somewhat from higher interest rates by payday loan companies, which are capped at 36% under provisions of the Federal Military Lending Act of 2007.

So, who's telling the truth here? Did Dolly Parton actually do a radio interview tearing into the senator or not yesterday? Why did Corker's office misrepresent his actual involvement and support for provisions exempting the payday loan industry?

A strange entertainment news story grows stranger.

Charlie Sheen's Problems Shorten TWO AND A HALF MEN Season

This year's season for TWO AND A HALF MEN will be two episodes shorter this year because of Charlie Sheen's legal problems which landed him in rehab. Instead of the usual 24 episodes, just 22 will be filmed. But, what will be missing is the big season finale episode because it got cut from the schedule. But, TWO AND A HALF MEN is a really great comedy, so you can still expect a very good episode to wrap up this season.

TWO AND A HALF MEN is the most important comedy that CBS has and the #1 comedy on TV. However, Charlie Sheen's legal and rehab problems this year have caused plenty of problems for the show. The show has maintained it's quality despite all of this and really hasn't witnesses any audience slippage according to the ratings.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dolly Parton Tears U.S. Senator A New One In A Radio Interview

Dolly Parton is at war with her U.S. senator over his apparent support for payday loan companies that charge U.S. service-person families 400% interest rates. Parton stopped just short of calling U.S. Senator Bob Corker a crook, by accusing him of "behind closed door" efforts to work with the payday loan industry to rip off military families. Parton was a guest on the country western station WAXO-1220AM in Lewisburg, Tenn(Kickin' Country) and decided to tear the senator a new one during what would have been a normal interview about her life and music.

It was a surprising and abrupt political statement from the country music legend, who even called the senator "unAmerican". Corker blocked a move in the U.S. Senate to limit the payday loan industry to 36% maximum interest rates by law. In the last few months, the Senate voted to put new regulations on the credit card industry. However, these regulations had mixed results since the credit card industry had nine months before the law took effect, and then raised interest rates and added new charges while the industry lawyers sought clarification from the Federal Reserve Board about certain provisions. Corker removed language from the bill so that the payday loan industry would be exempt from proposed new rules regulating other money lenders.

Tennessee has 2,700 military families, and these families are highly likely to use payday loans to survive between pay checks for survival.

Dolly Parton added in the radio interview, that "Growing up poor, I know the hardship and tragedy that money matters can cause to a family".

No comment from the senator as of yet what it feels like being torn a new one by the country music legend.

Conflicting Stories Emerge About Possible Divorce For Sandra Bullock

Entertainment sources are reporting conflicting stories about whether Sandra Bullock and her husband are seeking divorce lawyers. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT claims that a representative of Sandra Bullock has denied that she is seeking a divorce or has hired a divorce attorney at this time. On the other hand, TMZ reports that both Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James have been interviewing divorce lawyers.

Both entertainment sources are no doubt getting their information from different sources accounting for the differing stories. This is a developing story that will take some days to play out.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Shocking Ages Of Rock Stars!

It's absolutely shocking just how old some of the greatest rock stars now are. This isn't for the faint hearted. Read at your own risk!

Ray Manzarek, the the legendary keyboardist for The Doors was born in 1939, and is now 71 years old! Manzarek has continued to produce music since the days of The Doors, including a number of solo and instrumental albums.

Jet Black, the drummer for the punk group, The Stranglers, was born in 1938. He's also 71 years old now. Black was actually a successful businessman in England in the mid70's before deciding to join The Stranglers and to become one of the oldest punk rockers out there.

Mick Jagger, the fantastic front-man for The Rolling Stones is 66, and was born in 1943. Jagger's middle class family background led him to study economics in college, where he kept The Rolling Stones a business for all these years. making the group one of the most successful business ventures ever.

Eric Clapton, long considered to be one of the greatest guitar players of all time is 64 years old, and was born in 1945. Clapton's career spans successful acts such as Blind Faith, Derek And The Dominoes, Cream, The Yardbirds as well his highly successful solo career.

Alvin Lee, the Gibson 335 guitar superman from Ten Years After is 65 now, born in 1944. Allvin Lee continues to record and turn out great solo albums, proving himself to be one of the most enduring ring rock legends of all time.

Jerry Lee Lewis, the original keyboard wildman of the 1950's, was born in 1935, and is now 74 years old. He continues as real legend in both rock and roll and country music.

Chuck Berry, the great pioneering rocker of the 1950's is 83 now, born in 1926. He remains an active legend in rock and roll, and has even performed for President Carter at the White House.

Little Richard, who combined a hard rock sound with R&B, is 77 years old, born in 1932, probably was a great influence to later performers like Elton John for his outrageous stage presence and dress. Little Richard remains one of the biggest influences on music to this day, probably originating a hard rock sound more than any early performer.

