Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cd Review: Buddy Guy: LIVING PROOF

At age 74, blues legend Buddy Guy sure doesn't have to prove to anyone whether he knows his way around the blues. He's the real deal. And his latest release is just more LIVING PROOF of it. It's yet another knockout blues classic with some of the hottest guitar riffs since the heyday of Jimi Hendrix.

The lead-off track, "74 Years Young" is another Buddy Guy classic for sure. Based on lengthy conversations with Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge wrote most of the songs as biographical statements about the singers life. And the result is a great wealth of new material where guitar legends B.B. King and Carlos Santana both loan a hand as well to a couple of songs.

As blues legends age and die out, Buddy Guy picks up the mantle as one of the very best of the surviving bluesmen to still produce albums. And he can do that without flaw. He's one of the greats for sure. A true living legend. This album is indeed LIVING PROOF.

The Bottom Line: Another great album by this awesome bluesman. Packaged like a fine whiskey, this album is the real deal blues. You need to buy this album. +++ 1/2(Three and a half stars, very good, or such one eyelash shy of excellent. A true milestone album in the career of the great Buddy Guy).

VW's Ambitious 5 Year Plan to Dominate World Auto Sales

Call it the third wave attempt by Germany to takeover the world, but VW plans to spend $71 billion dollars in the next 5 years to develop enough new models to take over the top position in world auto sales. While U.S. sales of VW products were just 210,000 last year, they have improved to an annual rate of around 250,000 this year. Worldwide, VW produced 6.29 million autos last year, but plans to pull out all stops to improve those numbers to 10 million units within five years.

All of this sounds pretty good for an automobile that started in the 1930's as nothing more than a ripoff knockoff copy of the Czech Tatra T 97 when Hitler demanded the company quickly develop some automobile affordable enough for the average German. Hitler ended a lawsuit by Tatra against VW by invading Czechoslovakia. Later, after the Russian offensive into the nation put that nation under Communist rule, VW finally paid Tatra 4 million German marks in a 1961 settlement for stealing the Tatra design. Better late than never.

Despite many years of trotting out the tired old VW "Beetle" type design that was notoriously underpowered and old fashioned while Toyota and others marketed much more modern and comfortable designs, the old VW "Beetle" still had a cult following among many American car buyers. For 1930's technology, the design was quite innovative. But, by the 1970's the design was only getting more and more technologically tired and old fashioned.

Newer generations of VW products have sold reasonably well, but none seemed to capture the cult appeal of the old "Beetle". Likely, VW can never quite capture that same magic, so the company needs to only look forward to being viewed as an innovation leader with striking new products.

Will this new business strategy by VW work? Can the Germans dominate world auto sales? The next global business war begins. But, the Germans sure can't take the U.S., Japanese, South Koreans or Chinese for credit. They all want the top world auto sales spot for themselves.

BTW, the old "Beetle" design gets a 2012 makeover by VW.

You Make The Call: Wacky Dictator Or Former Baseball Great

Ok, this is a tricky one here. Actually, Fidel Castro is a little of both. Not only was he the iron-handed dictator of Cuba since his 1959 revolution, who only retired his position in recent years to yet another dictator to continue the oppression of his own countrymen, but he was a former baseball player as well. Some rumors persist that he was actually scouted by some American baseball teams at one time.

Despite a Catholic education and a law practice, this rotten bastard's taste for violence only linked him to assassinations and other violent acts, both inside Cuba and abroad in South America, luring him far from his roots as a pretty fine baseball player as a young fellow.

Besides, imprisoning his political opponents, Castro has proven himself quite good at smoking Cuban cigars and growing a beard. Thanks for playing.

Monday, November 29, 2010


In case you missed this outrageous teenage sex comedy at the theater or on DVD, then you missed a movie far more outrageous than any of the AMERICAN PIE series films by a country mile. This is one dirty little funny film that will leave you in stitches. And, unlike the AMERICAN PIE films, it even features a little full frontal male and female nudity besides some of the most funny and crude jokes you've ever seen sort of some outlandish full blown porn comedy.

Many stores probably don't want to carry a film this outrageous, as this is pretty much NC-17 stuff here, although the DVD is listed as an unrated version. Even the theatrical version had to be a pretty hard "R". This film gets away with plenty.

Some of the gags are just too outrageous to mention here. But the "bikini area" trim gone horribly wrong scene is just beyond belief funny, to mention just one scene.

18-Year-Old Virgin is a great dirty sex comedy. One of the best ever made. You'll howl with laughter at this one and be shocked at the outrageous jokes.

The Bottom Line: One of the very best dirty little mainstream sex comedies ever made. +++(Three stars, or very good).

You Make The Call: Wacky Dictator Or Pimp Daddy Hip Hop Star

If you said wacky dictator, you're right. Col. Moammar Gadhafi is the dictator who rules Libya and not a musician. But, his style sure looks a lot more like some major league player Hip Hop music star. Thanks for playing.

Cd Review: Paul McCartney Archive Collection: BAND ON THE RUN

The monumental Paul McCartney & Wings album, BAND ON THE RUN, has been recently re-released as a newly remastered and expanded three disc set. And the result is a pretty awesome package that includes the original album along with a second audio disc of songs like the single "Helen Wheels" and rarity alternate versions of songs from the BAND ON THE RUN recording sessions. A bonus DVD film based on BAND ON THE RUN is also included. Overall, the package is very impressive with a very nice booklet included. And the whole package will only set you back about $30.

After some weak post-Beatles releases by Paul McCartney such as Wings WILDLIFE, which seemed like a quickly thrown together mess of second and third rate songs, 1973's BAND ON THE RUN seemed like such a monumental effort of quality material. It built on the mixed bag collection of songs from RED ROSE SPEEDWAY. Critics took a renewed interest in McCartney, and successful singles such as "Band On The Run", "Jet" and also stand alone single, "Helen Wheels"(this song wasn't on the UK version of the album, but appeared on both the U.S. and international version) a made McCartney a chart topping act once again. The album was also the best selling album of the year for 1974 in the UK as well.

