Thursday, June 30, 2011

David Duchovny And Tea Leone Split

Former X-FILES star David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leone have separated, although they haven't formally filed for divorce yet. For years their marriage has been strained. Duchovny entered rehab back in 2008 claiming to suffer from sex addiction, although no such condition is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association to exist.

Duchovny was never caught up in any cheating scandal by his wife, rather, he claimed to be having an addiction to viewing Internet pornography. This certainly sounds strange. Don't most guys just surf for this sort of stuff out of curiosity, and then eventually shut their computers off at some point and go on with their life? If Duchovny couldn't control his own behavior, then maybe he had some sort of compulsive personality issues to address. It wasn't like he was actually cheating on his wife, yet Duchovny believed that he was troubled enough to seek professional help. Yet, his marriage seemed to still be troubled even after seeking help for whatever personality disorders that he believed that he suffered from.

However, one report claims that it's not the problems of David Duchovny that actually ended the marriage of the two. There is a report that David found sexually explicit text messages on Tea's cell phone from 53 year old actor Billy Bob Thornton that actually broke things up. That's interesting, because for so long David was cast as the problem in this relationship. Now, it seems like it takes two to mess up a marriage.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tom Petty Upset At Michele Bachmann

Tom Petty is pretty upset at presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, and he won't back down. It seems Bachmann's campaign has been using Petty's song, "American Girl," on her rising star campaign where some polls now have her nearly running neck and neck with front-runner Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.

As a rule, recording artists generally don't like candidates using their songs because they may not approve of their political views or else an artist fears that it may send a wrong message to their audience that they support some opinions that might be bad for for business. Bachmann is well known for many pointed jabs at the Gay community or statements supportive of Christian right social conservative political views that Tom Petty might fear are bad for business among his more socially liberal fans.

Many rock artists tend to have very liberal views, while many country artists tend to have much more conservative political views. A politician's political team usually has to do a little homework to find a song where the artist is a supporter or else doesn't really mind a campaign using their song because they don't worry about it hurting their reputation among some fans.

In some cases, some artists don't want their songs to be used, even if they support a candidate. Sam Moore from the legendary Sam & Dave duo just didn't want the Obama campaign using "Hold On, I'm Coning" during the 2000 election cycle. John McCain's campaign faced problems with the group Heart and some other acts such as Jackson Browne when his campaign used their songs.

Bachmann has had a weird week despite sharply rising poll numbers. Normally conservative leaning FOX News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace had to issue an apology to her for calling her a "flake" on this past weekend's show. Then Tom Petty was unhappy at her for using his song. Also today, news came out that Michele Bachmann's husband had received over $137,000 in Medicaid payments to his mental health clinic for low income patients while his wife has been a vocal opponent of the Medicaid program and is well known Tea Party platform supporter. All of these stories have only served as a distraction for a candidate who's gaining some real traction among conservative voters as Mitt Romney's chief rival to win the GOP nomination in 2012. A week earlier, an entertainer at a GOP event in New Orleans was yanked off the stage when he began to tell Michele Bachmann jokes. A Canadian newspaper poked fun at Bachmann today, noting that she confused John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy, yet is surging in the U.S. polls.

Update: Now it seems that one hit wonder band, Katrina And The Waves(remember them from the 1980's?), have joined Tom Petty in opposing Michele Bachmann's campaign using their song, "Walking On Sunshine"in some events. God only knows how many other one hit wonder artists, who are probably mostly 7-11 employees these days, will emerge to oppose Michele Bachmann using one of their songs. Only Time will tell.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

U2's Bono In The Hospital

U2's Bono is in the hospital for emergency back surgery. He recorded a video from his bed to offer encouragement to his fans that are no doubt sad that the latest tour by the Irish supergroup is on hold due to Bono's back injury problems. The singer is personally "sad" that plans for the supergroup to play Glastonbury have been canceled.

While rehearsing for the band's worldwide 360 Tour, the singer got injured, requiring surgery back in May, but now new problems have landed him in emergency surgery in a German hospital. The band hopes to resume their tour very soon when Bono feels well enough to tolerate the grueling schedule.

Bono adds, "That this is not very rock n' roll". Yeah, kind of like growing old, huh?

One GREEN LANTERN Turkey To Follow The Other One?

My God, what are they thinking over at Warner Bros. ? After, GREEN LANTERN got horrible reviews from both critics as well lukewarm audience reactions, and fell significantly at the box office this past weekend, Warner Bros. is still planning full steam ahead with a sequel to all this. Gez, what's up with that?

With just 27% positive reviews from the survey of critics on Rotten Tomatoes as well just 57% positive audience sentiments, GREEN LANTERN has discovered itself to be far and away the worst reviewed of any current top films playing at the theaters. But, despite any of this, you can look for actor Ryan Reynolds to give the GREEN LANTERN franchise one more go round in the lead role. Does he really need work that bad?

Rihanna Gets Spanked With A Second S&M Lawsuit

Sexy and sensual singer Rihanna has just gotten spanked again with a second lawsuit over her S&M album. This time, a fashion designer from Paris claims that the bondage themed video for S&M illegally borrows copyrighted images of his own and is seeking damages in court. This is the second lawsuit the hot R&B singer has faced over the S&M album or it's videos. A previous lawsuit by an artist and filmmaker, David LaChappelle, claimed ideas and images of his own intellectual property were ripped off by the singer. He strongly advised the singer to get her owns ideas.

Rihanna's lawyers have their work cut out for them to navigate around these legal hurdles.