Paul McCartney, at age 67, still has plenty of his boyish good looks going for him. He was born in 1942, and remains the most successful of the surviving members of The Beatles.

Ringo Starr, 69, born in 1940, has had a less successful solo career than Paul McCartney, but still remains a beloved music legend by all means. Ringo never thought of himself as a great drummer, but many music disagree and call him great. Further, his vocal style has a "everyman" quality about it that is sort of cute in it's own way.

Carlos Santana, at age 62, born in Mexico in 1947, continues to be one of greatest and most hypnotic guitar legends of all time.

Patti Smith, at 63, born in 1946, is called the "Godmother of punk", by some for her pioneering style in this genre of music. In the late 70's comic actress Gilda Radner based her "Candy Slice" character off of Patti Smith, although the real Patti Smith has always been a very intelligent person and hardly the "burn out case" that the character lampoons.

Bruce Springsteen, "The Boss" turned 60 this year. Born in 1949, Springsteen continues to remain one of the greatest live performers of all time.

Bob Dylan, born in 1941, aged 68, remains a legendary singer and songwriter, and continues to produce some of the best albums of his entire career.

Tom Petty, aged 59, born in 1950, seems like a baby here. Yet, the aging singer- songwriter continues have legions of loyal fans attracted to his own unique rock and roll style.

The Strange Story Behind "Gimme Dat Ding" By The Pipkins

In 1970, a very unusual novelty single, "Gimme Dat Ding" hit the charts and became a top hit both in the UK reaching and in the U.S. But this very unusual single has an even stranger history.

In many ways, "Gimme Dat Ding" was the first rap song ever, using two voices in a strange duet, one very similar to that of legendary radio announcer Wolfman Jack, and another much higher pitched voice. The song also made liberal use of ragtime-era styled music as well. The popular British comedy show, THE BENNY HILL SHOW, often made use of the music from this song which was originally written for a British children's program, OLIVER AND THE OVERLORD.

Tony Burrows, the lead singer on the song actually hit the charts in 1970 using four different act names. With The White Plains, "My Baby Loves Lovin"" was a hit both in the Uk and the U.S., with Edison Lighthouse, "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes", and with The Brotherhood Of Man, "United We Stand" was also hit both in the UK and the U.S. It was probably the first time in chart history that one singer had four chart hits in one year in both the UK and the the U.S. using four different act names, each with a different style of music. Two other singles by Burrows recorded under the group names Current Kraze and The Naked Truth apparently failed to chart in 1970, otherwise Burrows would have had even more hit singles in a single year. Tony Burrows sang the deeper voice parts, while it was Roger Greenaway who did the falsetto style voice on "Gimme Dat Ding".

Interestingly, since Tony Burrows was a session singer, he wasn't always available, so live show versions of "Gimme Dat Ding" were performed by British singers, Davey Sands and Len Marshall. A few years ago, "Gimme Dat Ding" was rerecorded using new digital recording technology. However, fans of the songs complain that the new version simply lacks the sheer fun of the original recording.

Tony Burrows was sometimes describes as "the human hit machine" because he had an usual knack for picking the right songs to sing that became hits. Burrows also rates in the record books as having the most chart hit singles by any human being ever. Burrows had hit singles recording under his own name, as well as with a huge number of group names. He was also the lead singer of First Class and had the hit "Beach Baby" with them as well.

Incidentally, Albert Hammond who co-wrote "Gimme Dat Ding", with Mike Hazlewood, also wrote the hit song for The Hollies, "The Air That I Breathe". Hammond also had a big hit single with the song, "It Never Rains In Southern California".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Motorcycle Hearse

A British company, , offers a unique motorcycle hearse service that's very popular with rockers, bikers, ton-up boys and other UK motorcycle culture groups. The company offers several very attractive custom built motorcycle hearses including a classic Triumph, a cafe racer styled Triumph, a Suzuki, and custom Harley complete with a nice engine note roar.

What a way to go out....

Jesse James Affair Story Generates New Embarrassments For Sandra Bullock

As if the story of the purported affair between Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, and tattoo model, Michele McGee, hasn't been painful enough for the award winning actress, new embarrassments popped up overnight about the story. Reportedly, TMZ has acquired a picture of Jesse James wearing a Nazi officers hat giving a Nazi salute, and TMZ also uncovered a video of McGee shot about two weeks ago performing onstage at the Pure Platinum strip club.

For Sandra Bullock, the steady drip-drip-drip of awful stories over the last few days must be presenting a terrible public image nightmare. Bullock has always been known for kindness and giving to charity and other good will. But, the reported antics of her husband have to be presenting a serious public relations crisis for the actress, and some way to have some damage control over the situation.

Probably, the marriage is in critical condition right now. Whether it survives all of this is a big question.

