Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sexy Halloween Costumes 2009

Okay guys, you know that I'm posting this crap just for ratings here. But, man oh man, as adults get more and more into the Halloween spirit each year, the costumes also get a little more adult every year as well. Oh, you guys know you love it!

Real common is the sexy schoolgirl outfit. Some costumes even feature their own little cane or ruler for a little classroom discipline as well.

Sexy cheerleader outfits are all the rage again this year. You guys just can't seem to grow out of that high school fantasy can you?

For you guys that dig kink, black leather wicked lady outfits are always popular.

The sexy nurse costume is always a popular choice. Real popular.

And for any fans of those smash hit porno films, PIRATES or PIRATES II, you can even dress your old lady up as this ravishing sexy little pirate babe. Shiver me timbers, matey!
You guys might want to print this page!

The Worst Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Please, for the love of everything holy, avoid dressing your pet up like these outrageous examples here. These costumes border on serious animal abuse. I'm not kidding!

You might think that dressing your little dog as a sexy schoolgirl is cute. Its not. It's just plain creepy! And your dog in that position is even worse! Much worse!

And everyone knows how comical international terrorism always is. Lots of laughs, heh? Dressing your little cat up as a suicide bomber is great for laughs right? Sick!

Sure your cat might look like a small version of a jungle cat. But, spending hours painting your cat is just way out there. Believe me!

Looks of folks might think that their pets look like Yoda or other STAR WARS characters. But just trust me and resist this urge. Even if if your dog has a Chevrolet face like Darth Vader. Please!

The Worst Hallmark Christmas Ornament Ever Made

For some crazy reason, the geniuses at Hallmark once decided that Captain Christopher Pike, the crippled original captain of the original STAR TREK would make a great Christmas ornament. Why a futuristic wheelchair-bound STAR TREK character would be great to adorn a Christmas tree is a very good question? WTF were they thinking at Hallmark.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Worst Children's Halloween Costumes Ever

Hey parents out there, you may think it's a real cute idea to dress up your little tyke as young Hitler for Halloween. But, please resist this urge. There are far safer costumes to go with than dressing your little guy as the mastermind of the Holocaust.

While you're at it, you parents might want to avoid dressing your little guy up as the leather guy from the Village People. Your little guy might enjoy all the trappings of Gay S&M sex and black leather. But for Heaven's sake, look for something else. Please.

You parents might also wish to avoid dressing your kid up like a toilet as well. It's not a cool look, believe me.

I know that some sick folks might find humor in those missing milk carton kids. But even worse is dressing up your kid like a missing child. Real funny, heh?

The Weird Backstage Concert Demands Of Some Performers

As part of the legal agreement to perform a concert show in addition to their pay, some music artists make some rather interesting, unusual, and sometimes curious demands. Here's a few of the most strange backstage demands ever:

*Singer Jennifer Lopez once asked the promoters of a charity show she was to perform to provide her with some ultra high priced French candles that cost around $50 each for her personal use backstage.

*The rock band Guns N' Roses once asked the promoters of a concert show to provide them an "Assortment of adult magazines" for their backstage entertainment, use or abuse.

*Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters used to demand that concert show promoters provide him some stinky cheese such as Gorzongola for his backstage enjoyment before a show. Grohl is also a car collector with unusual tastes such as a Rambler her owns.

*Cher used to demand an entire seperate room just for her wigs for use onstage. Who knew that Cher's wigs required their own dressing room?

*Peter Gabriel used to demand that the concert promoters provide him with deep muscle massage therapy from a female before performing shows.

Jane's Addiction used to ask for 2 packs of orange Zig Zag rolling papers before a show. Makes you wonder just what Jane's addiction was, doesn't it?

*Dionne Warwick wasn't a personality for limosines. She used to demand just a station wagon to arrive and depart a performance concert. Any reasonable grocery getter wagon was good enough for her.

*The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards may not be the absolute icon of high style himself , but the boys used to demand for "(2) smartly dressed, well groomed hostesses" in order to perform their shows".

*Tear-jerker song singer, Michael Bolton used to strickly demand no onions in any backstage food. He hates onions.

*Aretha Franklin apparently has a fear of heights, so no hotel room or concert staging area can be above the fifth floor level or she gets a $25,000 cash payment by demand.

*The country music supergroup Alabama used to set a demand that no animals could ever be backstage or they would refuse to perform. So much about their appeal to some farm folks.

*Rapper LL Cool J used to demand Johnson baby oil and dethorned roses backstage. Urban music has sure changed it seems.

*The Beach Boys used to demand BIC lighters for their use backstage, but not in the color green for some odd reason. Okay?

*Trent Rezner of Nine Inch Nails used to demand two boxes of cornstarch for shows. Likely this was to assist him slipping into those real tight leather pants.

*50 Cent is strickly against any beef product and demands that no beef product be anywhere in the vincinty of his performance area. Man, that sounds like a tough vegetarian to me.

*For years there have been massive jokes about country music legend Willie Nelson and smoking pot. However, Nelson actually demands that "all engagements be smokefree".

*Singer Clay Aiken must have a number of food allergies because he strickly demands that no nuts be offered, or mushrooms. Also no coffee, shellfish or mints be served backstage.

*Paul McCartney demands that no trees be backstage. But smaller plants appear to be fine with the former Beatles legend.

*Weird singer Boy George used to demand for a "crack oil machine". WTF?

*Gnarls Barkley demands white athletic socks for one dressing room and Magnum condoms for a second dressing room. Attention: Big Man Walking.....

*Metallica demands that bacon be present at every meal. They claim that this is "very important". Okay?

*Janet Jackson strickly demands "No Fish Ice!". This is a very important issue to her. Apparently, she once had a bad fish ice experience once before, and has now been forever tramuatized by the event.

*Little Richard reserves the right to distribute free religious or moral belief books or booklets to the audience.

*Prince demands that all items in his dressing room be wrapped in clear plastic in order to provide a clean germ-free environment.

*Protopunk rocker Iggy Pop has a legendary 18 page list of demands that includes "no toy robots, televangelists.... plastic seahorses, baliwicks, crepescules or kooks". Okay? We all know how annoying those plastic seahorses can be, don't we?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Several TV Series Are On Life Support. But Several More Are Soaring.