Paul McCartney was at his best on BAND ON THE RUN. This album certainly deserved this special edition re-release version.

The Bottom Line: Paul McCartney's best post-Beatles release ever finally gets a treatment equal to the remastered Beatles editions. +++ 1/2(Three and a half stars, or just one hair shy of excellent).

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cd Review: Ozzy Osbourne: SCREAM

The prince of commercial darkness is back. SCREAM is Ozzy's first studio album in three and a half years, and seems well enough worth the wait. It spurred two singles, "Let Me Hear You Scream" and "life Won't Wait", and continues the hard rocking solo career for the legendary former Black Sabbath frontman.

Although, the album actually was released a few months ago, it was at first overlooked by me because of a few more important releases. However, the album did make it as high as #4 on the U.S. charts, proving that Ozzy Osbourne isn't really a has been act after all, and can still attract a huge audience response for any new cd release. That's good, because he has one of the best voices in rock music history, and remains one of the greatest hard rock singers of all time. He's a terrific talent.

SCREAM is another important milestone in this singer's career. It was produced by Ozzy and by Kevin Churko, and the team co-wrote the songs on the album together. It was mostly recorded at the Osbourne family home studio, "The Bunker". The album features the new guitarist, Gus G., a veteran of other heavy metal acts. Other backing musicians are veterans of Alice Cooper and other top acts.

The Bottom Line: How can you not enjoy a new album by the prince of commercial darkness? Have you no respect for the elderly? +++(Three stars, or good enough to suit me. Buy this album. Hey, this 61 year old rocker is still one cool dude, and still rocks hard).

Hot Times At The Old Heidi Fleiss House

Former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss had a housefire in her Nevada home, but escaped uninjured. The 44 year old Fleiss once created a huge 1990's Hollywood scandal that touched popular actors such as Charlie Sheen. Fleiss once served three years in federal prison on tax evasion charges for her role in the prostitution business that catered to wealthy Hollywood celebrities and other high rollers.

Apparently, Fleiss was using her fireplace, but failed to install a spark arrester, which likely caused the fire. The home was mostly destroyed by the intense fire.

Since her release from prison, Fleiss relocated to Nevada and started a failed brothel business that was supposed to cater to female customers(as if women just can't find any men willing to sleep with them and have to pay men to do that chore). Fleiss then opened a laundromat called Dirty Laundry and also a pet-grooming business(yeah, I want my cat pimped out big time).

But, The Dirty Dog had also run into a few legal problems for Fleiss. It appears that the business partner that Fleiss had, former adult film star, Kendra Jade Ross, was involved in a messy divorce from her husband, and the pet grooming business was a disputed asset in the divorce proceedings.

Gee, being a former madam sure doesn't get any easier these days it seems.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Babes Of North Korea

Oh, just try to forget for a moment that North Korea is run by a Stalinist screwball, and just try to take in the beauty of a few of their beautiful women. A few of those uniforms would look a lot better laying on the bedroom floor.
If it would help things, I'd be winning to talk peace with the North Korean babes. You don't have to thank me.

Your Basic $5,475 90mpg Trike Automobile!

Because the Chinese-built Kandi Viper Trike Bike KD SR 250 has just three wheels and a 250cc engine with an automatic CVT transmission, it doesn't have to qualify as an automobile under stricter U.S. DOT laws. This disguise actually makes it the cheapest U.S. automobile sold, and also one of the highest mileage vehicles as well at nearly 90mpg. With a top speed in excess of 58mph, this trike is just barely freeway legal as well.

You can license this as a motorcycle, but whether you need to wear a helmet might be more a local law issue. At just $5475 this has to be one of the cheapest cars on the road, yet offers automobile-like ride and security. It's a little bit like those late 60's dune buggies made from VW's of old.

The Chinese are pretty expert at building long running and durable motor scooter type engines, even Honda buys some of their motor scooter engines from the Chinese because they do it so well. So the drivetrain ought to be fairly durable on this one and last for a few miles.

Online retailer, Motobuys.com is a Better Business Bureau member in good standing, so any purchase from them ought to be good as gold as well. If you need a cheap set of wheels with all of the fun of those old dune buggies, then you should check this one out at the Motobuys.com website.


With an all-star cast, THE EXPENDABLES should satisfy more than a few action genres, including as a top quality biker film and a reasonably good action adventure film. Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and more turn in very good performances here. Tough guy bikers who are also mercenaries for hire go to a South American country to overthrow the country's ruthless dictator. It's a little bit like THE DIRTY DOZEN on wheels.

But overall, the critics didn't like this film quite as much as many audiences did. But, it makes for a great popcorn film on DVD, and is acceptably good fun. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. This film isn't Shakespeare here, but it's great entertainment that satisfies well enough. It gets the job done. And it's a biker or action film a darn sight better than most of those grindhouse type efforts.

The Bottom Line: A great tough guy film, with a top cast and a few nice bikes as well. ++ 1/2, Two and a half stars, or better than fair, nearly good. Still worth the effort to buy or rent).


The legendary and critically acclaimed group, Blues Image is back. Well, sort of. Actually, Mike Pinera has recorded this brand new 2010 collection of mostly cover rock songs as Blues Image. Pinera takes a crack at "American Woman", "Born To Be Wild", "I Got A Line On You", "Incense And Peppermints" and many other classic rock anthems, often with pretty good results. And certainly, "Ride Captain Ride" is here, with a brand new 2010 version, as well as two alternate versions, one a "psychedelic space version" and a Spanish version.