Some FOX Affiliates Wary Of Possible New Conan Show

Reportedly, FOX is putting pressure on local stations to set aside the 11:00 pm time slot for a possible new Fall season Conan O'Brien show. However, no financial deal has yet been struck between FOX and O'Brien, which is still a critical issue.

But, some local FOX network affiliates are kicking at the notion of bumping profitable programming such as THE OFFICE reruns in favor of the O'Brien, who badly failed in the 11:35 time slot over at NBC. And sometimes, moving a show cover to another network badly fails in the ratings.

A prime example of moving a show to another network that grossly failed was the mega-disaster $40 million dollar deal that moved FAMILY MATTERS and STEP BY STEP over to CBS from ABC. CBS had hoped to start a new family comedy programming block called the "CBS Block Party", but audiences failed to watch in big numbers, and FAMILY MATTERS was a huge ratings disaster for CBS where the show soon fell out of the top 100 TV shows.

Many local CBS affiliates found the ratings so low that some even aired paid programming infomercials in the 8:00pm FAMILY MATTERS time slot because it made more money than airing the fresh CBS episodes of the show. CBS soon pulled the program from the network lineup, and during the Summer ran the unaired episodes as a sort of dumping ground for all of the money they wasted on this $40 million dollar disaster.

CBS's bid to create a family oriented programming slot on Friday nights failed for several reasons. Part of the problem was that the ratings for FAMILY MATTERS had been on a slow slide ever since the second season of the show where it peaked at #15 among all shows. By season eight on ABC, the show had tumbled down to #50. For the ninth season at CBS, the show was down to #108 among all shows. For CBS to pay $40 million to purchase a declining entity was a very bad business decision.

Another problem for CBS was that with their older demographic of viewers, fewer younger viewers would migrate over to CBS, where many of the viewers tended to be near 50 at the time. Another problem is that there really wasn't as much of an audience for "family programming" as some would think. CBS has done far better in later years by airing dark dramas such as GHOST WHISPERER in this Friday time slot.

What FOX can learn from all of this is that Conan O'Brien has his fans for sure, but he was a ratings disaster for NBC in the 11:35 time slot. And usually moving a show to another network brings along less viewers as well. Further, as local stations find a network show lagging, they're willing to even air paid programming junk at prime-time if they have to to break even. All of this are bad omens for FOX here.

But FOX hopes to buck the trend, and Conan O'Brien will give FOX the best shot that they can at putting together a 11:00 talk show to compete with Leno and Letterman, even if the ratings are much smaller. FOX also hopes that Conan can build an audience as well. FOX looks willing to gamble on O'Brien here, even if many local FOX stations aren't too excited to be onboard for looks like a huge financial risk to them.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Sporty Rambler That You Never Saw

In the 1960's, when the sporty Dodge Charger fastback was all the rage, little American Motors Corporation wanted to develop their own sports fastback model. One concept car was the Tarpon, a sports fastback based off the small compact Rambler model. Sadly, designers at AMC decided to instead base the actual Marlin production sports fastbacks off of the larger Rambler Classic series of cars because the cars were more similar to the Dodge Charger in size.

Looking back, you just can't help but wonder what a big success some awesome 390 cubic inch powered little fastback sports Rambler could have been. For little AMC, this might have a major missed opportunity.

Pharmacy Cut Off Brittany Murphy's Prescription Drugs

When it was found out by Eddie's Pharmacy in Los Angeles that the late actress Brittany Murphy was using hundreds of prescription pills a month under an alias name, the pharmacy cut her off. Records from the pharmacy show that the late actress was prescribed as many as 400 pills one month for example.

Records also indicate that one of the drugs that the late actress sought were hydrocodone(Vicodin, an opiad analgesic drug, that is used for severe pain relief, but has a very high psychological dependence problem for some persons who abuse this drug). The actress also sought out vicoprofen(which is a combination drug with both vicodin and ibuprofen, prescribed for pain and probably inflammation issues). A third type of drug that the actress sought out were antiaxiety drugs such as clonazepam or Klonopin.

Interestingly, one Dr. Richard Kroop was responsible for all of the prescriptions. including the one's written under the alias name as well. According to a report by TMZ, authorities paid a visit to the medical office run by Dr. Kroop on Friday, which may indicate an ongoing investigation into the causes of death of the late actress.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Octomom Could Lose Home

Octomom, Nadya Suleman, is apparently a victim of one of those bad sub-prime loan arrangements to buy a home. According to one report, she must make a $450,000 balloon payment by Tuesday, or else faces foreclosure. Further, Suleman has fallen behind on a monthly payment of $4139 monthly as well, only complicating her situation.

It further appears that the seller to Suleman couldn't afford the house either, so sold it to her with the outrageous payment arrangements because it was what he owed on the property. What a mess. Lawyers are going to have their work cut out for them here.

Back in January, THE WASHINGTON POST ran this photo of the house and an unidentified woman carrying balloons in for the children.

