Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joan Jett, A Motorcycle Sissy?

Tough girl rock pioneer, Joan Jett, revealed an interesting tidbit on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW last night. She's actually "scared" of motorcycles. She claimed you could hurt from "one fall"..... Oh, Joan!

For years, Joan Jett has built up a tough girl image, and this might surprise a few of her fans. But Joan still likes to sit on bikes though. And with the new film about her original band, THE RUNAWAYS, coming out very soon, the music of Joan Jett should find a whole new generation of fans of the original tough girl rockers.
Although only an active band from just 1975 into 1979, The Runaways sound of hard rock became a favorite of the punk rock and new wave set. And in Japan, the teenaged band managed to have great success, probably becoming the biggest cult favorite act there since T.Rex.
After the group split up, Joan Jett managed to have the greatest solo career of the band, selling millions of albums and singles. Strangely, Joan Jett sometimes did cover versions of the Gary Glitter hits from the UK which failed to chart in America, such as "Do You Wanna Touch Me. Brownsville Station with the late Cub Koda, also had a hit single with Gary Glitter's, "I'm The Leader Of The Gang" as well.
Joan Jett still continues to be the most successful member of The Runaways, although Lita Ford also managed some major degree of success as well with a number of hard rock hits. One modern band that was greatly influenced by the sound of The Runaways is the The Donnas, who have a sound very similar.