The original Blues Image had a huge hit with "Ride Captain Ride" back in 1970. And the group caught the attention of none other than Jimi Hendrix, who even jammed with one of the band members on Sunset Strip in L.A. before.

Although the band was critically acclaimed as one of the best collections of fine musicians around, "Ride Captain Ride" was their only really big hit. It peaked at #4 on the charts and sold one million copies. A followup single, "Gas Lamps And Clay" only peaked at #81 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 charts later in 1970, proving that lightning wouldn't strike twice for this band. The band actually broke up later in 1970, but a third album that was already recorded, RED WHITE & BLUES IMAGE was released. "Gas Lamps And Clay" was from that album.

The band members left for strong supporting roles playing with the likes of top flight acts like Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Three Dog Night Night and other big names. Mike Pinera had a very strong career backing some big name acts, but his solo work often failed to get much notice at all. With his many years of associations with top names in the business, backing up the acts or through friendships, Pinera wanted to release a new album that reflected his favorite songs that he loved. Pinera proves one thing here, he knows how to make a great album of cover songs, doing new digital versions of many classic rock songs often first recorded on 8 track recorders, sometimes in mono sound.

On the album liner notes, only Mike Pinera is listed as Blues Image, so who knows which quality musicians actually backed him up on this album. However, with his great talent, Pinera could very well have multi-tracked his efforts at musicianship here. Mike Pinera might not be a household name. But, this is a very good album by a pretty fine musician here.

Much like the ghostly images of "Ride Captain Ride", Blues Image seems to fade in and out every so often. But, they're always worthy to catch whenever they appear. Mike Pinera did the group proud here. Very proud.

The Bottom Line: This album might be a little hard for you to find. It's on the very small Goldenlane label. But, it's well worth the search. This is one good little album here. +++(Three Stars, Good. Buy yourself a copy and love this return of Blues Image).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cd Review: The Doors LIVE IN VANCOUVER 1970

Although, many true fans of The Doors probably might own a bootleg or two of some of the performances from this June 6, 1970 show from Vancouver, this new Rhino release of this 40 year old show is still real worthy of owning. Oh, sure the sound still sounds a little bit like a bootleg, even with the best of Rhino engineering work. But, heck this was a great show that night. A real magic evening with blues legend Albert King doing four songs onstage with The Doors that night. And Morrison, while always the outrageous one, seemed on his best behavior that night. Less obscenities or lewd behavior than some shows. The Doors were "on" big time night. This recording is proof positive of that fact.

Unlike some bootlegs that don't offer too much of the show, the Rhino package is a two disc package with plenty to listen to. It's a great Christmas gift from The Doors. It's the band's yearly tradition to offer a great new cd package right around the holidays for the fans.

The performances were quite good here. This is a great Doors album by all means.

The Bottom Line: A perfectly good Doors album. Jim Morrison and the band were great that night. When The Doors are dead on, they're dead on. +++(Good. Three stars. For heaven's sake buy this album. The Doors are classic rock).

Nissan Leaf Gets The Equivalent Of 99mpg!

The new 2011 Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car, gets the equivalent of 99mpg, making it the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient car built. It even features seats made from recycled material as well. While the $32,780 price tag may seem a little steep, Obama-era government tax credits will actually reduce that price to just $25,280 which makes the car a very good deal.

Being all-electric, the car has no exhaust pipe, and dumps no pollution into the air. It's a totally clean and quiet running car. Modern battery technology gives the Leaf an average 100 mile range per charge, however the top speed is only 56.7mph, which makes the leaf mostly a city car only. You'll also be a member of the slow poke lane club. The car is totally unsuitable for any cross country trip due to the more limited range. It's highway speed capable, but just barely.

Normally, electric engines tend to be quite torquey, with excellent pickup, but with such a low top speed, many motorcycles seem like a much faster and economical alternative to this higher priced vehicle with nearly as good of fuel economy. But, bikes are largely a good weather vehicle, and not really year round vehicles like the Leaf.

The Leaf has it's place. It's actually a great product in so many ways. And it may make you feel real good about leaving behind such a small environmental footprint if like those strokes. And to many people, that's a real good thing these days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Really Crappy Celebrity Tattoos: Tom Arnold

Everyone knows that the human body is the perfect place to post real crappy artwork for a full lifetime. But some celebrities have gone far and beyond the call. Take Tom Arnold, for example. His Rosanne tattoo will forever haunt him, reminding of the horrors of this sort lived marriage. Way to go, Tom. Way to go.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Owe Yourself This Major League Bitchin' Trike!

Hey, don't be a Scrooge McCheapass this holiday season. For a mere $38, 659.00 you can use the "Buy It Now" feature on Ebay to own this way cool custom built Subaru "pancake" four powered chopper trike. You don't even have to learn to operate a motorcycle clutch because this trike's got an automatic transmission as well. And just look how low above the ground you ride. This is one low rider!

The builder claims that it looks like a "widow maker", but don't be fooled they say, it's actually "tame enough" for "first time lady riders" to master with only a little practice. But, it's certainly one woolly and wild machine.

Better ask Santa to buy you this wild toy for Christmas. Christmas can be major league bitchin' this year with this trike under your tree.

Taylor Momsen Suspended Indefinitely From GOSSIP GIRL

17 year old sexy brat, Taylor Momsen has been suspended indefinitely from the CW series GOSSIP GIRL(What, the CW network is still around?). The producers of the show were very unhappy at her conduct both on and off the set. However, this may become a two-edged sword for the show, because the little brat might actually be a ratings draw for the show despite all of the problems she brings. Yet, the production execs decided that enough was enough.

Over the last few weeks, Momsen has gone from that really cute looking teenage girl look to that totally burned out rock 'n' roller "Amy Winehouse" look, where she even flashed the audience during a rock show recently. Apparently, Momsen must be taking Lindsay Lohan lessons in career suicide or something.