Heil No! Outrageous New Photo Shoot From Woman Linked To Jesse James

Jesse James sure knows how to pick 'em. One day after the awful news about an affair rocked the marriage of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, TMZ obtained these outrageous photos of the woman reportedly linked to the affair with James. Reportedly, she even has a swastika on her stomach as well as symbols for "White Power" on her legs.

The outrageous photos have only to be the latest blow to the marriage of Sandra Bullock and her husband, Jesse James. And probably, they leave Sandra Bullock today asking, "Why?"

Michelle McGee, the woman in the photos is a tattoo model. And her husband's lawyers used her interest in the Nazi-era as one basis to seek to seek custody of the children from the failed marriage.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Marriage Bombshell Story

The marriage of very popular award winning actress Sandra Bullock and Jesse James has been hit by a huge adultery scandal bombshell story according to TMZ and other news sources. The marriage may even be headed for a split as well.
According to the latest report by TMZ, Jesse James has offered an apology to the actress by way of a message to PEOPLE magazine, claiming that he used "poor judgment" after a woman claimed to be having an affair with popular TV motorcycle and custom car host and manufacturer.

James offered up a very sincere apology statement to his wife and children concerned about the "pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension" and the "grief" his own actions might have caused, while acknowledging that the "vast majority" of the allegations are "untrue and unfounded".

The marriage to Sandra Bullock is the third for the motorcycle enthusiast, who has two children from his first marriage to Karla James, and a daughter with former adult film star, Janine Lindemulder.

Jesse James claims to a descendant of the famous Western outlaw, Jesse James, and has some minor legal brushes of his own, especially as a young man when arrested for stealing cars. James also has had some involvement with motorcycle organizations such as The Hell's Angels and some other "1%" motorcycle clubs. However, as a businessman, James has successfully marketed his "bad boy" outlaw biker image into a massive money-making enterprise and gained a huge following of mainstream popularity.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Releases Claimed Explicit Text Messages

One of the alleged mistresses of Tiger Woods is causing him new embarrassment after releasing a round of some very explicit and nasty text messages that she claims were from the championship golfer.
Joslyn James, a former adult film star, released a series of claimed text messages from the Tiger, where he expressed an interest in golden showers, oral sex, slapping around, spanking, biting and ATM type sexual activities.
It is the last thing that the Tiger needs right now for such rough and crude text messages to hurt his attempts to revive his career and marriage. The claimed text messages could not have come at a worst time.
The last claimed text message from the Tiger to Joslyn James seemed to involve an angry breakup of the two and claims to James, "that you almost just ruined my whole life".
What emerges from the claimed text messages is an image of the Tiger far different than the squeaky clean image that Nike and the media created of the golf champion. At least, new endorsement deals will be far more difficult to achieve after the release of these messages if they prove to authentic.

Fess Parker, Star of DAVY CROCKETT & DANIEL BOONE Dead At 85

Fess Parker the popular star of the Disney's wildly popular DAVY CROCKETT and TV's DANIEL BOONE , has died at the age of 85 of natural causes. Fess Parker's character became such a hit in the 1950's that Disney was able to market more than $300 million of DAVY CROCKETT merchandise in 1955 such as raccoon skin style "coon skin" hats and other merchandise. Fess Parker's characters were pure marketing gold for Disney, and the largest movie or TV related merchandising bonanzas for that time. Kids in the 50's wanted to own all things DAVY CROCKETT in those days.

Fess Parker's DANIEL BOONE TV series was also a huge hit, and ran six seasons from 1964 until 1970. Popular singer Ed Ames played the Native American sidekick, Mingo, in most of the series. For the Fall 1965 season, the series was broadcast by NBC in their new "living color" system. During the 1969-70 season, former NFL football great, Roosevelt Grier, made a series of regular appearances in the series as a new character.

Fess Parker seemed a natural actor for both the DAVY CROCKETT and DANIEL BOONE roles. He was one of the greatest Western style actors of all time. During the 50's and 60's, Westerns were wildly popular, and Fess Parker's roles as an early pioneering type of Western actor seemed tailor-made for audience tastes in those days.

Life for Fess Parker after DANIEL BOONE involved developing a top-notch family vineyard winery with fine quality wines sold in better wine shops. Fess Parker continued to sell coon skin caps as well.

Interestingly, the real life Daniel Boone actually disliked coon skin caps, and instead wore felt hats. However, coon skin caps were once very popular among White settlers to the United States as hunting caps. Originally, the coon skin cap was a Native American Indian clothing item, however White settlers loved the style and quickly adopted it for themselves.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day To Ya!

Well, happy St. Paddy's Day folks.

And, as my yearly tradition goes, here's my old Irish saying that really isn't an old Irish saying.....