Bad ratings may soon doom several series. UGLY BETTY has experienced a 53% drop in viewers this season compared to last season. That probably spells an end to that series sometime this year. TIL DEATH, the Brad Garrett comedy on FOX is amazingly still on the schedule, although FOX intends to pull TIL DEATH and the low rated African American comedy, BROTHERS off the schedule during November sweeps. FOX will also shelve DOLLHOUSE for November sweeps as well, strongly suggesting that cancellation may soon be in the works for this low rated show.

Superman also proves not to be so super this season as well as SMALLVILLE has a 36% lower audience this season compared to last season. NBC's HEROES is also in real trouble as well. with a 35% audience decline as well. And FRINGE over at FOX is also in ratings trouble with a 29% audience decline as well. THE JAY LENO SHOW continues to be a ratings drag on NBC, scoring far lower audiences than it's 10pm dramas did last season. How long NBC will stick with Leno's drag on their network is a good question? But likely all the other troubled TV shows listed here will soon be gone sometime during this season.

On the flip side, the CBS comedy, THE BIG BANG THEORY is way up in ratings with a 48% audience increase. HOUSE is also running stronger at a 32% audience increase. PRIVATE PRACTICE is up 31%. BIGGEST LOSER hasn't lost any viewers, just weight, with a 23% audience share increase. NCIS has surprised everyone by soaring to the #1 show position with a huge 22% audience share pickup. NCIS: LOS ANGELES has become a huge hit as well, and is the #3 show overall.

On cable TV, the retiring private detective drama MONK is scoring big audience numbers with over 5 million viewers per episode. The new USA Network drama WHITE COLLAR has become a hit as well, holding on to the entire lead-in audience of MONK so far. Once again, comic ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has proved to be gold for Comedy Central, with his new weekly show pulling in an awesome 5.3 million viewers. Last December, a Jeff Dunham special drew a huge audience over 6 million viewers. From this Comedy Central knew that they had a big star on their hands.

Microsoft Yanks Support For FAMILY GUY

Stewie Griffin has a message for Microsoft. Microsoft had a special commercial arrangement deal with FAMILY GUY to air a commercial free episode in exchange for some very obvious product plugs. But instead, Microsoft pulled out the rug after previewing the episode and didn't find humor about the Holocaust, incest, feminine hygiene and deaf people their cup of tea or good for their corporate image. For some odd reason, Microsoft apparently just didn't understand that FAMILY GUY is an edgy show with outrageous jokes and scripts. Maybe Microsoft thought FAMILY GUY was like a Disney cartoon or something.

Microsoft is rolling out their Windows 7 as a replacement for their much maligned Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft apparently thought that FAMILY GUY was a great show to promote their product, although far safer shows exist. But Microsoft loved the 18-34 age demographic that FAMILY GUY reaches. That's a real target audience for their new Windows 7 computers and operating systems.

The show will still air on November 7, although with another sponsor as part of an all Seth MacFarlane block of new shows including THE CLEVELAND SHOW and AMERICAN DAD. Often FAMILY GUY manages ratings as good or better than the aging SIMPSONS that airs earlier in the evening.

The Microsoft fiasco over the controversial FAMILY GUY episode was at least an attempt to avoid an audience backlash. However, many other sponsors are still willing to step up and buy ads since FAMILY GUY appears to gaining viewers in recent years, unlike many aging programs whose audience numbers often begin to settle.

Life goes on. FAMILY GUY remains popular. And Microsoft looks for new ways to promote their new operating system.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chevy's New 2012 Corvette?

Some artist renderings give a pretty good idea what the restyled 2012 Chevrolet Corvette will probably look like. Despite some serious money issues at GM, Chevrolet plans to go ahead with this new version of the Corvette. However, there's some other prototypes Chevrolet has built that are far more dramatic in styling. But with tight money at GM, the biggest question is how much some of these new designs could be delayed in the future. But at least it looks likely that the Corvette model isn't likely to be quit like so many other GM models.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chrysler Will Announce Huge Company Revamp Plans November 4

On November 4, Chrysler will announce some controversial plans to revamp the company phasing out many Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models, and slowly introducing many Fiat designed products into the company's new product lineup. Chrysler intends to continue it's appeal to high performance buyers on the one hand, while adding many new European styled models in hopes of extending the company's appeal on the other hand. However, some auto analysts are highly critical of Chrysler's plans. Some experts feel that the company will have more than enough problems trying not to lose more market share, let alone expand it at all by bringing in a new customer base for the Fiat designed products.

For at least the next two years. Chrysler will largely attempt to market their existing line of models, however an updated Jeep Grand Cherokee and a new version of the Chrysler 300 will be marketed next year. But many existing models will be phased out by 2012, and these include the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler Sebring, Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Nitro, Dodge Avenger, and the Jeep Compass and Patriot SUV models. What will remain is a core of high performance cars, sport utility vehicles and the new Fiat products. Chrysler will also bring in some Alfa Romeo products in 2012 and 2013.

However, one possible major problem for Chrysler might be that Fiat and Alfa Romeo products have always had a troubled history of very poor U.S. sales. Further, many Fiat and Alfa Romeo products haven't been held in very high regard by many American consumers in the past, even though Alfa Romeo is certainly a higher priced brand. Fiat and Alfa Romeo have had the very same problems that Renault has had with American consumers, poor U.S. market penetration. Can American consumers be taught to buy brands that they don't want to buy? Unlike many upstart Asian brands which seem to always capture a decent hold on the American market, many older European brands such as Fiat just never seem to capture any decent hold on market share in the U.S. and have quit the states before.

Another serious problem for bringing European models into the states is a very unfavorable dollar vs. Euro exchange rate. As the American dollar loses more value, and the Euro and other European currencies rise in value, Fiat and Alfa Romeo products might just find themselves priced uncompetitively compared to Asian models or other domestic offerings.

Chrysler's hope is that their future might be brighter. However, the reality is that their company has heavily banked on trucks and sport utility vehicles at a time in which rising fuel prices and a tight economy have boosted smaller car sales. In the late 1970's Chrysler nearly went bankrupt at that time by marketing too many big cars, when GM had the little Vega, Ford the Pinto, and little AMC the Gremlin and Hornet cars. Chrysler needed a government bailout to survive back then and to develop the line of small cars like the Omni and Horizon and the K-car designed line. This past year, Chrysler found itself once again asking for government help. But the government strongly encouraged Chrysler to accept Fiat as a partner although Fiat isn't really giving Chrysler any money, just products, technology and management skills. Fiat is certainly hedging their bet with Chrysler despite a 20% ownership share in the company.