No comment from Rihanna so far, who just seems to be very happy performing and promoting the new album . She claims that her interest in a little bit of kink is real and not just total record promotion hype. Rihanna has claimed in a recent interview in ROLLING STONE that, "Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun....You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That's fun to me....I like to be spanked". OK. I guess lawyers are doing the spanking now, Rihanna. I hope that's fun enough for ya?

BTW, if the singer really likes a little pain. Then she probably felt just a little when she fell during her onstage performance in Edmonton, Canada the other night.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Charlie Harper 1965-2011 - Charlie Sheen's Character Dies

R.I.P. Charlie Harper, you're going to that big skirt chasing harem in the sky to run after those angels. It seems that producer Chuck Lorre is just so sick of you ,Charlie Sheen, that now he's killing off your character in TWO AND A HALF MEN, ending any chance that you're ever ever ever coming back. Unless, Charlie Harper can meet up with the likes of Jesus himself to perform just one more amazing Lazarus back from the dead miracle, then Charlie Harper is dead dead dead. It's just that final, and that's the way that Chuck Lorre wants it.

Likely, Charlie Harper dies in an accident, although that sudden unexpected heart attack death while romping in the bedroom seems more like Charlie Harper to me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cadillac Creeps Raise The Bar For Macabre Music

Hailing from good old Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Cadillac Creeps are one great small-time band that has yet to become a household name. Utilizing great onstage theatrics as well musical talent, this four man band should appeal to any good fan of horror movies as well fans of Rob Zombie and other Gothic or horror shtick acts. While much of their music can probably be pigeon-holed in the league with other metal acts, it's their heavy empathsis on horror movie theatrics that makes this band so darn entertaining.

The band has been invited to play the Screamfest Horror Convention and other good gigs before. And the band has a new album, REAL HORROR SHOW, that's available on iTunes right now, and well worth the bread you lay down. And the band got another boost this month when the biker magazine, CYCLE SOURCE, also gave the band a good write-up. Hey, if biker says a band's good, a band's good. Right?

Just like any good zombie rising up, The Cadillac Creeps seem prepared to rise up as a great new talent to entertain with their twisted horror show influenced brand of rock n' roll. This is a band to watch for. They're rising stars!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Photographer Liz Earls is offering up a controversial new book of the sexual adventures of older women with men. And the result is an awesome adventure of 250 photographs where Earls is the subject of one erotic photographic adventure after another with younger men.

At the age of 40, Earls was unhappy with a human resources job she had and was overweight. She shed 100lbs. and began a quest to pursue her love of younger men. Older women should find her book inspiring as well as eroticism that appeals to the female reader.

Earls spices her excellent collection of black & white and color photographs with text from her Email messages, diary entries as well text messages to her younger lovers. Much like a female Hugh Hefner, Liz Earls has been able to live out her dream of having a nice collection of younger lovers over the years and the new book celebrates her realizing that dream.

TRANSFORMERS:DARK OF THE MOON Set To Be The Next Huge Summer Box Office Smash

Look for Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to have another huge box office smash when TRANSFORMERS: THE DARK OF THE MOON hits major theaters on June 29. The film will be shown in three formats, regular 2d, Real 3D and Imax formats in spectacular Dolby 7.1 sound. Most of the regular cast will reprise their roles in the series, with the notable exception of Megan Fox, the young brunette bombshell actress who decided to move on from the series.

Although, the series based off the toys licensed by Hasbro Toys is certainly geared towards a younger audience, most viewers should still be pretty impressed at the awesome special effects and excellent production in any film bearing the imprint of both Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

One impressive sequence is a fictionalized sequence of the July 1969 landing on the moon where the astronauts discover the wreckage of a huge spacecraft. It's a truly impressive sequence in the film, which only really awes with it's massive look. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg never go for the cheap. There's nothing "Ed Wood" about their film productions.

While the film will be released in most theaters on June 29, look for the film to debut one day earlier in the Imax theaters. With a budget of $195 million dollars, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON will be one of the most expensive movies ever released. However, director Michael Bay intends for this to be the last of the series that he will direct. But, given the amount of money the series makes, you can probably look for more films in the series as long as the franchise makes money. You can never say never.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Great TV And Film Career Of Peter Falk

The sad news of the passing of acting legend Peter Falk is another turning of the page in Hollywood. The legendary actor was able to turn the tragedy of losing his right eye to cancer at the age of just three into a major asset by establishing himself as a great character actor. While perhaps best known for his COLUMBO role, as the plodding detective who stumbled into the truth to arrest those who committed heinous crimes, Falk was also brilliant in many more roles. Falk could play in comedy such as IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD, or as a tough and devoted soldier in movies like ANZIO backing up the like of Robert Mitchum. In movies like MURDER INC., and other crime films, Falk seemed right at home as a strong presence on the screen.

On the small screen, Peter Falk was important presence as well. He appeared in such classic TV shows as a guest actor in HAVE GUN-WILL TRAVEL, THE UNTOUCHABLES, WAGON TRAIN and BEN CASEY. But, one great showcase for the talent of Peter Falk was in the October 20, 1961 "The Mirror" episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, where Falk played South American dictator Ramos Clemente who took over a nation after a revolution. But, soon after shooting his way into power, Clemente began to see images of his friends attempting to undermine his power and attempting to assassinate him in a mirror in the presidential palace. Eventually, Clemente shoots the mirror in anger, which actually leaves him dead. A priest observes the dead body of Clemente, noting how dictators, "Never learn". Like all TWILIGHT ZONE episodes, this episode proved to be a powerful morality tale about how dictators who seize power are so suspicious of those around them attempting to undermine them that they live a tortured and paranoid life that is often self-destructive. Produced only two years after Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba, this episode was a powerful commentary on the American frustrations of having such a violent and murderous personality like Castro ruling Cuba. Falk was brilliant in this role.