"May wee Alan Hale be fat to you in the mornin'"
A happy drinking holiday to you all. Have fun. But be safe.

New MG2 Spy Shots

Since the Chinese company Nanjing Automotive Group purchased the assets and name of the famous British brand of MG cars back in 2005, you knew it would only be a matter of time before the product line would be revamped and re-introduced. Here's a spy shot of the new MG2 which should debut sometime in April around the world after it debuts at the huge Beijing Auto Show.

Some major companies in China such as in the auto industry get help from the government, which views such investment as an important stake in the country's future. When Nanjing Automotive Group and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation considered a merger, the government actively encouraged the marriage of the two to create a stronger automobile giant that would be able to compete in world markets. The new MG2 is currently being tested in Australia, where it likely might see some serious marketing. In the U.S., the new MG2 might see some distribution by way of the Chilean importer, SKBerge.

Seth Rogen To Star As THE GREEN HORNET Soon

Big news for fans of THE GREEN HORNET is that Seth Rogen will cast as the crime-busting newspaper publisher in the new movie due out soon. The film is scheduled for release somewhere between June 25- December 22, 2010. Black Beauty will be back too, this time as a customized 1960's vintage Imperial with machine guns popping out of the hood. Kato, who was played by martial arts expert Bruce Lee in the 1960's TV series is set to be played Taiwanese actor and singer Jay Chou. Christoph Waltz, who just won the Oscar for best supporting actor, will be cast as the villain in the film.

Since the 1990's there have been some attempts to get a GREEN HORNET film made. One early attempt involved having George Clooney play the lead role.

Seth Rogen will as also co-write the script for the film which started as a radio series in the 1930's. The main character, Brit Reid is a millionaire newspaper publisher disgusted and fed up with crime who roams at night as a vigilante crime fighter. Often, THE GREEN HORNET portrays himself as another criminal to get in the favor of other criminals, but then sets the criminals up for a big fall. Unlike BATMAN or SUPERMAN who is are allies of the police, THE GREEN HORNET is at odds with the police who believe him to be another criminal element as well.

Charlie Sheen Back At Work On TWO AND A HALF MEN

Charlie Sheen is back at work at TWO AND A HALF MEN, working on filming the final four remaining episodes of the season. However, he is driven to work each day by his "sober" coach from the rehab facility that he has been admitted to. In addition, each night after work is done on the set of the long running smash hit TV comedy, Sheen returns back to the facility for the night.

Sheen's lawyer has also attempted to offer a plea bargain deal to the D.A.'s office to plead guilty to a minor misdemeanor with no jail time, however the D.A.'s office turned down the deal for now.

While it's not quite business as usual for Charlie Sheen, he's making attempts to get his life back on track and to pick up the pieces caused by his latest troubles.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Classic MAD Magazine Cover Remembers Those Great Aurora Monster Model Kits

This great 1964 cover of MAD Magazine remembers those great Universal Pictures monster model kits of the 1960's. Aurora issued only a few model kits in those days including The Wolfman, Dracula, The Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster. Aurora also issued the MOD SQUAD's "lead sled" Mercury woody wagon and a few other models such as torture instruments. But sadly, these models disappeared for many years after Aurora left the model market and concentrated on slot cars.

In more recent years, Polar Lights reissued a number of these old 1960's model kits. And at least one beautiful book on Aurora model kits has been published as well.

Sony Music And Michael Jackson's Estate Sign Huge Record Deal

Michael Jackson's estate and Sony Music Entertainment have signed the biggest record deal in the history of music, said to be worth up to $250 million or more. The deal calls for at least 10 projects and albums from Michael Jackson, including compilations and enough left-over and never used material for at least three all new material albums over the next seven years.

Never in the history of recorded music has such a huge record deal been struck. Even after the death of major artists such as Jimi Hendrix where numerous posthumous releases were made, the dollar figure never approached the astronomical figures such as this huge recording deal. This record deal is said to be the largest for any entertainer, living or dead ever struck.

Entertainment is one of the largest exports of the U.S. And Michael Jackson's recordings remain one of the biggest export products for the United States. Roughly 2/3 of all his recording sales are outside the U.S. The amount of foreign royalties was a central issue in the legal negotiations of this deal with the Jackson estate and Sony.

Fans of the pop superstar can look forward to a new release as early as November featuring new unreleased material. Under the new contract terms, Sony will have the rights to distribute the Michael Jackson catalog until at least 2017, when an extension deal will have to be negotiated.

Reportedly, The Beatles' catalog is not part of this huge record deal. Michael Jackson wisely purchased this catalog as an investment deal a few years ago. A separate deal will have to be struck over the distribution rights to that multi-million dollar catalog.

Monday, March 15, 2010


TRIANGLE is an amazingly effective and unique little British deja vu psychological horror drama. It's a real gem in so many ways. Yet, this smaller release film here which only grossed just $894,985 in it's British release and lost lots of money compared to the $12 million production budget.