Will this near shotgun marriage between Chrysler and Fiat, largely arranged by government regulators save Chrysler, or just be a final chapter for the company? Last year, Chrysler had a 11.1% market share. This year that market share declined down to just 8.3%. Much more of a decline and Chrysler could be gone for good.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Utility Urges Small Businesses To Seek Salvation Army Help To Pay For New "Loan" Scheme Charge

Portland General Electric, a big electrical supplier to the Portland, Oregon with 0ver 99,000 retail business customers has a new revenue raising scheme. In addition to the huge electrical bills that small business has to pay monthly to PGE, which may run hundreds of dollars per month, PGE is now asking for an additional extra payment of $900 as an unspecified "deposit" charge. PGE knows that this extra charge, which is really a form of an "loan" from small business customers is such a high extra fee that in a letter to small businesses, PGE also encourages small businesses to seek financial help from the Salvation Army to pay this extra bill. Outrageous! Small business is supposed to seek Salvation Army help to pay for a business loan to PGE?
Interestingly, PGE does not clearly specify just how little interest they might pay if they decide to return the $900 fee after one year or not. PGE also threatens to disconnect service from any business that doesn't pay by the specified due date. For small grocery stores, this means that all of their milk, meat, cheese and deli items will be destroyed by PGE if you don't subject yourself to their extortion letter demands. All that's missing is the gun and mask. If PGE reconnects service, then they charge extra fees for that. Even if the normal electric bill is paid in full, PGE will still disconnect service if this shocking extra deposit is not paid, because small businesses are disputing this charge.
Since this new charge is really a loan by small businesses to PGE, small businesses should be able to establish the interest rates that they might be paid if PGE decides to refund the payment. If a small business wants 1000% interest on the loan, then they should be able to request it from PGE. Otherwise, PGE should really go to a bank and take out a business loan like any business has to.

The Salvation Army is meant to provide meals and aid to the homeless. However, PGE is abusing this charity to help finance their millions of dollars in profits and CEO salaries. Big companies like PGE want small businesses to seek the same help that the homeless might need in order to pay for their outrageous extra charge.

In the letter sent to small business customers, PGE claims that the claimed "deposit" might be returned in one year along with a tiny interest payment as long as certain conditions are met. Otherwise, PGE keeps the $900. It's like a form of cheap loan to help pay for the lavish lifestyles of the executives over at PGE. And PGE, which claims to be some sort of community involved business wants the Salvation Army to have to help finance this scheme of their. Several years ago PGE only paid just $10 in corporate taxes in Oregon due to a loophole in Oregon law, despite many millions in revenues.

The problem is that with so many businesses struggling right now with the economy, an extra $900 charge is a major burden for businesses with small revenues or tight payrolls. While PGE executives wallow in luxury, and small businesses struggle to stay open, this extra revenue scheme is really a thinly disguised "loan" at the expense of small businesses. PGE can rake in millions of extra dollars this way, then pay a tiny interest one year later if they decide to return the $900 or not.

It is also very unclear exactly what this is supposed to be a "deposit" on anyway. PGE isn't fronting any merchandise to business customers. PGE is instead seeking a deposit on service that hasn't even been yet used or delivered. How can this utility seek a deposit if nothing is provided?

Money-grubbers like PGE are supposed to be regulated by a public utility commission. Yet where is the PUC here? Part of the reason that many small businesses struggle is that they are preyed on by bigger companies like PGE. Rather than PGE seek a normal business loan at normal interest rates it's cheaper for them to collect loans at the expense of small business, and then ask the Salvation Army to pick up the tab. PGE is a real class act.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AMELIA Really Crashes With The Critics

AMELIA, the freshly opened new biography film about legendary female aviator Amelia Earhart has really crashed with the critics. With little depth into the real soul of this great figure, the film manages only to catalog her numerous achievements. This is disappointingly shallow.

Actress Hilary Swank always brings great potential to any film that she does such as MILLION DOLLAR BABY. But unlike MILLION DOLLAR BABY, don't look for any real awards here. This AMELIA film just isn't on a par with that great film by any means. It is hardly better than some made-for-TV film for the History Channel or PBS.

Part of the reason that AMELIA really crashes is that neither actress Hilary Swank or the script manages to really sell the story very well. It just doesn't bring you in very much. It's just lacking in real depth and credibility even if it's cataloging real events such Amelia Earhart taking First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt up for a plane ride. Hilary Swank might look much like Amelia Earhart, but with a wooden and not very good script, the film simply fails to soar to any high levels of success. The film isn't completely terrible, but simply not good for little more than some history lesson. As an old film the movie might find some future success replaying on the History channel if you want a lesson in history, otherwise this film will likely be quickly forgotten.

What would have made this film great would have been an inspirational story here. But there isn't one. This simply isn't a very good film other than some rather bland history lesson. Not good. Not terrible. Just fair. Fair++

Friday, October 23, 2009

Did Bad Accountants Murder Crime Author Patricia Cornwell's Fortune?

Celebrated crime author Patricia Cornwell has a real mystery on her hands. Did some bad accountants murder her $40 million dollar earnings from her famous books? Even this would be a mystery challenge for her her famous fictional character, Kay Scarpetta.

Patricia Cornwell and her wife, Harvard Neuroscientist, Staci Gruber, might well be two of the most brilliant women in America. But the married couple allowed an accounting firm to manage the couple's finances, with little reporting on assets, liabilities, expenses and other silly little details. Now, Cornwell claims that $40 million might be vanished into thin air. In papers filed in Boston Federal Court on October by Cornwell and her wife, the couple claimed that the accounting firm handled everything for the couple even including the purchase and delivery of bath tissue to the couple. Yet, despite her extensive details in her books, Cornwell just didn't seem to be bothered by so many little details in her own life and allowed an accounting firm too much of a freehand managing her money. Now, millions might be gone.

Cornwell and her wife just didn't seem to bother to see how well their money was being invested. Now, the case may become yet another story of bad accountants losing a fortune for some investors. Once again, some no account accountants might have ruined some innocent victims financially. Stay tuned to this story.

