Saturday, March 13, 2010

DVD Review: MOON

Critics , overwhelmingly, loved this Sci Fi debut film by new director Duncan Jones. But, I personally found it to be a confusing mess of a story. Astronaut Sam Bell works on Moon station on the far side of the planet, producing some new energy form that provides much of the power for planet Earth. That sets the premise for a deeply confusing tale about loneness, clones, failing health and hallucinations.

However, the film does have many high points such as the fine acting by Sam Rockwell, who proves why he's a great actor. Kevin Spacey provides the voice for the computer, which reminds me of HAL from the great film 2001. In fact, at times the film reminds me of a great Sci Fi classic like 2001. But the bizarre story of the clones, including one who looks to be dying in front of the camera, running around with bloody nose, became a distraction for me. And the storyline became so complicated I began to lose score of what's what at a point.

Bu,t Duncan Jones did certainly prove that he's a promising new talent here. And even though my experience with this film was less than pleasant, I expect this new director to be involved with some great projects in the future. But I just didn't enjoy this film half as much as I had hoped.

The Bottom Line: Although with some particularly good high points for acting, directing and sets, I found this film to be a largely wasted opportunity because of the seriously convoluted story. ++(Two stars. fair, or better luck next time).