Strangely, this movie is greatly influenced by the Greek mythology tale of Sisyphus, who was forever condemned to roll a great rock up a hill, only to have it roll back down again.

A group of friends set sail on a small sailing ship, but a sudden and unexpected storm overturns the boat and the survivors find that their luck changes once again when a giant cruise ship appears to come their rescue. But the shipwreck survivors soon find the ship empty, and bizarre and strange deja vu incidents begin to repeat themselves. And Jess, the heroine here, attempts over and over again to rescue her friends from death, only to have a similar outcome repeat itself each time.

This is a very good film here, and it will keep your attention for the 99 minute playing time. Well worth a watch or a purchase for your home DVD library.

The Bottom Line: A very good film that deserved a far better box office reception. +++(Three stars out of four, or good).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

THE TWILIGHT ZONE'S "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" Gets The SNL Parody Treatment

SNL became the latest entry to parody the famous 1963 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE'S "Nightmare At 20,00 Feet" episode last night. This time the gremlin on the wing of the plane was supposedly locked out of the cabin, and was standing on the wing smoking, barbecuing and standing with around the legendary Seattle grunge band, Pearl Jam, waiting to get inside.

Actor Jude Law played the legendary role of William Shatner's character who is terrorized by a gremlin on the wing of the passenger airliner that only he could see. THE SIMPSONS also once lampooned the famous TWILIGHT ZONE episode with their Treehouse Of Terror episode, "Terror At 5 1/2 Feet", where Bart is terrorized by a gremlin on the side of the school bus. In one scene, others on the bus could only see a AMC Gremlin driving along the side of the school bus.

In the original TWILIGHT ZONE episode, William Shatner plays a nervous salesman, Bob Wilson, recovering from a nervous mental breakdown, and on his first trip on a airliner since he was hospitalized. When he cannot convince his wife or any of the airliner crew that a gremlin is on the wing of the plane tampering with the engine, he takes matters into his own own hands and steals a handgun owned by a sleeping policeman and opens an axillary exit and shoots the gremlin rescuing the plane. But, it is not known until after the plane has landed and Wilson is whisked away in a straitjacket that the plane's engine has been clawed by a creature which mechanics will soon find out about, verifying his very strange story.

Actor John Lithgow reprised the role, but renamed John Valentine, in a remake of the famous story for TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE.

But, the funny parody I would have loved to see made would have been William Shatner to reprise his famous role, but to have the Scotty character from old STAR TREK series on the wing of the plane complaining about engine problems just like all the engine problems on the old Star Trek's warp drive. "Aye, Captain. There's a bit of a problem with the warp drive. But I'm giving it all it's got". No one believes Shatner, when he complains that, "There's a Scotsman on the wing of the plane". When the plane lands and Shatner is whisked away to the sanitarium, there's kilt left hanging from the plane's engine, verifying his story.

Meanwhile, next time you fly, you might look to see if "there's something on the wing of the plane.....".

Get Celebrity Autographed Merchandise For As Little As $10

Ginger Lynn Allen, the former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, TV, B movie actress, and adult film superstar, will sell you an autographed photo for $10, or a DVD for as little as $20. The former 1980's adult superstar has her own website and personally autographs every item purchased. It is a trend among some celebrities with declined popularity to earn some money by selling autographed merchandise through websites they operate.

Ginger Lynn Allen is rated as the seventh most popular adult film actor of all time. And as late as 2009, at the age of 46, made another film in this genre starring with a male lead many years younger than her. But she's also appeared in a cameo role in Rob Zombie's THE DEVIL'S REJECTS and other films such as YOUNG GUNS II, AMERICAN PIE'S BAND CAMP, NATIONAL LAMPOON' VAN WILDER THE RISE OF TAJ, and TV shows such as NYPD BLUE, SKIN and SILK STOCKINGS. In the Metallica music video, "Turn The Page", Allen played a role as well. And in the computer game, Wing Commander III, Heart Of The Tiger, and Wing Commander, Prophecy, she plays the role of Chief Technician Rachel Coriolis. Allen has done pictorials for men's magazines ranging from PLAYBOY to HIGH SOCIETY, CLUB, CHERI and other publications. Allen continue to remain one of the most recognizable stars of adult cinema to this day, as well as having breakthrough roles in mainstream TV and film works as well.

John Kay of Steppenwolf, also offers autographed merchandise for sale through his website as well. Posters and other items autographed by the band are available for sale.