John McCain's Internet Censorship Campaign

He barely knows how to operate a computer himself, but that isn't stopping Senator John McCain from attempting to police free speech on the Internet. A new proposal by grandfather John McCain would hold Internet service providers responsible for $300,000 fines for any illegal material posted on blogs or websites. Further, it may force blogs to either censor opinions or else shut down. And it might even encourage some free blog and website providers such as Google which offers their free Blogspot service to rethink their free service, or to close it down. In the past, some ongoing problems with the free Yahoo Auctions forced the site to close down.

The elderly McCain is using children as a sort of human shield in his argument, claiming that children might be injured somehow. Yet his confounded and confused argument fails short on logic since many blogs deal with politics or some other matter, and aren't even widely read by children. So why hold up the child safety argument here? Kevin Bankston of the Electronic Freedom Foundation noted where McCain failed to offer up any evidence to support his absurd claims about an Internet threat to children from material posted on blogs. How are are any of the opinions or features posted anywhere on the Wizbang network harmful to kids, senator? Where's the beef?

McCain is currently collecting funds for a year 2010 re-election battle to the senate. McCain might just feel that kicking up a little dust is good publicity. However, this crazy proposal is only likely to anger many liberal and conservative bloggers alike. Blogs are being made the fall-guy for McCain's political campaign to attempt to be viewed as doing something and to make news, even if operating a computer is mostly outside of his own expertise. But it always seems as if it isn't the oldest and most out of touch politicians who always seek to regulate some new technology. New fangled products must frighten the old folks who write laws. McCain also isn't a lawyer as well, so he might not understand communications law or the importance of the 1st Amendment.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

1960's 1/18 Scale Frankenstein Model Kits Are Back Again!

In the 1960's, many model collectors fondly remember those great old Aurora monster model kits. The series included Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman and the Mummy. Well guess what, Revel Models has purchased these old molds and is now producing remakes of these old Aurora kits for 2009. These great old model kits have long been out of of production and could only be purchased as high priced items on Ebay and from model collectors, sometimes at around $100 each.These new 2009 version kits only retail for just $22.99. And EHobbies on the Internet is offering them for a great low price of just $17.79 each.

Back in the 1960's the Aurora line of movie monster kits were popular as were monster magazines such as FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine. But soon, after the 1960's, many movie monster products began to fade in popularity. After the 1960's, model cars also declined in popularity, and only sell a fraction of what they sell today. Likewise, the Aurora line of models which included many nonauto kit models such as the movie monster series began to wane.

It's great to see some old 1960's product like the old Aurora line of movie monster kits back again. Back from the model kit graveyard.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kanye West Latest Victim Of Death Hoax

Rapper Kanye West has become only the latest victim of an Internet or Twitter hoax. Yesterday, some stories started to circulate claiming that the rapper was killed in an auto accident. Today, his sister claimed the stories are not true. Yet, so far the outspoken rapper hasn't appeared to help dispel the story which appears to be absolutely false.

Yet, this whole hoax is so similar to the other fake stories that have circulated on either Twitter or the Internet in recent weeks. On the day that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett had died, some false stories of the death of actor Jeff Goldblum also emerged. And more recently some false stories about the claimed death of master illusionist Criss Angel also were circulated.

Why some people circulate such foolish untrue stories might be a question better left to mental health professionals. However, if these people are seeking some attention, then they apppear to be succeeding in that regard.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chinese Auto Production Tops 10 Million Units For 2009

China's automobile production continues to surpass the United States and grow. To date, China has produced 10 million automobiles so far this year, making it the third largest auto producer behind the EU and Japan. The United States trails far back at #4 with a rapidly declining auto industry. In 2000, the U.S. produced nearly 12.8 million automobiles. However, by 2008 that number sharply declined to just over 8.7 million units. So far U.S. production is again down sharply. By contrast, the Chinese market has expanded from just over 2 million units in 2000 to over 10 million this year. Within five years or less, China will be the largest auto producer in the world.

Most of the Chinese produced automobiles are for domestic use, compared to many units produced in the United States, Japan, Korea or the EU for export. The strength of the growing Chinese economy is a testament to the growing demand for Chinese produced automobiles, although some American produced automobiles such as Buick are viewed as a real symbol of affluence among Chinese businessmen.

If anything the five-fold growth of the Chinese automobile industry since just 2000 despite the global recession is a strong statement that despite being a Communist state, the Communist leadership of China are also the world's best capitalists as well. As much as a paradox as this seems, the United States which which was once the leading industrial and capitalist state power is in the throes of a sharp industrial decline by decline, beyond any conditions that can be attributed to the global recession.

Some years ago, who would have ever believed such a thing to be true.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Farrah Fawcett Halloween Costume

During the late 70's when CHARLIE'S ANGELS was a top hit TV show, few people remember how this outrageous Farrah Fawcett Halloween costume was all the rage. Now, it just seems funny or even creepy. But it's no doubt s serious collector's item these days.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charges Likely In "Balloon Boy" Hoax

Charges are highly likely to be filed against the Colorado family responsible for the "balloon boy" hoax. Charges could range from filing a false police report, to FAA violations, to abuse of the 911 emergency system. It appears the balloon stunt might have been part of some publicity stunt to get attention for the family, possibly for a TV reality show.

Even though the FAA and Air National Guard were all involved in operations in response to the claimed runaway flying saucer shaped balloon which the family claimed that their son might have been on, it is also possible that only a Class 3 misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report might result, despite the seriousness of the resulting crisis.

The father of the family involved in the hoax was formerly featured on ABC's WIFE SWAP program. Some believe the hoax was an effort to get attention for more TV appearances. With CNN and other news following the story for two hours this week as a breaking news event

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Progressive's Flo Halloween Costumes

Interestingly, Progressive Insurance's Flo is a very popular and extremely cheap Halloween costume idea. Sometimes costing little more than a name tag on a nurse's uniform and a white apron. Here's a few funny examples for your enjoyment.

Mixed Economic Data Drives Up Oil Prices, But Depresses Wall Street

World oil markets and Wall Street aren't exactly in sync with each other. Friday's mixed economic news drove up oil prices for the seventh day in a roll, while other so-so economic news set the tone for a mild Wall Street retreat slightly below the magic 10,000 mark. Oil settled a little above $78 dollars a barrel.