Bikini Cheerleaders Blamed For Volleyball Loss By Conservative Muslim Team

Most sports teams can only blame the way they play for a loss, but not the conservative Muslim state of Yemen's volleyball team. A spokesman for the team blamed China's use of some pretty girls in bikinis as cheerleaders for causing the team a major distraction and a loss at the Asian Games held this year in Guangzhou, China. Women in Yemen are often covered from head to toe in traditional Muslim modesty dress. By contrast, China a modern nation, has a big national interest in women looking good and attractive and sexy fashions just like any normal Western state has.

Rising Stars: SNL's Jay Pharoah

SNL's Jay Pharoah is certainly a rising commodity. He has many of the same rising star qualities that made Eddie Murphy such a superstar hit. At age 23, Pharoah is the youngest SNL cast member and wowed the audience last night on David Letterman's LATE SHOW with some great impressions of Eddie Murphy and others. This kid's hot.

For a time, Jay Pharoah was just one of many actors working for the Studio Center Total Production talent agency looking for a good gig. And he actually missed some important calls from SNL producer Lorne Michaels. But, Jay called back at NBC until he reached Michaels who was taken in by his talent and rising star potential. Now, the young comic actor with a knack for funny impressions has a growing audience of fans and the same star potential as young Eddie Murphy once had. Believe it or not, Eddie Murphy was only 19 when he first started as a featured bit player on SNL, but quickly rose to becoming a full cast member and then left for a huge film career.

Isn't it exciting to see the makings of a new major star!

Get Yourself Airport Scanned This Thanksgiving And Become An Instant Centerfold

In the last few days a few celebrities as well as individuals have told us they don't really want to be "airport scanned" this holiday. Well, interestingly this proves just how explicit those scans really are if the negative image is presented as a reversed positive printed image.

The only other real alternate is a more invasive body search, which has been compared to a "groping" by some. So if you want to fly this Thanksgiving, take your choice....become an instant centerfold star or else get groped real good. And you thought the worst part of flying was the terrible food or hard pillows.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Jimi Hendrix is back! Well, sort of. A brand new Hendrix family authorized collection of songs entitled WEST COAST SEATTLE BOY: THE JIMI HENDRIX ANTHOLOGY has just hit the stores. And let me be the first to tell you, it's great. It includes 15 previously unreleased recordings and alternate recordings. You have to wonder why this album took so long. There's more a few very good Hendrix songs here.

Jimi Hendrix was always a legendary guitar superman, and this great collection of songs only gives more evidence of this fact. Oh, for sure some of the material sounds a little bit like cutting room floor stuff. But, heck, Hendrix died way too soon back in 1970, and these rare unissued tracks are as close as we're going to come to any actual new Jimi Hendrix material. It's more than worthwhile for that fact.

If these 15 carefully selected tracks aren't enough for you, a larger 4 disc box set is also available as well. True Hendrix fans will really want that. But this single disc is a good enough item for any casual fan to give a spin that wants to hear more Jimi Hendrix.

The four disc set starts with some 1964 material recorded with the Isley Brothers with Hendrix on guitar, and ends with some rare moments of Hendrix playing alone in his Greenwich Village Apartment in 1970. It also includes a DVD as well. It's one heck of a great package.

For years, the release of this material was held up by legal wrangling between the Hendrix family and some record companies which also claimed to be owners of the rights to the material. Finally, the Hendrix family prevailed, and the material has finally seen the light of day.

The Bottom Line: A very good new release compilation of previously unheard Jimi Hendrix material, although fans of bootleg Cds might recognize more than a few of the performances here, although the sound quality is markedly better than those inferior underground releases. +++(Thres Stars Good. Hey it's Jimi Hendrix, here!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Country Singer Eddie Montgomery Battling Prostate Cancer

Eddie Montgomery, half of the country superstar duo act, Montgomery Gentry has prostate cancer. The singer is expected to undergo surgery in December to remove the tumor, and hopes to be well enough to perform sometime in January. Montgomery Gentry has also accomplished a major feat by having no less than 15 singles cross over to the BILLBOARD HOT 100 charts as well as even more hit singles on the country charts as well.
Part of Eddie Montgomery's appeal is that he's a big and powerful man with an equally powerful and strong voice. He makes such a striking presence onstage when he performs.

Mr. Montgomery certainly has our prayers and best wishes for his quick and speedy recovery. His recording act has proved to be one of the biggest male vocalist crossover acts in country music history.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Look For Steven Spielberg's ROBOPOCALYPSE

Steven Spielberg has a few really good projects that are upcoming. Look for WAR HORSE, a drama about WWI to debut in theaters in a few months. However, 2013 should bring a really big film with ROBOPOCALYPSE, although the film's plot sounds a little bit like the premise of THE TERMINATOR series, with humans struggling against a robot controlled world. But, knowing Steven Spielberg, the result should be pretty darn good as usual.

The book, which was written by Daniel H. Wilson hasn't hit the stores yet, so it's difficult to judge how good of a story it is. But, likely Spielberg was very impressed to commit many millions of dollars to the project which should take months of model and set building and filming to produce. There are other reports that Dreamworks is fast tracking this film project, so don't be surprised if it somehow beats the book to the marketplace.

Kinks Of The Stars: The SAVED BY THE BELL Kids

The original SAVED BY THE BELL ran from 1989-93, however it seems to live forever in reruns as one of the most popular TV shows of all time. While some of the cast members such as Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen went to entirely respectable careers in TV after this show ended, two cast members, Dustin Diamond and Elizabeth Berkley went on to outrageous careers with only varied degrees of success.