But, it was COLUMBO that really established Peter Falk as a great TV legend. Falk brilliantly played homicide detective Lt. Frank Columbo who managed to plod along in each episode into eventually catching the suspect for a homicide. The show really helped to act as the grandfather for the modern detective show such as the LAW & ORDER franchise and certainly influenced other crime shows as well. COLUMBO had a long 69 episode run as well as some TV movies as a run.

Peter Falk greatly enriched both the big screen as well as the small screen. But, it was on the small screen that Falk painted some of his greatest characters. Falk leaves us a great legend and a major presence in TV history.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laurence Fishburne Leaving CSI

It was a difficult job for the producers of CSI to fill the shoes of William Peterson, however Laurence Fishburne is a great actor who has done very well with the lead role. Now, comes word that he's decided to move on. In addition, Marg Helgenberger is taking a reduced role on the show this season, leaving the producers with some big shoes to fill on the CBS classic hit crime drama.

Laurence Fishburne is one of Hollywood's greatest actors. An actor of his caliber was really needed to fill in for the the role of Gus Grissom(William Peterson) in the series. Finding a top flight actor who carries around the charisma of Peterson or Fishburne is very difficult. Few actors are legends like these two.

Likely, CSI has a few more good seasons in it before the series is retired. However, both spin-offs, CSI MIAMI and CSI NY are beginning to suffer from softer ratings and both are just about only head's above the cancellation bubble right now. The CRIMINAL MINDS spin-off failed to be renewed for next season, leaving CBS with a few series and franchises that are beginning to soften in ratings from their peak years. But, a revolving door for actors is never good for any series.

Cd Review: Weird Al ALPOCALYPSE

The clown prince of music, Weird Al, is back again and in fine form. ALPOCALYPSE is one of his best efforts ever. But, this is partially due to the fact that the new album is both comprised of some new material such as the hot Lady Gaga parody, PERFORM THIS WAY, as well as previously released parody songs such as The Doors' parody, CRAIGSLIST as well as CNR, SKIPPER DAN and other tracks. CRAIGSLIST, CNR and some other songs were part of a music download package entitled INTERNET LEAKS. However, ALPOCALYPSE is a great and long overdue gem from Weird Al, with one great song parody after another, and certainly some of his best songs since his high water mark back in the 1980's.

ALPOCALYPSE is also available in two forms. There is the standard cd release, however I strongly recommend that you spend just $2 more to purchase the deluxe version which includes a dvd of 10 mostly previously released music videos. The Doors' parody, CRAIGSLIST, is masterful and well worth the extra $2 to own and play again and again. Weird Al was so devoted to this project that he actually lost 27 pounds so that he could look more like Jim Morrison for this great parody that is real dead-on. Ray Manzarek from the Doors also provided his distinctive keyboard style to the song as well, giving it a real Doors' signature sound. The song reminds you much of THE END and WHEN THE MUSIC'S OVER in style. The Doors were well known for some long epic songs in this same mode that provided an excellent canvas for Jim Morrison to paint his dark and unsettling Poetry on.

The White Stripes based CNR music video is real gem as well. It's one heck of a concept that the late effeminate actor Charles Nelson Reilly was some sort of superman who could run winning races with an engine block strapped to his back or other outrageous superhuman images.

But, it's what's missing from the dvd that is so surprising here. Both of the Lady Gaga parody songs, PERFORM THIS WAY and POLKA FACE are missing from the dvd. PERFORM THIS WAY is being circulated on the Internet right now, while POLKA FACE is another Weird Al medley to hang a bunch of song parodies on. All of this leads me to believe that the Lady Gaga parody songs were quick additions to this package. But it's real shame that the music video of PERFORM THIS WAY isn't included here. It's a great video and Weird Al looks great in drag here. Weird Al continues to raise the bar with better and better music videos.

The new album should do very well because it's distributed by Sony Music on the Jive label. That should put it in most big retailers in decent enough numbers giving it every chance to sell in big numbers. Weird Al should be able to prove that he's more than a 1980's music phenomenon here, able to still offer relevant humor at the age of 51. That's pretty good for what started out as a kid sending funny tapes in to Dr. Demento. Eventually, he got signed to a major record label, and became a big name star by the 1980's.

There should always be a place in music for parody and comedy. And Weird Al is like a parody, satire and comedy institution, joining SNL and MAD MAGAZINE as other comedy icons in that area.

The Bottom Line: This is a very fine album. It was a long time coming, but Weird Al really put in a lot of effort here to create an album that is deserving of a Grammy nomination for best comedy album. By all means buy this album. +++(Three stars, good. Great cover art as well. More excellent self-deprecating humor from the artist, comparing his new album to the ride of Four Horsemen and terrible end time events. That's epic.).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Obama Impersonator's Controversial Performance Halted

Reggie Brown makes a living doing a comic impression of President Obama. But, this weekend he was yanked off stage during a controversial performance at a Republican Leadership Conference event held in New Orleans. Brown was told he had up to 20 minutes to tell jokes, many of which were racial jokes about the president. But, when Brown began to tell jokes about the latest group of Republican candidates for president he was yanked off the stage by RLC President and CEO, Charlie Davis during a joke about Michele Bachmann.