For fans of certain celebrities, these opportunities to get their autographed merchandise is a real bonanza. And it gives some aging celebrities with declined popularity a chance to sell a few items as well and to put a few coins in their pocket, which they deserve for a lifetime of performance work.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The 36 Second Chart Single Hit & The 69 Minute Single

Amazingly, the shortest single ever released to become a charts hit single was "Ladies Bras", a 36 second long hit in the UK by Johny Trunk And Wisbey that hit #70 on the charts, and then re-entered the charts later at #27 after a campaign by BBC1's radio personality, Scott Mills. "Ladies Bras" is a super catchy little ditty that became an audience favorite on radio, leading to an Email campaign to make the song available for sale resulting in the single release in 2007.

Johny Trunk also owns the strange little record label known as Trunk Records which features some strange cult movie soundtracks as diverse as the DEEP THROAT and George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD soundtracks.

On the long end of things, the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS lists the longest single ever recorded as alternative rock singer, Chris Butler's, "Devil's Glitch". A one minute edited version is also available. The Orbs had a 1992 single, "Blue Room" which was 39 minutes 58 seconds, or just two seconds shy of maximum chart rules for a single length song.

Honorable mentions also go out to Oasis with "All Around The World" at 9 minutes 38 seconds long. But the longest single ever issued as a 7inch vinyl single A side was Grand Funk Railroad's longest single, "Inside Looking Out" came in at 9 minutes 31 seconds.


As much as I love horror genre films, SORORITY ROW, is a very disappointing entry for me. The film should have had all of the elements of a successful trashy slasher epic, such as an unique killer with his own shtick, a great storyline, and especially pretty and sexy girls. But the storyline and the killer were all less than great here. And the movie really wasn't all that sexy as well. Watching SORORITY ROW has all of the fun of coming home from a bad date....alone.

Oh, the slasher killer did have something that looked like a pimped-out four way tire changer converted into a murder weapon. But, beyond that fact, he was an ordinary generic slasher type guy. Don't expect any sequels here. If SORORITY ROW ever sees the light of day, it would be a major surprise.

And even the bonuses section of the DVD took noted that the girls usually die by taking some sort of murder weapon in the mouth, proving some sort of heavy duty oral fixation on the part of the filmmakers. Not at all sexy here. Just real creepy. Just real pathetic.
Usually, slasher films work on a level of watching bad kids get theirs. They're like twisted morality tales. And certainly some of the girls are little brats in this film. But SORORITY ROW just isn't a great slasher film by any means. It's not that creative or different enough to be all that entertaining. It's bad enough as a rental. Far worse if you buy the film.

I certainly expected much better here. So many slasher genre films at least partially work. But on so many levels here, this is a sub-par slasher flick just didn't. Far better films exist in this genre than this piece of crap.

The Bottom Line: Not particularly good on any real level. And disappointing on most levels. +1/2(One and a half stars, or only a little better than poor).

DVD Review: MOON

Critics , overwhelmingly, loved this Sci Fi debut film by new director Duncan Jones. But, I personally found it to be a confusing mess of a story. Astronaut Sam Bell works on Moon station on the far side of the planet, producing some new energy form that provides much of the power for planet Earth. That sets the premise for a deeply confusing tale about loneness, clones, failing health and hallucinations.

However, the film does have many high points such as the fine acting by Sam Rockwell, who proves why he's a great actor. Kevin Spacey provides the voice for the computer, which reminds me of HAL from the great film 2001. In fact, at times the film reminds me of a great Sci Fi classic like 2001. But the bizarre story of the clones, including one who looks to be dying in front of the camera, running around with bloody nose, became a distraction for me. And the storyline became so complicated I began to lose score of what's what at a point.

Bu,t Duncan Jones did certainly prove that he's a promising new talent here. And even though my experience with this film was less than pleasant, I expect this new director to be involved with some great projects in the future. But I just didn't enjoy this film half as much as I had hoped.

The Bottom Line: Although with some particularly good high points for acting, directing and sets, I found this film to be a largely wasted opportunity because of the seriously convoluted story. ++(Two stars. fair, or better luck next time).

Friday, March 12, 2010

NBC May Get New Legal Dramedy Modeled After THE OFFICE

If you like THE OFFICE on NBC, then you might like a new dramedy pilot that producer David E. Kelley is working on. KINDREDS is much like THE OFFICE in many ways, but featuring a team of misfit lawyers operating from a storefront office. If NBC likes the pilot enough, then you might be seeing KINDREDS next season on the "Peacock" network.

Kathy Bates stars as a nasty-spirited former patent attorney, and law firm head, with Brittany Snow and other actors cast as younger lawyers at the firm. Kathy Bates is a fine actress, and David E. Kelley is a fine producer, so this new pilot has some major hope of becoming a real NBC series. Chances look good for this new show.

