Monday, March 15, 2010


TRIANGLE is an amazingly effective and unique little British deja vu psychological horror drama. It's a real gem in so many ways. Yet, this smaller release film here which only grossed just $894,985 in it's British release and lost lots of money compared to the $12 million production budget.

Strangely, this movie is greatly influenced by the Greek mythology tale of Sisyphus, who was forever condemned to roll a great rock up a hill, only to have it roll back down again.

A group of friends set sail on a small sailing ship, but a sudden and unexpected storm overturns the boat and the survivors find that their luck changes once again when a giant cruise ship appears to come their rescue. But the shipwreck survivors soon find the ship empty, and bizarre and strange deja vu incidents begin to repeat themselves. And Jess, the heroine here, attempts over and over again to rescue her friends from death, only to have a similar outcome repeat itself each time.

This is a very good film here, and it will keep your attention for the 99 minute playing time. Well worth a watch or a purchase for your home DVD library.

The Bottom Line: A very good film that deserved a far better box office reception. +++(Three stars out of four, or good).


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