Today, both Brown and Davis are offering different accounts of the event. Brown claims that his routine is pretty standard for every show he performs, and event organizers should have been aware that he tells racial jokes about the president. On his website, for example, much of his routine is explained. But, Davis has tried to defend hiring Brown to CNN today, claiming that there is "zero tolerance" for racial humor at the conservative political event. But, Brown claims that none of his racial barbs about the president were booed at the event hosted in the deep South. Brown's act only seemed to be cut short by the event organizers when he joked about the candidates for president, which might have angered a few of their partisan supporters.

During every presidency, impersonators can make a pretty good living doing comedy about a president. Rich Little and David Fry did great impersonations of Richard Nixon. Bill Clinton was a popular target of jokes, especially during his sex scandal. And George Bush was a target of comics for flubbing-up the English language. But, the controversy surrounding Brown takes up a whole new argument because so much of the humor appeared to racial rather genuine political humor.

Is Brown the bad guy here, or those that hired him? It seems like there was no winner here in this debate reported on CNN. What was supposed to be light, fun entainment yesterday, is leading to a lot of fingering pointing today.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portland's World Naked Bike Event Plagued By Accidents And Alcohol Use

Portland, Oregon is a major bicycle city. And Portland's version of the World Naked Bike Ride took place last evening with the full support of Portland Mayor Sam Adams and the Portland Police. The event was supposed to send several messages including one of environmentalism and an opposition to oil, however the event was plagued with a number of accidents and alcohol use by riders. A number of businesses reported brisk alcohol purchases by persons who said that they intended to ride in the event. Merchants warned bicyclists to ride safely and not to use alcohol before the ride. However, such alcohol sales are legal as long as the person is of legal age and not intoxicated at the time of purchase. However, riding a bicycle intoxicated is an offense under the law in oregon and most other places these days. In some places, such as New Zealand, the World Naked Bike Ride had to be canceled before because of growing problems with riders riding under the influence of alcohol and involved in crashes.

Several factors may have contributed to the number of accidents this year, some of which required ambulances due to serious injuries. Many of the riders ride pretty fast, and many are too closely grouped in packs as this is a sort of parade event. And the use of alcohol by some riders adds another threat. In addition, some riders dropped their helmets or other items during the ride but could not safely stop to get the item, creating a hazard. This year, within just a few blocks of Hawthorne Avenue, one big crash took place near the Bagdad Theater around 37th, and another serious crash involving an ambulance took place only a few blocks away near S.E. 24th and Hawthorne. Some riders also did dangerous stunts on their bikes such as standing up or other acts of "hot dogging" meant to show off.

An ambulance driver had to repeatedly warn bicyclists to slow down as the crew responded to the crash near S.E. 24th, yet many riders just continued to whiz by at a good clip of speed, creating additional risk for the ambulance crew as well as the injured riders.

Increased accidents and alcohol use by the riders could force a few new safety rules for future events of this type, such as more spacing between riders, less stunts while riding, and refraining from all alcohol use until after the ride is over. Bicycle riders could learn a few tips from motorcyclists would rarely have crashes during their numerous ride events. Maintaining a safe distance from other riders and riding at a comfortable, but safe speed in case emergency braking is needed, as well as refraining from alcohol use during the ride are important factors in safe motorcycle ride events.

The organizers of the event need to take a long look at a safety issues involved with this event and do a much better job educating their ride participants on safer operation of bicycles to reduce the likelyhood of accidents. What was mostly a fun event for most riders, didn't need to end in serious injuries to a few riders.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vancouver Police Use Social Network Sites To Capture Vancouver Soccer Rioters

Captain Jim Chu of the Vancouver Police Department(VPD) called a press conference today to claim success with a new tool designed to capture post-Stanley Cup soccer rioters who damaged businesses and other property. Police posted phony pages on social network sites urging rioters to post pictures of themselves and their friends causing mayhem. Naturally, criminals aren't always the sharpest of folks, and the nearly 400 photos freely posted by rioters has helped to slap handcuffs on many rioters. Many are facing very serious charges and some serious jail or prison time.

Leave it up to bad folks to riot, then to want to brag about their crimes so they can get caught and serve time. Real smart.

Another Anthony Weiner?

Anthony Weiner isn't the only politician who like to get into the pants of some young college student. In South Carolina, Alvin Greene, a failed Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010 was able to offer a plea bargain to a lesser crime after he was arrested on felony charges of showing an 18 year old college student a pornographic website and then wanted to go up to her apartment at her dorm. The student called the police and reported the creepy behavior, and Greene was promptly arrest on felony obscenity charges. This week, after he plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge he will enter counseling and will be put on probation unless sexually offends again.

With the scandal plaguing Alvin Greene during the 2010 election, the Democratic Party was stuck with him as their senate candidate nominee when he refused to withdraw, where he only garnered just 27% of the vote in the general election. One organization even named Greene as one of America's most corrupt politicians as well, although some persons feel about the same about Senator Jim DeMint who walked away with a landslide election win.

Greene apparently had some behavior problems before at the University Of South Carolina, where he had been warned by campus officials not to go to certain areas within the college. However, in a science lab, Greene reportedly used the computer to access some sexual website and then asked the 18 year old to view the site and then asked to go to her room. Greene claims he that he did nothing wrong, claiming it was all a joke, insisting that the girl owes him an apology for calling the police. But, then in court, Greene acknowledged his guilt.