While some signs point to a slow economic recovery which are driving up Wall Street, other continued signs of sluggish activity continue.

There are also a few hopeful signs that the federal economic recovery package funds are helping to ease unemployment as well. In Oregon, for example, new construction projects largely related to the federal stimulus projects reduced September's unemployment to 11.5% from an August high of 12.0%.

Retailers are also planning some super "Black Friday" specials to lure buyers as well. There is likely to be some awesome specials on big screen TVs, laptops and other electronic products. Some chip producers are reporting bigger orders recently to fill the expected demand of the retailers for product.

While the economy is still much like a walk on eggs, there are yet a few hopeful signs emerging that perhaps the corner might soon be turning with the bad economy. An economic pickup should also greatly benefit spending on entertainment as movies and Cd's should increase in sales for the upcoming Christmas holiday spending season as well.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey Y'all! Paula Deen Cookware Recalled

Paula Deen the queen of Southern cooking has a little problem. For some reason some of her iron cookware sold over at QVC has been recalled because the metal easily shatters. At least 79 consumer complaints have been filed to QVC or federal consumer agencies prompting the recall.

Likely, the iron was not properly mixed and is fragile for some odd reason. However, after Barbara Walters recently accused Paula Deen of contributing to the childhood obesity problem because of her full-flavored butter heavy recipes, it has been the latest little blow to the famous cook and her line of marketing products. Certainly, Paula deen will recover from either minor setback, and neither issue should really harm her enterprise.

So keep on scarfing down that butter, y'all.

1980's Rock Group Air Supply Found Alive And Touring In Doha, Qatar

Hey kids, the long search for the 1980's rock group, Air Supply, is over. They've been found alive and well and touring in Doha, Qatar of all places. Actually, the band has remained active since 1975 to the present led by British guitarist Graham Russell and Australian Russell Hitchcock. And while their popularity has long since left the station in much of the Western world, in Asia and parts of the Mideast the soft rock band remains popular. In 1995, the single "The Way I Feel" hit #1 in China for example while the song was largely ignored in the West.

Both Hitchcock and Russell have released some solo albums in recent years, and new compilation albums emerge every so often by the soft rockers.

You might think that old 80's pop groups go away for good to some rock and roll junk-bin in the sky. But not true, kids. They just become popular in China and remote parts of the earth.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marge Simpson Does PLAYBOY

In celebration of the 20th anniversary run of THE SIMPSONS, PLAYBOY magazine will do a special Marge Simpson November issue of the magazine complete with a special two page centerfold. Reportedly, only the newsstand copy of the magazine will feature a special cover with Marge Simpson in the same pose as a beautiful African American model once did in 1971, peering out from her beautiful head of fluffy flowing hair. The subscription copies will unfortunately have a more conventional sort of cover model like other PLAYBOY issues.

Even 7-11 decided to carry the issue, reversing a 20 year old ban of adult entertainment magazines as a result of some strong-armed extortion tactics by the far right wing antisemitic extremist Donald Wildmon and his American Family Association.

Like most adult entertainment magazines, PLAYBOY has been in a serious sales funk since 2006, losing many more readers. Sales declined from 3.15 million down to just 2.6 million during that time. With the bad economy, as well more competition from the Internet, adult entertainment magazines only continue to decline in sales. But compared to most magazines of that genre, PLAYBOY has excellent features and writers. And with decidedly softer adult content than most other men's magazines, PLAYBOY has a certain level of respectability that many other magazines don't have. A few years ago, PLAYBOY's main competitor PENTHOUSE was sold, and their material also softened with the new owner as well. For a while, PENTHOUSE was headed down the path of more raunchy pictorials under the previous owner.

PLAYBOY's founder, 83 year old Hugh Hefner, has been a long time fan of THE SIMPSONS and loved the idea of a Marge Simpson cover and a SIMPSON's tribute. Hefner has appeared twice on the show. But like Hefner, PLAYBOY continues to age. The average reader is now 35. And many of the models inside often look like young women tailor made to appeal to older men. But PLAYBOY is hoping to attract more 20 something males with the SIMPSONS issue.

After years of decline, the new SIMPSON'S PLAYBOY just might give the aging men's magazine a little shot in the arm. Now the big question remains whether Peter from FAMILY GUY will do PLAYGIRL.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blue Cheer Leader Dead At 61

Dickie Peterson has died at the age of 61 from liver cancer. Peterson was the founder of Blue Cheer, the late 60's pioneering band of loud and heavy music that sharply contrasted with the flower power sound of softer groups of the era. Blue Cheer's biggest hit was their earsplitting loud version of "Summertime Blues". The song actually reached #11 on the charts. The band actually once made the Guinness World Book Of Records for being the "world's loudest band" as well. The group was often referred to as a proto-metal band because they were the godfathers of loud music.

Because the name Blue Cheer also meant a strong strain of acid, Blue Cheer were also considered to be one of the first "stoner rock acts" as well. Their music was much closer to modern age alternate rock bands such as Alice In Chains and other acts than to most other acts of their era. Jim Morrison of The Doors was deeply impressed with the band.

The band actually broke up in 1972. However, Peterson relocated to Germany and brought back the band for another run in the 1980's and recorded a new album, THE BEAST IS BACK in 1984. In 1990 the band released HIGHLIGHTS AND LOWLIVES. In 1991, DINING WITH THE SHARKS was released. In N 2007, the band released their final studio album, WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU... . In 2009, a live album was released entitled, ROCKS EUROPE. The band continued to have a following in Europe, but seemed to be largely forgotten stateside. In 2009, the health of Peterson worsened, and he died in Germany on Oct 12.

The band managed to influence music far beyond what their own ambitions were. So much of the loud music of the 1980's and the alternative music scene seemed to be so deeply influenced by Blue Cheer in some way. Gone but certainly not forgotten.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NBC Cancels Critically Acclaimed Police Drama SOUTHLAND

NBC is using the excuse that the new season of SOUTHLAND which was originally scheduled to start on Friday October 23, was simply too "dark" and "gritty". But that explanation seems to sort of pale when compared to the gritty sexual themed murders on the popular LAW & ORDER: SVU program. Likely, with the big cost-cutting moves over at NBC, the network was looking to cut costs by axing a perfectly good drama. The fact of the matter is that NBC is partly running in fourth place because they want to run the network too cheaply.