Almost right after leaving SAVED BY THE BELL, Elizabeth Berkley starred in the very controversial film, SHOWGIRLS, which featured lengthy scenes of nudity. Berkley proved two things, that one, she could dance, and two, she could do one heck of a lap dance as well. While the movie itself was mostly downright awful, the one scene of Berkley doing a wild nude grinding lap dance on the lap of Kyle MacLachlan is one of the best mainstream movie sex scenes ever. It's big-time hot!

If anything, SHOWGIRLS did prove that the cast members were a little wilder than their G-rated characters on SAVED BY THE BELL might suggest. Dustin Diamond claims that there was a lot of pot use and some "hooking up" on the set between cast members in a book he wrote. However, Mark-Paul Gosselaar denies the claims of Dustin Diamond.

Dustin Diamond has had a strange and weird career since SAVED BY THE BELL. He was the youngest cast member, joining the show at just the age of 11. He was also invited back to star in the short-lived revival of the show, SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS which ran for a few seasons playing the assistant principal. Diamond also had a stand-up comedy act as well, known mostly for it's down and dirty "blue" humor.

But, Dustin Diamond really proved himself to be the really kinky cast member of the former SAVED BY THE BELL cast kids when just about four years ago today an outrageous sex tape of him and two girls leaked on to the market. Evidence suggests that Diamond himself was behind the release of the tape as a form of publicity ploy. Previously, his wife and him were involved in a big publicity stunt effort claiming that their house was going to be foreclosed, although there is some evidence of Diamond not paying some bills he owed due to low financial assets.

The sex tape that Diamond starred in was simply outrageous, with Diamond and a bride-to-be and her bridesmaid involved in all sorts of sex activity. However, the particularly filthy ending became something of legend among sex tapes. After performing anal sex on one of the girls, Diamond gave the girl a "Dirty Sanchez" on her upper lip. But, what can you expect from this weird star? Diamond's shtick on SAVED BY THE BELL was playing the weird kid. In real life, he doesn't seem all that much different.

Dustin Diamond certainly wasn't born with the good looks of the other SAVED BY THE BELL cast members. Mario Lopez has been known as a legendary ladies man by comparison. So Diamond makes up for this shortcoming by being the most weird and kinky cast member.

Tofurky Makes A Vegan Thanksgiving Really Special

Vegan foods just keep improving in taste, but one of the pioneers in this market has been Tofurky. They make a wonderful all-vegan roast that tastes so much like Turkey, and includes a center filled with their excellent vegan stuffing as well. Tofurky is an Oregon brand from Hood River, yet their products have become famous anywhere in the U.S. that vegans shop. It's hard to top this brand for either quality or taste. And the company just keeps adding great new products, such as their new line of vegan pizzas with a soy cheese that actually melts like real cheese.

In 1903, Loma Linda foods was established to help provide a decent market of vegan and vegetarian products for members of the Adventist faith. However, as more and more Americans became aware of the health benefits of both vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as persons who suffer from food allergies to animal proteins became aware of the benefits of the Adventist types of diets, newer vegan brands such as Tofurky gradually entered the marketplace.

In addition to their excellent Tofurky roast and stuffing, Tofurky makes probably the best mock-turkey gravy ever made. It's so good. Wonderful taste. And it includes bits of Tofurky that would fool almost anyone into believing it to be real turkey.

But, there are two other honorable mentions for a great vegan holiday feast. Field Roast makes a wonderful product called Celebration Roast. It's a perfect Sunday evening dinner treat year round. And AFC, an Asian foods brand makes several varieties of baked bean curd, where the hard variety tastes amazingly like a cross between smoked ham and turkey. It's absolutely delicious either hot or cold. It makes a great ingredient in a hot served vegan Asian vegetable dish such as a stir fry, or is great sliced cold and served with a Summer cold plate of hummus, baba gonoush and stuffed grape leaves. That Summer cold plate is really special and exquisite dining.

Thanksgiving sure doesn't have to be awful for vegans. There's so many wonderful choices these days that vegans didn't have so many years ago. Your vegan Thanksgiving can be a memorable one with the right foods on your table.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wesley Snipes Arrested And In Transit To A Federal Prison

Actor Wesley Snipes is in custody, after he was ordered to surrender to federal authorities following a 2008 conviction on multiple tax evasion charges. He will serve a three year prison sentence. However, in the actors defense, his former financial adviser, Kenneth Starr(no relation to the Clinton-era witch-hunter) has been convicted of multiple crimes for defrauding a number of Hollywood celebrities and causing them serious financial damage. Starr is facing a 45 year sentence for his own crimes.

Both Wesley Snipes and his lawyer were outraged at the testimony of Starr, who turned the jury against the actor and led to his 2008 conviction, which he had been attempting to appeal ever since. Very likely, the actor was an innocent victim of the crooked financial adviser who created serious financial problems for him, however he had run out of appeals for the time being. Now, his lawyers need to work on some appeal to release him from prison early.

Snipes and his lawyer are outraged that prosecutors were allowed to use Starr as a witness to convict the actor although Starr was under investigation for fraud at the crime. Unfortunately, it is way too common for crooks to follow after actors and claim to guide their financial investments, but instead take their money and sometimes lead them into very serious legal problems. Based on these facts, Wesley Snipes looks like something of a victim here and deserves the opportunity to at least appeal his convictions.

Wesley Snipes has escaped serious situations before. His NYC apartment was destroyed in the aftermath of the September 2011 attack on the World Trade Center twin towers. He was on the West Coast at the time, escaping death.

Kinks Of The Stars: Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan was the charismatic and highly sexual leader of the UK rock act T.Rex, who had many huge international singles including "Bang A Gong" which was a big top 10 hit in the United States, and remains one of rock music's most enduring anthems. Bolan's songs often had a peculiar mix of Greek mythology, automobiles and sexual interest angles in them. It almost seemed as if Bolan had some sexual interest in automobiles themselves. Yet, Bolan never had a drivers license himself and was strangely killed in an automobile accident only days before he would have turned 30. He still remains a hugely important cult figure in British rock music helping to spur on many more modern musical genres including glam rock, heavy metal and even to some extent, punk rock.

