Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Badass 707hp Cadillac!

As if the 6.2 liter LSA supercharged engined Cadillac CTS-V doesn't have near enough horsepower at a lowly 556, a Houston-area company run by John Hennessey has boosted the car way up to 707hp with 717foot lbs. of torque. The result is a crazy wild ride that rivals the Lamborghini Gallardo in neck breaking quickness.

The Hennessey V700 takes your basic Cadillac CTS-V supercharged ride costing nearly $62,000, and through the miracle of altering the cold air flow, polishing and porting the heads, putting in a better cam, etc.. your lowly $62k ride is converted into a $90k supercar. Ain't magic grand!

If anything, the Hennessey V700 has to be one of the best aftermarket Cadillac versions ever built. But okay, there's got to be more than a few higher wage earners who still love to spin tires who own a business or a bank for a living. And if you have to commute, then why not get there fast. Real fast. Neck breaking fast. The Hennessey V700 looks like the way to go.