Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Charlie Sheen Back At Work On TWO AND A HALF MEN

Charlie Sheen is back at work at TWO AND A HALF MEN, working on filming the final four remaining episodes of the season. However, he is driven to work each day by his "sober" coach from the rehab facility that he has been admitted to. In addition, each night after work is done on the set of the long running smash hit TV comedy, Sheen returns back to the facility for the night.

Sheen's lawyer has also attempted to offer a plea bargain deal to the D.A.'s office to plead guilty to a minor misdemeanor with no jail time, however the D.A.'s office turned down the deal for now.

While it's not quite business as usual for Charlie Sheen, he's making attempts to get his life back on track and to pick up the pieces caused by his latest troubles.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Adelaine S. said...

There are a lot of good sober coaches but their are only few who are committed to their work.


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