Hey, what can I say? Another weird guy politician. And you think that they threw away the mold when Anthony Weiner was born. But, the news gets even better. Greene is still considering a run for president of the Unites States despite everything. Hey, who wouldn't be right proud to display a bumper sticker for the Greene-Weiner ticket for president on their car or truck? Geez.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cal/OSHA May Require "Barrier" Devices In Adult Productions

California's OSHA (CalOSHA) has been holding hearings and has released a 17 page draft document that may soon require the use of "barrier" devices in the production of adult films. Currently about 90% of the adult films produced in the United States come from California. In Northern California, the Northridge area is the home to most of the major adult film studios in the U.S.

A small number of isolated cases of health problems with a few adult performers have appeared over the years, with one more recent performer in all male Gay films who complained to health authorities that a health office meant to support adult entertainers gave him poor medical service and didn't always immediately answer his phone calls. Now, California's OSHA is drafting new rules that might force performers in adult films to wear barrier devices such as condoms, dental dams or latex gloves in films, which is something that neither adult film companies want or consumers of adult films want to see. New OSHA rules in California will likely force the industry to operate outside of California or else even go underground in filming. This would be a serious change for an industry which operates entirely legally and takes out all required licenses and movie permits to film.

California's adult industry also feels unfairly targeted by any new CalOSHA rules as many martial arts sports events can involve some bleeding or mainstream films can involve the exchange of bodily fluids such as kissing scenes, although sex scenes in mainstream films are of a simulated nature with no actual penetration taking place. A few independent films have experimented with actual sex scenes such as THE BROWN BUNNY where actress Chloe Sevigny performs an uninspiring oral sex scene on actor/ producer/director Vincent Gallo who whines like a little girl during the sex act. It's really not much of a sex scene by any means compared to almost any adult film standards, but it's one of few mainstream films to incorporate an actual sex act into the film. But, such scenes could be regulated by new CalOSHA rules as well if filmed in California if the new rules become part of labor law in the state.

The American adult film industry has survived obscenity crackdowns mostly staged during Republican presidencies, and lost millions of dollars of assets confiscated to the government after some successful convictions, but still the adult film industry has survived mostly intact. Now, that the industry is viewed as mostly legal, the industry is facing problems with a bad economy eroding sales and new OSHA rules that could further gut the industry. What damage that obscenity prosecutors couldn't do to the adult film industry since the historic 1973 Supreme Court decision, some little pieces of latex could actually damage the industry far more than ever expected.

DVD News: Redbox Experiments With Higher Prices

In an effort to raise profits, Redbox has been quietly raising prices beyond the normal $1 a night movie rentals in their thousands of little movie kiosks. But, the price increases have been inconsistently raised though. In one Portland, Oregon McDonalds location, the price is just $1.15. In other parts of the country such as Albuquerque, New Mexico, customers are now paying $1.50 a night. In the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, customers are now paying $2 a night for the first night, or double what Redbox was charging. Redbox is counting on consumers to ignore the higher prices and instead focus on the convenience of being able to rent new release movies.

Recently, the CEO of Coinstar(those kiosk machines that let you exchange coins for a fee) confirmed that the new software that was installed in Redbox machines would allow for variable pricing levels. So consumers can expect to see the day of the $1 dvd rental a thing of the past.

But, Redbox has even more serious issues than just some new pricing structure to deal with. 20th Century Fox has recently taken steps to prevent Redbox from acquiring their dvds to rent from their machines. Fox wants Redbox to cut them in on some royalty payments each time a dvd is rented. Now, Warner Bros. seems to be interesting in following FOX, although Redbox has filed a lawsuit against FOX for their efforts. Apparently, there is no real legal basis for Hollywood to demand royalty checks from dvd rental businesses. However, with so many films that cost millions to produce that lose money as box office flops, Hollywood is looking to cut their business risks.

Risk cutting for Hollywood also seems to propelling Hollywood to experiment with some sort of new copy protection systems on some of their new releases as well. JACKASS 3.5 and NO STRINGS ATTACHED both were released on dvd in the last few days with a new copy protection system included to prevent consumers from making additional backup copies of movies they purchased and own to bring with them on vacation, much like they would do with their own cd collection. However, some consumers will likely be angry that they have to carry around the more bulky dvd packaging if they want to bring along movies on the vacation to play in their portable dvd players or in car dvd systems. Somehow, Hollywood thinks that if consumers make up backup copies of dvds to leave at the beach cabin or use on vacation, they are losing revenues, thinking that consumers will buy two copies of a movie at $20 bucks each. But, that theory seems to be unproven. Regardless, dvds are an important revenue stream for Hollywood and the studios are looking to shore up those risk revenues, even if it means pissing off many consumers who purchase their products.

But, Hollywood is always mindful of what happened to MGM. The once mighty film giant got caught in the middle of too many unprofitable projects and faced bankruptcy. Many new projects such as the latest James Bond film got shelved until MGM could resolve their financial woes through new investors.

Consumers need Hollywood to do well in order to continue to produce great new projects which cost mega-millions of dollars. But, Hollywood sometimes risks creating a consumer backlash when they push some issues too far. Now, FOX finds themselves in court with a lawsuit from Redbox as one good example.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crystal Harris Claims Split From Hugh Hefner Was "Mutual"

The sudden split of Crystal Harris, 25 and Hugh Hefner,85, was called mutual by the GIRLS NEXT DOOR star on Ryan Seacrest's ON-AIR program. Harris claimed that the lifestyle of Hefner with so many girls surrounding the founder of PLAYBOY just didn't feel right to her. However, some contradictory sources claimed that Hefner was devastated by the sudden split only days ahead of his planned Saturday wedding, where Harris was considered to be the love of his life by his fiends. One friend was worried the aging playboy would die of a broken heart because of the whole terrible event.