The fact of the matter is that THE JAY LENO SHOW has slipped into a sort of ratings hell only days after it debuted. In too many ways the new show just hasn't seemed as good as his old TONIGHT SHOW gig. Part of this is because the other networks have banned their stars from the show, but allow them on the later talk shows. Leno has been able to draw stars who are out to promo a film. But without more stars to choose from, his celebrity selections are noticeably more limited than the other late night talk shows. Further, many viewers still prefer the higher budget quality 10pm dramas aired on CBS and ABC, leaving NBC with the smallest slice of the ratings pie for THE JAY LENO SHOW. Leno also looks older and more grey as well. This older look seems to set a tone that his show is a little like a tired version of his old TONIGHT SHOW.

Further, some critics suggest that the ratings failure of THE JAY LENO SHOW might be producing a sort of reverse domino effect of hurting the other NBC shows instead of pulling them up as NBC had hoped. Airing a ratings drag five night a week with noticeably less viewers than the program airing right before it isn't helping the NBC line-up very much at all. And no doubt NBC is paying Leno a huge salary as well. Leno might earn over $30 million a year. Yet NBC might consider this to still be a bargain because quality dramas cost around $3 million or more an episode to produce by comparison. With mostly new and original programs 5 nights a week, despite the terrible ratings NBC might consider THE JAY LENO SHOW a sort of devil's bargain.

But sadly, quality shows like SOUTHLAND seem to suffer in this mix. NBC is too concerned about cost-cutting and now seems to airing less quality for this reason. And this might be alienating some viewers.

SOUTHLAND seemed like way too good of a show to lose out in this murky stew of NBC cost-cutting madness. And the viewer is worst off as well.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holy Crap, Batman! Batgirl's Now 72!

Yvonne Craig the dark haired beauty who co-stared with Elvis and as TV's Batgirl recently turned 72. Man, how time passes along.
Back in the 1960's Yvonne Craig was a cute little bombshell that looked super hot in tight little Batgirl suit. Now, not so much. She still has many fans including a website run by fans. Forever she will remain as a fan favorite it seems.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Canada's $15,995 Zenn Electric Automobile

Toronto's little all electric Zenn automobile is an interesting choice for city driving. It has a low price of just $15,995 plus shipping or some options which is pretty low. It also has a really light curb weight as well at just 1,200 lbs. And it's an attractive little package.

But on the minus side, the Zenn is only a two-seater. And further despite the fact that electric engines tend to have lots of torque power, the Zenn is only capable of speeds up to just 25mph, which considerably less than many 50cc mopeds. Many two stroke 50cc mopeds can exceed 40mph, as can a few 4 stroke models as well.

Zenn's low top speed has caused the vehicle some licensing difficulty in Canada where it's produced. Normally Canadian traffic laws don't allow for such low speed vehicles to be operated on their streets. While the little cars were quickly approved for use in the United States, it took two years of red tape up in Canada for these cars to be approved there. Situations like this with the Canadian government have e raised questions about how devoted to fuel efficient alternative transportation the Canadian government really is.

Zenn is supposed to have a higher speed, highway speed legal version available very soon called the CitiZenn. A five minute fast charge could be available from special charging stations. However, normal home charging could take 2 to 4 hours for the 250 mile range and 78mph top speed. The CitiZenn also features a higher price tag of about $25,000 as well. But this model appears to be far more practical than the much slower and cheaper model which only has a 40 mile range. This faster model should face a lot less licensing problems in Canada and elsewhere as well.

The CitiZenn model is really what this upstart small car company really needs. It's a real world use vehicle compared to the serious limitations of the existing model. But otherwise, this little company really deserves praise for building some decent quality little electric vehicles. Compared to the fragile early 1900's models like the Baker, which was too frail not to be damaged by the bad streets in those days, sharply limiting sales, Zenn is slowing building a line of decent automobiles for everyday use.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Marvin Gaye's Biker Film

Most people are well aware of the tremendous talent of the late great singer Marvin Gaye. However, few knew that he also was a minor film star as well. In 1971 he was a star in the b grade outlaw motorcycle gang film, CHROME AND HOT LEATHER. Marvin Gaye played Jim, one of four army soldiers that go undercover to bring an outlaw motorcycle gang to justice that killed the finance of Mitch, the leader of the soldiers.

In the film, Marvin Gaye rides a Kawasaki motorcycle and tries to look the part of a biker. It's a rather strange role for the great singer, yet an interesting footnote to his career.
Marvin Gaye looked pretty handy on the bike. He seemed to know the handling characteristics pretty good and even did some fancy riding tricks. And the film wasn't entirely bad either. If you're a fan of either biker films or singer Marvin Gaye you might be entertained by this rarity available at some video stores that deal in the obscure.
I'd give CHROME AND HOT LEATHER a fair ++ star rating. But it's enjoyable enough biker fun to pretty much satisfy. And watching Marvin Gaye in his odd biker role is a real hoot.

Oh Nuts! Levi Johnston Will Keep The Sarah Palin Soap Opera Alive By Posing Nude In PLAYGIRL

According to his attorney, 19 year old Levi Johnston, the baby father of Bristol Palin's baby is currently working out to buff up for posing nude in an upcoming PLAYGIRL magazine. Like a bad penny, the silly soap opera surrounding the Palin family only continues with this latest silly stunt. But it's already provided the late night comics such as Conan O'Brien with a few really good jokes.

This latest stunt by someone connected to the Palin soap opera is only sure to sell lots of magazines for PLAYGIRL which is surprising still being published. Many skin mags are suffering enough of a sales drop with the bad economy and Internet competition. But PLAYGIRL which is supposed to appeal to women has it's own small market to itself. However, with much of the content seemed aimed towards gay men in many ways, it is highly questionable how much of a female to gay male readership the struggling magazine has. It was shut down for a while last year, but is attempting a comeback once again.

The question remains how good the distribution may be for the magazine. But the Levi Johnston issue will likely be very hot and boost sales and maybe get the struggling publication back on track. And once again the circus surrounding the Palin family family will get more news and more publicity.