Bolan was also perhaps one of the most sexual of any UK rock performer who ever lived. Recent information about his life have uncovered the fact that Bolan was having sex since the age of nine, preferring older and taller girls than his own small elfish stature. But, Bolan wasn't just content to have sex with the girls. His former manager, Simon Napier-Peel admitted that he had a sexual relationship with Bolan only hours after the two first met in 1966. According to Peel, "Well, Marc Bolan never came out but he was completely bisexual. I slept with Marc. But he liked girls. Privately he was never very discreet about it, or careful. Looking androgynous and pretty might have said many things to people but the band The Sweet were also pretty and lovely, but there was no one Gay there". Even the cover of the 1973 T.Rex album, TANX sure looks more than sexually suggestive. This guy was proud of his gun.

Even the son of Marc Bolan, Rolan Bolan admits that his famous father was often looked at as living in a "Twilight world of drugs, booze and kinky sex". With his featured boas and glitter makeup on, Bolan started a whole new genre of dress for modern rock musicians. Onstage, he would go wild during an extended version of "Bang-A-Gong", attacking his guitar with a bullwhip before tossing it into an amp, creating an onstage pyrotechnic explosion. He was always the great showman and frontman for a changing cast of backup musicians over the years. T.rex was hardly so much a real band as it was entirely Marc Bolan.

While singers such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were obvious victims of their own use of alcohol, drugs and excessive lifestyles, Bolan's own excesses no doubt led to his early death as well. His affair with a backup singer from his band unfortunately led to the early morning car crash into a tree that took his life on September 16, 1977. And like many who died young, fans continue to wonder to this day what new music he might have created.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kinks Of The Stars: Amy Winehouse

Some say that Amy Winehouse may have a few addictions in her life. You might add sex addiction and a real need for new kicks to that list according to a former lover, Johnny Headlock. According to him, the tigress can go for hours on end, putting the sorry old Energizer Bunny to shame, and just can't seem to get quite enough sexual fulfillment.

In London's SUN, Amy Winehouse's kiss and tell former lover claimed that, "She was wild. She went for hours and couldn't get enough. We must have gone through five or six positions, but she liked being on top the best. She made a lot of noise and loved being spanked on the ass. It was really rock 'n' roll".

Even more outrageous is a story in Britain's NEWS OF THE WORLD, claiming former husband Blake Fielder-Civil and Winehouse engaged in sexual activity far outside of the bounds of more run of the mill bondage sex, and often engaged in some just plain outrageous sexual activity too gross for the NEWS OF THE WORLD to publish. Winehouse reportedly spent thousands on some wild lingerie and an expensive diamante-encrusted whip as well. Lesbian sex threesomes between Winehouse, Civil and unnamed female partners were also common.

Gee, who have guessed that Amy Winehouse likes it little wild or rough? That's such a big surprise!

FDA Jumps Aboard Hysteria Train To Ban Four Loco Beers

All aboard. The big time sissyass train is now leaving the station. The FDA now becomes the latest player to claim that strong beer and caffeine drinks like Four Loco should be banned, and apparently are giving the companies just 15 days to substantially weaken their drinks. Maybe those shirt and tie types at the FDA better stick to mama's milk instead.

You'd think that mixing caffeine and strong drink is something new according to the latest FDA hysteria nonsense and some other totally whacked nannystaters. However, drinks like Irish coffee and Rum and Coke are nearly as old as Fred Flintstone himself. But, this sure didn't stop the do-gooders in government to create some crackpot new hysteria after some young underage kids were drinking at a Washington state college and some small 18 year old 90lb. Freshman girls got too drunk and just couldn't handle the Four Loco drinks. Hey kids, Four Loco is a real he-man drink, and not intended for children unable to handle it. And it's supposed to be illegal for children to drink, BTW.

Normally, government should have a role when it comes to banning defective baby cribs that kill infants because they are dangerous and broken. But, the FDA just went way to far to pressure a legal business that makes a legal product intended solely for legal adult use to weaken it because it's too strong for underage users who illegally use the product. Four Loco was never intended or marketed for children. Kids had no business using or abusing it. They themselves broke the law. But, now the manufacturer of Four Loco is wrongly being held responsible for the little lawbreaking tykes. There's just no justice.

Four Loco intends to withdraw the existing product from the market and issue the new weakened product without caffeine in the next few days. But, it's a huge financial loss to the company. You have to figure that some enterprising entrepreneurs found some new tack in business and created a new market to exploit. But, some folks are afraid of something new and different. And now the FDA seems to be driving the engine of that big time sissyass train. Choo choo!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kinks Of The Stars: Cindy Margolis

Hey kids, fasten your seat belt. This is going to be a bumpy ride here. You might know that Cindy Margolis has been called the "most downloaded woman" ever, and remains a top Google search item. Even at age 45, she's still a major league babe. Her official website and photos remain forever popular among numerous guys who like the hot babes. And Cindy is real open about her sexual tastes. Some of which are sort of kinky.

In an interview, Cindy openly expressed her love for sex toys, "I tried almost every type of sex toy", but she laments that "Most are more hype than pleasure"(maybe she should become a consumer reporter for sex toys, and start a second career?).

Cindy also describes her favorite sexual scene as "When wearing my hottest, sexiest lingerie with my "come fuck me high heels". She then likes to bring out a vibrator and a paddle to "Give to my man. I like to be spanked". Despite this love of the rough and kinky stuff, Cindy has never looked very much like damaged goods in any of her revealing photos.

Indeed, we at Wizbang Pop work very hard all day to bring you the real hot juicy celebrity stuff. You don't have to thank us. The work has it's own rewards.