While the split was likely a terrible event for Hefner, some like Jay Leno joked about the event, claiming that Harris broke up with Hefner after doctors gave him a clean bill of health.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Salt Lake TV Station Won't Air NBC's PLAYBOY CLUB

Where else but deep in the heart of Mormonville would a TV station refuse to air a new TV show on moral grounds that doesn't even include nudity or objectionable material? But, KTV, a Salt Lake City affiliate of NBC which seems more interested in promoting the religious agenda of the Latter Day Saints Church than airing NBC programming has made a huge issue that it won't air the new drama based on the 1960's PLAYBOY Clubs while the company was at it's peak.

KSL also supports "Out In The Light", a front organization run by Mormon Church activists who are opposed to pornography although strict censorship laws in Utah means that very little pornography actually exists in the state. One single adult video store in an outskirts area of Utah was picketed by bus-loads of Mormons who drove many miles just to protest this one single business, only proving the fanatical, if not outright mental illness of some pornography opponents. The really pathetic thing is how many pornography opponents admit to having almost no sex life.....even if married.

But, the question remains just what in the world is KSL objecting to? THE PLAYBOY CLUB on NBC is only drama about the elite 1960's club that was place for wealthy card holders to meet and enjoy live music, comedy and other entertainment. The old 1960's PLAYBOY Clubs could hardly even be compared to even a modern day strip club. It was an elite club for the wealthy. An alternative country club of sorts for the urban jet set.

If NBC has made any mistake about programming THE PLAYBOY CLUB, it might be that many viewers just don't care to watch. It's certainly not a show about pornography. It's a show about an elite key club only open to members only. And that may not prove all that interesting to many viewers. But, morality idiots will still likely be up in arms, merely opposed to any mere mention of the PLAYBOY brand name. And that's pretty pathetic.

NBC should strongly consider yanking their contract with KSL to act as their affiliate. If this station doesn't want to air standard programs run by NBC, and instead act as little more than just a mouthpiece for the Mormon Church, then they should just be honest and promote themselves as a religious channel. In terms of tools, KSL is a major one.

Motorcycle Secrets: The Legend Of Gremlin Ride Bells

Ever notice those little bells connected to the front wheel of a motorcycle? Well, there's an interesting legend connected to them. It seems many bikers want a safe ride and want to wart off evil little ride gremlins who can cause mechanical failures or even accidents. And the little metal bells work to capture those evil little spirits inside where the clanging drives them insane and they lose their grip and fall helplessly to the road.

Some bikers believe that evil gremlins want to ride on their bike and cause mayhem or that new gremlins will try to jump on board the bike. The gremlin bell works to repel them.

They say if you receive a gremlin bell as a gift, then you get a double blessing of insurance against road gremlins. It's nice to have a biker friend looking out for you in your rear-view mirror.

Hey, a little gremlin bell rides with this chopper built by Big Mike's of Bend, Oregon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guys Who Look Like Anthony Weiner: Screech Powers

Actor Dustin Diamond who played Screech Powers on NBC's SAVED BY THE BELL for many seasons sure bears a strong similarity to disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner. In the end, it seems that both meek guys turned out to sexual wildmen. Both seem to like to have their penises photographed. Who would have thought?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cameron Diaz Returns To The Big Screen In BAD TEACHER

What Billy Bob Thornton did for Santa Claus in BAD SANTA, Cameron Diaz does for teachers when she makes a highly anticipated return to the big screen in BAD TEACHER. Diaz plays a teacher who absolutely hates her middle school teaching gig, and could care less about her job, spending her time drinking, smoking pot and talking all foul-mouthed. But, she hopes to land a wealthy man who will take her away from all of this. Audiences are looking forward to this raunchy comedy.

Justin Timberlake also stars in this new film, and Cameron Diaz has had some fun joking about dry humping her co-star and has even offered her own funny dry humping advice recently. When she was just 16 she claims that her first boyfriend(which later turned out to be cousin, oh horrors!) made a promise to Jesus and would only dry hump a little bit while making out. When she got another boyfriend at 18, he wanted to dry hump until "the end"(that's Latin for having to do the laundry, kids). But, he turned real creepy according to Diaz. Some months later, young Cameron Diaz strangely found herself in bad with a gay male friend and a bisexual male friend, where dry humping played a major role.

Today, Cameron Diaz joking prescribes a healthy diet of dry humping to everyone. "One should dry hump as much as possible. It leads to great things. I'd prescribe at least once per day. What's also nice about dry humping is that it can happen anywhere". Oh, that's so sweet.

You can watch Cameron Diaz dry hump Justin Timberlake on June 24, along with other funny stuff in BAD TEACHER.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Big Bust Model Busted

Where else but in Florida do government officials have nothing much better to do than spend endless hours and endless piles of taxpayer money investigating big busted models to lay a legal trap for them. But, that's exactly what those fine big government watchdogs did in Florida, God bless em'.

For many years, Kimberly Kupps(real name Theresa Taylor, 55) had been a popular big bust mainstream porn model, featured on many websites and associated with several adult video companies. Even mainstream retailers like Tower Records sell her videos on their website. More recently the Taylors started their own website that only took in about $700 a month through $20 subscriptions offering exclusive Kimberly Kupps video downloads and photos for her fans.