No reason for any of the Palin gang to stop now, when they still have plenty of embarrassing stunts yet left to do just to make news. Oh nuts!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Adams Still Selling Magic Tricks & Pranks Since 1906

Many people don't realize it, but the old time magic trick and prank manufacturer, Adams, is still around. The company has been in business since 1906 selling tricks for those interested in slight of hand stunts to baffle and fool others. Adams own website features a wide range of card tricks, vanishing tricks, and outrageous pranks. It's like a step back into a time capsule to see all this great old time stuff.

Magic shops are sort of rare these days, especially with this bad economy. However. Adams has managed to survive in the trick, prank and illusion business. Adams still wholesales magic tricks and pranks to any business interested. At one time Adams had counter displays in many stores, but now these displays are more rare and often haven't been seen in years by most people.
Adams also sells a cool line of Houdini posters and other posters as well. These look great on a wall because they have such an old and mysterious look even though magic is hardly magic. It's all an illusion or stunt. But classics such as the slight of hand shell game will only continue to amaze and confound most persons.
It's always great to find something like Adams tricks still around. Old stuff like this is way cool.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

David Letterman's Ratings Surge In Wake Of Sex Scandal

For years comic David Letterman has made jokes about the sex scandals of others. His jokes about Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer and others could reach the moon and back. Tuesday night David Letterman had a new opportunity to make more jokes. This time about his own sex scandal. But the news isn't entirely bad for either David Letterman or CBS. The ratings of the show are way up. People want to tune in to hear what Letterman has to say about the scandal.

In fact, the scandal is actually the best thing to happen to David Letterman's ratings since Sarah Palin picked a fight with him over a botched joke a few months back. Letterman gained viewers who wanted to see where the fight was headed. Now it's more of the same. Viewers wonder where this scandal story is headed.

But while David Letterman's public reputation has been damaged, his attempts at apology seem to often be in the terms of jokes, questioning his sincerity. All of that raises questions whether in the long term he will suffer any damage or eventual ratings fall. But for now it seems that the bad news for Letterman is good news for his ratings.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

At Least 10 Albums Far Better Than The BLUE RIDGE RANGERS RIDES AGAIN

As you might know, I created something of a controversy here with some John Fogerty fans over my scathing album review of his very disappointing new BLUE RIDGE RANGERS RIDES AGAIN. Many fans loved the album, but I sure didn't. I thought that it was a very poor selection of so-so country songs combined with a not very good country music style that made this easily the worst John Fogerty item that I've ever heard. But, my opinions are my own. Here's a few of my suggestions for at least 10 albums far better than this one.

CCR was always a "swamp rock" styled band. And if you love that "swamp rock" sound, then I'd suggest several great entries from the king of swamp rock, Tony Joe White. THE BEST OF TONY JOE WHITE is a great overview of his earlier works such as "Polk Salad Annie", "Soul Francisco" and "Willie And Laura Mae Jones". This guy is just plain fantastic. His later album DEEP CUTS has a really heavy guitar sound but laid back in a unique swamp style. It's an interesting experiment for this artist. But his early works really get into that swamp sound thing. This is great stuff.

If you love rockabilly, Welsh artist Dave Edmunds does old 50's style rockabilly almost better than American artist ever did. And his 1971 album ROCKPILE is a real gem. The album has been reissued by German oldies lapel, Repertoire, and includes extra tracks such as the mono single version of his biggest hit, "I Hear You Knocking" and the followup single "I'm Coming Home". This early album by Dave Edmunds is a real gem. A great Cd by all means.

Some folks liked the country style of John Fogerty on his new album. And the album included his version of "Haunted House". Well, country star John Anderson performed a far superior version of "Haunted House" back in the early 1980's. And with a voice that has a unique tone, John Anderson is one of the greatest underrated country stars out there. His early albums featured some pretty rockin' country songs such as "Swingin'' and "It's All Over Now". In fact, his version of "It's All Over Now features some pretty searing guitar work and is far superior to even The Rolling Stones version of the song. But the later albums by John Anderson began to mellow out some when he began to catch too much of a reputation as the "king of hard country music", and didn't want to be typecast as a hard rocker. John Anderson has many great early albums worth a listen. His TOKYO OKLAHOMA is the closest to hard rock album that he ever issued. There's plenty of cool hard country songs to go around on this album. Some folks seem to think that John Anderson sounds a little like Levon Helm. But I feel that his voice is uniquely his own. Regardless, he's a great new traditionalist country performer who went from doing roofing work on the Grand Old Opry building to performing in the Grand Old Opry, but whose career has seen many ups and downs since. He has many very worthy albums.

Some folks liked the version of "Heaven's Just A Sin Away" by John Fogerty. But the truth is that The Kendalls did a far superior version of this classic country song. And likewise the John Denver version of "Back Home Again" is far superior to the John Fogerty version. Further, the 1972 hit song by music legend Rick Nelson, "Garden Party" is the far superior version of that song as well. The albums containing these songs are all worthy to give a listen.

THE BLUE RIDGE RANGERS RIDES AGAIN opens with the John Prime piece, "Paradise". However, no one seems to do John Prime any better than John Prime himself. John Prime knew what to say and how to play it far better than any second guess. Look to John Prime's own albums instead.

John Fogerty seems to like to do some country girl songs on his album for some odd reason. However, his version of "When Will I Be Loved" sure pales against the stronger performance of great vocalist Linda Ronstadt by far. Look for albums with her version instead. Ronstadt will remain one of the greatest country-rock female vocalists of all time.

Further John Fogerty attempted to do versions of both Ray Price and Buck Owens as well. But both of these artists have done the superior versions of their songs and interpret themselves better than no one can. And Buck Owens often wrote with a great sense of humor as well. Look to albums by these country greats for superior versions of their songs.

So there you have it. At least 10 albums of superior quality to what I believe that John Fogerty attempted and seemed to fail at here. What do you think? Let's have another spirited discussion here.

More Tough Times In The Print Industry

The decision of publishing company Conde Nast to shut down GOURMET magazine after more than 60 years is another bad sign of the problems in the publishing industry. Print media is suffering a terrible decline in sales both due to the bad economy as well the information competition from the Internet. High publication prices haven't helped either.

