Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesse James Uses California Highway Patrol Stop For A Little Marriage Counseling Session

The troubled marriage between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock might have gotten a help from a California Highway Patrol officer when Jesse James used the stop for a 15 minute talk about how to save his troubled marriage. Reportedly, the policeman stopped James for driving his tinted windows Mercedes without a front license plate. But then James opened up to the officer about his love for Sandra Bullock and his troubled marriage. The policeman kindly listened to James, and the two talked for 15 minutes.

BTW, the policeman let James off with a warning to get a front license plate and to comply with California state vehicle laws.
But, a further strain on the troubled marriage is the latest news that the number of women linked to James is now at four. Whether this marriage can survive this much stress is a very good question.


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