And it seems that prosecutors and police were closely watching Teresa Taylor's Twitter account, monitoring her comments to her 672 fans in the conservative leaning Polk County in Florida, looking for any reason to bust the big busted model. Prosecutors even posed as subscribers and downloaded six videos that were presented to former Miami Dade Community College graduate Judge Reinaldo Ojeda for his approval to bring obscenity charges against the couple. Polk County prosecutors actually spent three months investigating(or is that actually masturbating to) the videos that the Taylors produced before deciding to bring charges.

Both Theresa Taylor and her husband, Warren Taylor, were arrested and charged with a number of misdemeanor and felony charges related to the distribution of obscene material, even though the same sort of mainstream adult films as these type are perfectly legal for sale in most American cities. Adult material that simply includes nudity or sexual intercourse as these films do isn't viewed as legally obscene in most places in the U.S. Someone should explain this fact to the community college graduate judge who personally thought that they were legally obscene under Florida state law. Then again, a judicial review of this community college graduate judge claimed that he's still "learning". Oh, that's just great! A "trainee" judge thinks that films are obscene that aren't viewed as obscene almost anywhere else in the U.S. -That's plenty reassuring!

Theresa Taylor posted $7,500 bail to be freed from jail pending trial. Her husband is still in jail according to the latest reports. The website is still in business at this point, since the couple hasn't yet been convicted of any obscenity law violations. Why obscenity charges were even brought against this couple is a very good question. Nothing on their website rates as extreme material by any means. This is just run of the mill adult material. Films featuring Kimberly Kupps are no doubt sold in Miami and other large cities in Florida. But, using "local community standards" mainstream adult material can be suppressed by local elected officials, prosecutors, police or judges. Is this what the Founding Fathers that wrote the U.S. Constitution really intended, that local politicos can suppress any sort of free speech that they personally object to, because the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court dominated by the appointees of Richard Nixon have ruled so in their narrow 5-4 decision? One judge later admitted that he was constitutionally wrong when he supported the majority for this decision.

Now, Teresa Taylor and her husband face huge legal bills over a website that only brought in a very small cash-flow. And since they used their home to produce some of the films, an important legal question remains whether their home could even be confiscated to the government upon conviction.

Virtually nowhere in the U.S. would the Taylors ever be brought to trial for what they did. They just had the misfortune to live in bad community ruled over by crummy prosecutors and judges who want to tell consenting adults what they can do in their own home.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Andrew Gold, Writer Of GOLDEN GIRLS Theme Song Dead At 59

Andrew Gold, the hit single songwriter and singer, best known for his song, "Thank You For Being Friend", the theme song used in NBC's hit comedy, THE GOLDEN GIRLS, has died at the age of 59. He had been battling cancer, and died in his sleep.

Gold was also a talented session musician as well, where made many important musical contributions to the likes of Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Carly Simon and Loudon Wainwright III on some of their greatest recordings.

Andrew Gold came from a family that were like musical royalty. His mother, Marni Nixon, provided the singing vocal work for Katherine Hepburn in MY FAIR LADY and also for Natalie Wood for WEST SIDE STORY. His father, Ernest Gold, was an accomplished composer who won an Oscar for his excellent score for the movie EXODUS. That was indeed one of the greatest soundtracks in movie history.

Andrew Gold was also a member of the band, Bryndle, which helped to spur other stars such as Karla Bonofff, Wendy Waldman and Kenny Edwards.

Andrew Gold also provided the theme song for NBC's MAD ABOUT YOU as well as having another big hit with the song, "Lonely Boy". While never completely rising to the level of a household name in his own right, Andrew Gold still was a very significant musician and songwriter whose contributions to music will never be forgotten.

NEWSWEEK's Controversial Mitt Romney "Mormon" Cover Raises Issues

NEWSWEEK is catching a little heat this week with their "Mormon" cover. The cover is a photo-shopped parody of the popular play, THE BOOK OF MORMON, on Broadway by the creators of SOUTH PARK. A tiny text on the cover even reads, "Mitt Romney, Mormon For President" creating even more controversy. While the feature story is a look at how many Mormons are driven to success in American society, the cover could possibly be more damaging to Mitt Romney than not by focusing more attention on his faith which is considered a cult by most Christians and has many usual beliefs, some adapted from Freemasonry such as a secret handshake in order to be admitted to Heaven, although the Bible seems to indicate that most people don't go to Heaven.

It's probably not helpful to Mitt Romney that NEWSWEEK has helped to make his unusual faith a major discussion point now, where Mitt Romney will now have to focus much time answering questions about his faith. During the 1960 campaign for president, candidate John Kennedy faced many distracting questions about his faith, and only narrowly beat Vice President Richard Nixon to become president.

The question can also be raised whether NEWSWEEK's cover is a legitimate attempt to lure readers by means of controversy or whether it's an attempt to influence the 2012 election by some staff members by putting Romney in an embarrassing light.

Mitt Romney is probably the most electable of any Republican candidate right now, and could likely put together the electoral majority to win the general election unless President Obama can turn around the economy. But, the big problem that Romney is being able to win the Republican nomination in the first place. He's running in a a party with many Christian conservatives who harbor serious reservations about Mormonism. Mormonism supplements the Bible with their own Book Of Mormon, which many Christians deeply object to.