But the problems for GOURMET magazine are the same as nearly all publications right now. Rapidly declining sales and less subscriptions. Unfortunately, GOURMET joins other publications that have failed just this year including MODERN BRIDE, BLENDER the edgy music magazine, ANN ARBOR NEWS, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS the oldest newspaper published in Colorado, HALLMARK magazine for fans of the greeting cards and other products, TRADER MONTHLY, PRIVATE AIR, TRUMP, CORPORATE LEADER, CIGAR REPORT, DOMINO which is another Conde Nast publication dealing with home decor, COUNTRY HOME which was a spin-off from BETTER HOMES & GARDENS and JPG which relied on reader submitted photo content for publication.

In addition to these publication losses some publications are in deep trouble such as MAD magazine in which Time Warner cut-back to a quarterly publication and dropped two spin-off publications and the MAD TV show was canceled by FOX. With MAD cut-back so deeply, the publication is probably just hanging on for dear life and could be gone within a year or two. MAD is the lone surviving American humor and satire magazine. Other competitors such as CRACKED, CRAZY, SICK, NATIONAL LAMPOON, HARPOON and others have died off over the years.

The fact of the matter is that the economy will further reduce the number of magazines on the market by hundreds more before a recovery takes hold. There may be a recession in the country, but there's a real depression in the print industry.

Monday, October 05, 2009

CD Gems: Mas Rapido!'s PITY PARTY Is A Great Power Pop Gem

One excellent overlooked cd gem out there is PITY PARTY by Mas Rapido!. This group led by very talented singer/songwriter Frank Bednash often reminds you of groups like Badfinger, Big Star, and other UK power pop acts. PITY PARTY opens with the very strong track, "Emily Lloyd", which appears to be about the UK born actress. The song could almost be a UK pop charts single for sure.

Skilled bass player Bednash also alternates vocals with Donna Esposito. She adds another identity to the songs, reminding you of some 60's girl groups at times. What always comes through is the punchy bass lines written by Bednash. This guy has a great handle on what sounds good.
The big record companies need to take a listen to this small market cd and seriously consider signing these folks. These folks know how to craft music. Right now this cd is available through Cd Universe and at a few record stores around the country. Reportedly, Jackpot Records in Portland, Oregon has done some cool engineering work on these cds as well, giving them a wide and deep sound. For indie music, this is very good stuff.
You can sample this cd for free at Cd Universe's website and see what you think. I think you'll be impressed.
Even the cover art on this cd is pretty interesting and impressive, telling you that there's some really good music in this great indie cd. Every so often you find a little gem out there. And this is a very good cd. Good+++

Sunday, October 04, 2009


ZOMBIELAND is one of the best camp-horror films of all time. It's a real home run. It's loaded with more than enough great sight gags and goofy zombie fun. It's also one of Woody Harrelson's best roles. You just can't say enough good things about this excellent movie that is no doubt an instant classic.

But, yet there's some real controversy about the show among some zombie purists. The show features what are known as "fast zombies". Many fans of the George Romero-type zombie films argue that the only zombies can be "slow zombies". However, the argument with this show is that these zombies aren't really entirely dead but merely infected humans. But regardless of this controversy this film is great fun.

As an angry and snarling zombie-killer, Woody Harrelson is great. He's a real blood and guts guy, playing a cartoonishly violent macho-type a-hole. It's sure a funny role that makes for great laughs with the overdone acting. And his more gentle costars make for a great foil to his over-the-top character.

From opening to closing credits, ZOMBIELAND really delivers the laughs. The script is well written and fresh enough of a new take on the zombie genre of films that you'll never be bored for a moment in this great film. Another funny new idea is zombie rules that appear on the screen at some moments. It's a funny idea.

With so many nasty horror films such as the SAW films on the market, which seems largely like "torture porn" to some critics, it's so nice to see a refreshing fun horror film for this Halloween season. There needs to be more horror films this good and this funny. Nearly Excellent +++1/2

Saturday, October 03, 2009


With CCR, guitar rock legend John Fogerty made some of the greatest classic rock songs of all time. But then came that fairly awful last CCR album, MARDI GRAS, where everyone took a turn singing whether they actually could or not, and the band was gone. But then as a solo artist, Fogerty's work has been extremely uneven in quality. Sometimes there was a glimpse of his CCR greatness, but many times there was just so-so quality stuff that just wasn't''t up to snuff. One of the better solo projects of John Fogerty was his Blue Ridge Rangers album that came out in 1973.

The first BLUE RIDGE RANGERS album had John Fogerty playing all of the instruments. The album was entirely comprised of country, rock or traditional music covers. And there was plenty of gems on the album such as the singles "Jambalaya" or "Hearts Of Stone". Album tracks such as the gospel tune, "Workin' On A Building" were awesome standouts as well. It was a great solo project that put a little space between the CCR work by Fogerty and his new solo career. In short, it was a great album.

But now we come to this 2009 mess. THE BLUE RIDGE RANGERS RIDE AGAIN is simply awful for the most part. Instead of the typical swamp rock sound so familiar to John Fogerty, we have a mostly dreadful collection of bad cover versions of John Denver favorites and other country songs. And this time Fogerty got some guest help from Bruce Springstein and The Eagle's Don Henley. But it sure didn't help this awful album very much. To say that this album sucks big time would be to put it mildly.

The album opens with the thoroughly disappointing tune, "Paradise" which pretty much sets the lame crummy country music flavored tone for this album by Fogerty. The cover version of "NEVER ENDING SONG OF LOVE" is a little better. But then there's that questionable judgment to choose to do that late Rick Nelson song, "Garden Party". Why do that song? Even worse, why do a cover of that John Denver song, "Back Home Again"? Why? Why? Why?

Old CCR fans will probably only find his new 2009 version of "Change In The Weather" as the only song that they can probably stand to listen to on album that's mostly pure bad country song cover version dreck. But even "Change In The Weather" is far from a great song here as well. The song also appeared on the old EYE OF THE ZOMBIE album.

And like a few country albums looking to fill some space, the waste of time, country-novelty tune, "Haunted House" is included here as well. That's always a sign of junk. Other than some clever guitar work on the Fogerty version, this song is simply awful. Other country stars such as John Anderson have recorded far better versions of this song years ago.

For heavens sake, if you're a John Fogerty fan, you'll have your heart broken by this album. There's just too little good about it. It's mostly pure crap. It makes MARDI GRAS look like a real gem by comparison. Avoid this new album like the swine flu. Poor+