Richard Belzer's Apple Store Incident Remains Bothersome

LAW AND ORDER SVU actor and comic Richard Belzer has found himself embroiled in a strange little mess recently. For some odd reason, he simply put his hands on the shoulders of a female employee at an Apple store in New York in a friendly manner, and politely asked her for help. But, the female employee instead called 911 claiming the actor choked her, which the store security tapes clearly proven did not happen at all. Police did not arrest the actor because no assault ever took place. For Belzer's part he admitted that he probably used poor judgment and invaded her "personal space". Yet, the store employee is still seeking some sort of action against Belzer such as harassment charges.

This is part of the problem of being a celebrity, the least little bit of bad judgment can result in legal problems or lawsuits. Richard Belzer is a kind and decent man, who himself was a survivor of a very abusive childhood at the hands of a rabbi when he was young. He is highly unlikely to want to victimize others in any way. Yet, this innocent little incident at Apple probably will bothersome to Belzer for days.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Betty White Will Be Mother's Day SNL Host

Comic legend Betty White will guest host the May 8, Mother's Day weekend edition of SNL. At age 88, Betty White probably becomes the oldest guest host of the program ever. Betty White has had a seven decade career in entertainment. She has won seven Emmy Awards as well.

Betty White has hosted parades as well, as was beloved for her funny ditsy role on NBC's GOLDEN GIRLS back when the networks made a serious attempt to offer up fresh and top quality shows on Saturday night, and not just make Saturday evening a dumping ground for canceled TV shows or inexpensive crime story shows.

Conan O'Brien Announces 30 City "Half-Assed" Comedy Tour

It looks like Conan O'Brien has traded in being the TONIGHT SHOW host only to host a self-described, "half-assed" comedy tour. On April 12, in Eugene Oregon(Oregon's largest college city), Conan will kick off a 30 city show tour with comedy and music with his longtime friend Andy Richter. Conan claimed that he either do this comedy show tour or else "helping out around the house".

Conan used the term "half-assed" to describe the show because he didn't want his fans to get their hopes too high that the show would be anywhere near as good as what he did on the TONIGHT SHOW, although die-hard fans likely won't be too disappointed. Conan is prohibited from performing on TV until September according to the terms of his exit deal from NBC, so the official name of the tour is called, "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Actor Corey Haim Dead

Controversial Canadian born actor Corey Haim is dead at age 38. The actor was pronounced dead after being taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California. The actor had previous problems with drug abuse and had entered rehab before. He was also the co-star of the reality series, THE TWO COREYS on cable tv. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman often had worked together.

For 2010, Haim was in three films, including THE GIRL, and the upcoming films, THE PICK UP and SAD(Standard American Diet). While few of his films were classics by any means, he was a featured actor in numerous films or tv shows. He was always a popular "b" list actor and celebrity.

Joan Jett, A Motorcycle Sissy?

Tough girl rock pioneer, Joan Jett, revealed an interesting tidbit on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW last night. She's actually "scared" of motorcycles. She claimed you could hurt from "one fall"..... Oh, Joan!

For years, Joan Jett has built up a tough girl image, and this might surprise a few of her fans. But Joan still likes to sit on bikes though. And with the new film about her original band, THE RUNAWAYS, coming out very soon, the music of Joan Jett should find a whole new generation of fans of the original tough girl rockers.
Although only an active band from just 1975 into 1979, The Runaways sound of hard rock became a favorite of the punk rock and new wave set. And in Japan, the teenaged band managed to have great success, probably becoming the biggest cult favorite act there since T.Rex.
After the group split up, Joan Jett managed to have the greatest solo career of the band, selling millions of albums and singles. Strangely, Joan Jett sometimes did cover versions of the Gary Glitter hits from the UK which failed to chart in America, such as "Do You Wanna Touch Me. Brownsville Station with the late Cub Koda, also had a hit single with Gary Glitter's, "I'm The Leader Of The Gang" as well.
Joan Jett still continues to be the most successful member of The Runaways, although Lita Ford also managed some major degree of success as well with a number of hard rock hits. One modern band that was greatly influenced by the sound of The Runaways is the The Donnas, who have a sound very similar.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Missing Farrah Fawcett Tribute Spurs Continued Outrage

The bosses at the Oscars offered up a pretty poor excuse why a tribute for the late actress Farrah Fawcett was not offered up during their yearly tribute to deceased entertainers. They claimed that there just wasn't enough room or time, and that they could honor every actor or Hollywood figure that passed away that previous year. Ryan O'Neil, longtime lover of Farrah Fawcett has drafted a complaint letter to the Oscars about the omission of Farrah Fawcett. Even film critic and screen writer Roger Ebert has taken up the cause as well. Actress Jane Fonda was reportedly "shocked" at the omission.

Beyond her brief TV role as the most popular "angel" on CHARLIE'S ANGELS, Farrah Fawcett was a famous pop icon poster queen and acted in roles in films like LOGAN"S RUN, MYRA BRECKENRIDGE, SATURN 3, EXTREMITIES and many more films. Why she was not included in the yearly Oscar tribute will likely remain a controversy for days.