Another big problem for Romney is his two-faced style of politics. He signed a health care law for Massachusetts much like the federal bill that the Obama Administration supported, yet Romney has attempted to condemn the federal legislation. Romney also angered many in the pro-business growth community this past week with his views that humans contributed to global warming or climate change. Romney wants to have it both ways, to support legislation similar to the Obama Administration on one hand, but to attempt to paint his positions he supports as being more conservative. The result is that he's hard to trust, much like the problems that plagued Richard Nixon during his political career.

Mitt Romney proved that he could win election as governor in one of the nation's most democratic states, Massachusetts. But his path to the White house has been far less easy. In 2008, he failed to capture the Republican nomination, and now hopes to be the last man standing among the big name Republican candidates for 2012. But, Romney has a political identity crisis. Is he a more moderate Republican much like his father, former American Motors Corporation CEO and governor of Michigan, George Romney? Or is Mitt a conservative? And now NEWSWEEK has raised the thorny Mormon religion issue for Romney. That's a public discussion that he didn't need to be elevated by NEWSWEEK.

A public discussion of unusual religious beliefs and practices by Mormons can't be something either Mormons or Mitt Romney are welcoming this week. Probably their unified thought, is "Thanks a lot, NEWSWEEK".

Saturday, June 04, 2011

JERSEY SHORE Season Four Debuts Aug 4

MTV has announced that the popular reality show, JERSEY SHORE will debut on August 4. Meanwhile, MTV is planning production filming for season five soon as well. You fans of the outrageous Snooki have something to look forward to. Expect the usual cast back in their normal digs of Seaside Heights, N.J.

John Edwards Indicted For Felony Federal Election Fraud

Following in the footsteps of other failed presidential candidates whose lives have crumbled after failing to win the White House, John Edwards becomes the latest failed candidate to have his life fall into a freefall. In the shadow of a scandal where Edwards was reported to have spent over $925,000 in campaign funds to hide a mistress and a love child, the Federal government indicted the former senator on several felony charges.

One of the charges related to a conspiracy where huge amounts of cash were solicited from a millionaire 100 year widow far in excess of the $2300 limit. Stories are that this cash was sometimes hidden in chocolate candy boxes to conceal it, because the scheme was so illegal.

John Edwards life has been the subject of tabloid magazines of late because of so much scandal and the death of his wife, Elizabeth Edwards.

At one time, John Edwards was a rising political star in North Carolina, quickly rising to U.S. senator because he was such a powerful and persuasive trial lawyer, and his boyish good looks. Edwards was a major force in the revival of the Democratic Party in North Carolina, after the state politically realigned with the Republicans back around 1964. Now, he's being indicted and could be sent to prison along with all the common crooks and criminals. That's a huge fall from grace for a former political star.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Whitney Houston May Be Battling Emphysema

There are conflicting reports that singer and actress Whitney Houston may be ill with the early stages of emphysema. While her publicist denies the reports, other credible sources seem to indicate that the reports are indeed factual. THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER is also reporting that some medical sources are the main source of information for this story.

There have been some recent incidents that call into question the health of the singer, including problems with her voice that only seem to further fuel this story. However, until the singer or her agents officially acknowledge whether she is indeed ill or not, then this story remains one of speculation.

The singer has had some serious personal problems in recent years, including three trips to rehab.

Shaquille O'Neal Retires From The NBA

After 19 awesome seasons as one of the greatest dominant centers in the NBA, the legendary Shaquille O'Neal has announced his retirement from the game. First drafted as a young wonder player for the Orlando Magic in 1992, Shaquille O'Neal quickly became one of the most beloved players in the NBA because of his friendly and engaging personality and great sense of humor. He's a popular advertising spokesman, sometimes paired with conservative Ben Stein as an odd couple in ads. At 7 foot 1, inch Shaq was truly a dominant center.

One of the few weaknesses of Shaq was his very poor free throw ability. Often teams, would deliberately foul Shaq late in a game as attempt to get the ball back, believing that he would miss one or two shots. This "Hack-A-Shaq" used to visibly anger Shaq a little because it seemed so demeaning and insulting. But, in all other aspects he was a dominating and powerful player, scoring about 30 points a game in most of his early years before older age and injuries began to slow him down considerably. By this last season, Shaq the handwriting on the wall, and just knew that it was time to quit the game and retire as a legend.

Shaq has also worked as a volunteer sheriff, besides his work in a real estate investment company that buys foreclosed homes, and resells them to those who lost the home for more affordable prices, only making a small commission on the transaction. Something especially nice about Shaq was his willingness to often play basketball with any kids that would come to his door. He leaves the game as one of the most beloved players of all time. He will be greatly missed.

What a great player. What a great person.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SAVED BY THE BELL Couple Calls It Quits

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his wife Lisa Anne Russell have been married for 14 years. Last year they separated. Now their divorce has been finalized. It is a sad end to the couple that first met on the set of SAVED BY THE BELL: THE COLLEGE YEARS, the failed prime time version of the very popular Saturday morning show that has become a sort of cult classic in reruns. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is just one of several actors from the show to go to a strong career after SAVED BY THE BELL.

Apparently, the couple worked out some private details regarding custody of their two children, who are 5 and 7, as well as spouse support. One Internet report claims that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has a net worth of about $9 million dollars. It's not clear whether the couple had any prenuptial contracts or not.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar best role after SAVED BY THE BELL was probably his role in NYPD BLUE. However, he's also been a popular presence on cable TV's RAISING THE BAR and FRANKLIN & BASH.