TNT has decided to pull the plug on the low rated gritty undercover police drama, DARK BLUE. While some series like THE CLOSER draw in huge audiences, with 7.21 million viewers at last glance. DARK BLUE struggled with only about 2.25 million average viewers. At TNT, about 3 million viewers seems to be the threshold mark for renewal, as HawthoRNe was renewed with those sort of numbers.

TNT has built itself up a strong original series armory, with original series like THE CLOSER and the new drama, RIZZOLI & ISLES which drew 6.89 million viewers last week. Likely, TNT has another strong drama ready to roll out to replace DARK BLUE which only ran just seasons before the cancellation order went down. Unfortunately, the star power of Dylan McDermott or the production of Jerry Bruckheimer just wasn't enough to lure fans to this series.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Camaro's New 2011 Topless Model

GM has just let loose a few fresh publicity photos of new 2011 Camaro convertible. And this stunner will be available with both v6 and v8 engined versions starting out for a price tag near $30k. GM claims the convertible version to more rigid in body integrity than BMW 3 series convertibles thanks to the stiff frame required to hold convertibles together compared to hardtop models.

At this weekend's LA Auto Show you can expect the new Camaro model to be showcased and for many cameras to be clicking. You know this will be one of the show's biggest new stars.

Kinks Of The Stars: John Mayer & Jessica Simpson

John Mayer may be a master guitarist, but he was in some into some wild stuff in private with his women. Jessica Simpson should know. She had a long relationship with John Mayer once before. Both have since moved on. But, according to reports some of their lovemaking was pretty wild.

Celebrity insider Perez Hilton insisted on a Howard Stern radio program that John Mayer was "very into anal sex with Jessica Simpson". And if that's not a wild enough image to ponder, more reports about John Mayer claim that he has a fetish for wanting to urinate on partners during sex.

I guess some celebrities like to get down and dirty. Really dirty.

But on Oprah's show, Jessica Simpson has been less than amused about John Mayer's open talk about their past sex life. She felt "betrayed". In the upcoming March PLAYBOY, John Mayer has an upcoming interview where he talks some more about their sex life together. Likely, that will raise a few more eyebrows as well as sell a few PLAYBOYS. Stay tuned.....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rarities Of The Doors You May Never See

Fans of The Doors might be surprised to know about a number of rarities that exist on some bootleg albums that may never surface on legitimate releases by the band. Elektra Records probably decided not to release a number of rare Doors recordings for a number of reasons, including lyric content or the fact that some songs were just a rough concept. One version of the concept song, "Rock Is Dead" appeared on a Doors box set before as a rarity, however at least two more versions of the song exist and have seen the light of day on bootlegs before.

While "Build Me A Woman" has existed both on ABSOLUTELY LIVE and on one of the Bright Midnight release albums before, there is a very rare studio version of the song that Elektra probably didn't want to go with because of some explicit lyrics.

The Doors also had a few rare studio tracks such as their own version of the instrumental "Pipeline", as well as songs such as "Queen Of The Magazines", "Love Me Tender", "Mystery Train" and more that have rare studio versions available.

Time will only tell whether many of these songs will ever see a legitimate release or whether they will remain as very difficult to find rarities on some bootleg. And you have to wonder if Elektra Records isn't sitting on even more rare recordings that haven't yet seen the light of day. Fans of The Doors would love to see everything available eventually released. But later this month a live album from a 1970 Vancouver show will be released. Previously, parts of this show have found their way onto various bootlegs.

Sarah Palin's New Reality Show Draws Record Ratings For TLC

TLC has hit gold once again. SARAH PALIN'S ALASKA new reality series had a whopping 4.96 million viewers according to new overnight data. That's one heck of a lot more viewers than KATE PLUS EIGHT which has averaged 3.4 million viewers recently, but hit a ratings low of 3 million with a INSIDE KATE's WORLD show. TLC really needed something fresh to pull in the big numbers since the JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT softened the series after the divorce rocked the show.

Although her negative numbers as a politician continue to mount, Palin continues to be a huge draw as a celebrity personality who fascinates both fans and critics alike. She's become a fascinating phenomenon the public just can't seem to get enough of. TLC really hit the nail on the head going for this new celebrity reality show. TLC execs probably can't be more pleased at where they're at with the new fresh ratings news today.

Kinks Of The Stars: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has to be one of most desirable of all Hollywood women. And actor Brad Pitt is the world's luckiest man in the whole world to have landed this babe. But, before she met Mr. Pitt, Ms. Jolie confessed to a French magazine about some of the wild sexual experimentation that she had dabbled in.

According to the magazine interview, Jolie experimented with S&M, knife play and blood play, along with bisexuality with other women. Now, Jolie seems all content with Brad Pitt, claiming that "Since I've been with Brad, there's no longer a place for that(bisexuality with other women), or S&M in my life".

Jolie has always seemed like a mysterious and sexy woman. Her wild admissions about her sexual past are just about what we might have imagined. What a wild babe.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tasteless Veteran's Day Garfield Cartoon Haunts Jim Davis

Jim Davis has been forced to offer up an apology for an outrageous and tasteless Garfield cartoon that ran on Veteran's Day that seemed to refer to it as "National Stupid Day". Davis claimed the cartoon was written a year ago, and for some odd reason was badly timed to run on Veteran's Day. However, the cartoon was marked with a date tag that suggested that it was actually written to run on Veteran's Day, calling into question the version of the story that Davis claims.

Davis claims that his brother is a Vietnam veteran, and his son has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the outrageous Garfield cartoon is going to haunt Davis for years, and forever change his public image. Was Davis trying to make some antiwar political point? Regardless, the Garfield character is probably permanently tarnished by the ongoing controversy. Where are editors to allow such a strip to run on Veteran's Day?

