Monday, March 22, 2010

The Shocking Ages Of Rock Stars!

It's absolutely shocking just how old some of the greatest rock stars now are. This isn't for the faint hearted. Read at your own risk!

Ray Manzarek, the the legendary keyboardist for The Doors was born in 1939, and is now 71 years old! Manzarek has continued to produce music since the days of The Doors, including a number of solo and instrumental albums.

Jet Black, the drummer for the punk group, The Stranglers, was born in 1938. He's also 71 years old now. Black was actually a successful businessman in England in the mid70's before deciding to join The Stranglers and to become one of the oldest punk rockers out there.

Mick Jagger, the fantastic front-man for The Rolling Stones is 66, and was born in 1943. Jagger's middle class family background led him to study economics in college, where he kept The Rolling Stones a business for all these years. making the group one of the most successful business ventures ever.

Eric Clapton, long considered to be one of the greatest guitar players of all time is 64 years old, and was born in 1945. Clapton's career spans successful acts such as Blind Faith, Derek And The Dominoes, Cream, The Yardbirds as well his highly successful solo career.

Alvin Lee, the Gibson 335 guitar superman from Ten Years After is 65 now, born in 1944. Allvin Lee continues to record and turn out great solo albums, proving himself to be one of the most enduring ring rock legends of all time.

Jerry Lee Lewis, the original keyboard wildman of the 1950's, was born in 1935, and is now 74 years old. He continues as real legend in both rock and roll and country music.

Chuck Berry, the great pioneering rocker of the 1950's is 83 now, born in 1926. He remains an active legend in rock and roll, and has even performed for President Carter at the White House.

Little Richard, who combined a hard rock sound with R&B, is 77 years old, born in 1932, probably was a great influence to later performers like Elton John for his outrageous stage presence and dress. Little Richard remains one of the biggest influences on music to this day, probably originating a hard rock sound more than any early performer.

Paul McCartney, at age 67, still has plenty of his boyish good looks going for him. He was born in 1942, and remains the most successful of the surviving members of The Beatles.

Ringo Starr, 69, born in 1940, has had a less successful solo career than Paul McCartney, but still remains a beloved music legend by all means. Ringo never thought of himself as a great drummer, but many music disagree and call him great. Further, his vocal style has a "everyman" quality about it that is sort of cute in it's own way.

Carlos Santana, at age 62, born in Mexico in 1947, continues to be one of greatest and most hypnotic guitar legends of all time.

Patti Smith, at 63, born in 1946, is called the "Godmother of punk", by some for her pioneering style in this genre of music. In the late 70's comic actress Gilda Radner based her "Candy Slice" character off of Patti Smith, although the real Patti Smith has always been a very intelligent person and hardly the "burn out case" that the character lampoons.

Bruce Springsteen, "The Boss" turned 60 this year. Born in 1949, Springsteen continues to remain one of the greatest live performers of all time.

Bob Dylan, born in 1941, aged 68, remains a legendary singer and songwriter, and continues to produce some of the best albums of his entire career.

Tom Petty, aged 59, born in 1950, seems like a baby here. Yet, the aging singer- songwriter continues have legions of loyal fans attracted to his own unique rock and roll style.


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