Several years ago, Conan O'Brien had to offer up an apology after he ran a comedy bit comparing Veteran's Day to Christmas, where a Veteran's Day chair was decorated with lunch meat. It was a harmless and stupid comedy bit. But, it offended some vets.

Eddie Munster In Rehab

Stop the presses. Hell just froze over. Eddie Munster(actually actor Butch Patrick) has entered rehab to treat a 40 year cycle of addiction to alcohol, cocaine and marijuana. This seems surprising because Butch Patrick seemed like such a sensible history keeper of THE MUNSTERS, maintaining friendships with all of the cast members and a great website. He seems like such a great guy.

The only other really frightening story I've heard is that Butch Patrick would sometimes do parties as an adult dressed like Eddie Munster. Compared to few drug issues, that's really creepy to imagine. My image of Eddie Munster is always set as a kid with his Wolf Wolf doll.

Kinks Of The Stars: David Blaine & Fiona Apple's Wild Relationship

Master magician David Blaine has been linked to several high profile women before, however some say that his greatest trick might have been convincing singer Fiona Apple to have a sexual relationship with him. The two had a kinky and wild sex life according to Blaine.

On Howard Stern's radio program, Blaine once revealed that Apple loved for him to give her hard over the knee spankings. It was a real passion of hers. Who could have guessed that kinky scene?

David Blaine has also been linked to other babes including Madonna, model Josie Moran and actress Daryl Hannah before as well. Blaine continues to fascinate, not only for his awesome feats and magic, but his wild relationships with some of the greatest celebrity females around.

BIG BANG THEORY Star Has Real PhD. In Neuroscience

Mayim Bialik is hilarious as the ultra-stiff intellectual, Amy Farrah Fowler, on THE BIG BANG THEORY. But in real life, she's just that intellectual. She holds a real PhD. in Neuroscience, taking time away from acting to get that degree.

The former star of the teen comedy BLOSSOM has found a new life in comedy once again, this time portraying a character just as intelligent as she really is. It gives her an opportunity to be real brainy just for laughs.

Bialik is also very religious as well, having received degrees in Hebrew and Jewish studies as well. She continues to study the Torah. Her religious nature sets her apart from many of the more secular actors in Hollywood these days.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jay Leno's Awesome Rossi Sixty Six

Jay Leno owns a white Rossi Sixty Six identical to this model. Produced by the Rossi Motor Company, the custom $130,000 versions of a modern Corvette lift more than a few styling cues from the original Corvette Stringray series of 1963-67, including that brand new split window design that made the series an instant styling sensation when first introduced.

Surprisingly, it only takes just five days to produce each copy of this custom version of the Corvette that revives the legendary Stingray styling using a modern C6 Corvette platform. The result is simply stunning, although there isn't any modifications to the engine as of yet. Right now, only a coupe version is offered, but a convertible version is on the drawing board and might be offered at some point.

Hey, if this custom car is good enough for Jay Leno, then it should be good enough for you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holy Crap!: Omarosa Pregnant With Michael Clarke Duncan's Baby!

Omarosa, that 36 year villianess that everyone loved to hate from Donald Trump's NBC show is reportedly pregnant with Michael Clarke Duncan's baby. As you recall, Mr. Duncan is that big dude from THE GREEN MILE, and plays a reoccurring funny tough guy role on TWO AND A HALF MEN as well. But holy crap, Michael ? Omarosa?, What where you thinking? She makes Cruella DeVille look like Mother Teresa by comparison.

Hopefully for Mr. Duncan, Omarosa is a little bit better person in real life than her tough as nails TV presence might suggest. Mr. Duncan is actually a very nice man despite being a tough bodyguard for some top celebrities. Bruce Willis and others consider him to be a good friend. Hollywood makes for strange bedfellows, huh?

Proof Positive That Going To College Isn't Always Wise: Wil Wheaton Net Worth Just $2.5 Million

Actor Wil Wheaton made another comic appearance on THE BIG BANG THEORY last night. However, that's a far cry from his steady employment back in the days of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, which he eventually interrupted to attend college. Today his net worth is just $2.5 million. More proof that college isn't everything if you have a good thing going. But, Wheaton continues to write and manages steady appearances in films and TV though. But, so far that big break since STAR TREK is yet to come.

Jim Carrey Thinks THREE STOOGES Film Is Dead

Jim Carrey seems to think that the trouble plagued THREE STOOGES film by the Farrelly brothers might just be a dead project. Jim Carrey was supposed to play Curly. Sean Penn was in , then out, then back in as Larry. And Benicio Tel Toro was cast as Moe. Carrey was at first deeply committed to the role, experimenting with putting on more weight to play the portly Curly. But, he seemed to lose faith in the project over the last few weeks.

It still might be possible that the Farrelly brothers will go ahead with this project. But, with actors in and out of it like revolving doors, it might just be a dead concept. Maybe there's just no substitute for the original guys. Some things are really best the first time around.

No Bump And Grind At Cleveland High

Uptight old teachers and administrators at Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon decided to cancel the Winter formal dance because they were tired of students doing that modern bump and grind dancing that's so popular these days. I know this sounds like a flashback to that old FOOTLOOSE movie, but it's absolutely true. Hey old fogeys, don't you realize that the Hip Hop culture music has pretty much replaced the old Paul Revere & The Raiders music that you danced to as kids. And this has brought in some new dance moves. So lighten up, eh?

In case you don't know what the "Bump & Grind" looks like, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are more than happy to demonstrate it here(It pays to learn from the pros). Oh sure it looks an awful much like your typical run of the mill Saturday night teenage dry humping, but heck the kids are enjoying themselves, so lighten up Cleveland High straights. You don't have to act like some big time sphincters here. A little dirty dancing never hurt anyone, and maybe even helped a few dry cleaners get some meaningful extra employment.