Friday, March 26, 2010

NIGHTLINE Asks Whether The Pope Should Resign

NIGHTLINE, ABC's news program that began as a special report on the Iranian hostage crisis is raising an important question worthy of consideration: Should Pope Benedict XVI resign for his role in the cover-up of an abusing priest? As then-Cardinal Joseph Ratsinger, he has been directly implicated in preventing an American abusing priest for coming to justice. Is this the sort of actions acceptable for someone who is supposed to be the successor to Peter, the early leader of the Christian Church?

Ratsinger ascended to the papacy amid some controversy because of his role as member of the Hitler Youth and as a German soldier during WWII, although he was never a Nazi Party member. Ratsinger had claimed that membership in Hitler Youth was compulsory, however he joined at 14, which was far older than many 10 year olds in the organization. Further, Ratsinger claims that he never fired at shot at allied forces, which may be true, however he only deserted as a German soldier at the end of the war in 1945, and remained in uniform assigned to protect a BMW factory against allied bombing until that time. Ratsinger must have been aware that prisoners from the Dachau concentration camp were being used as slave labor at the BMW plant to make aircraft engines. What would Ratsinger do if any prisoner attempted to escape? Ratsinger hasn't been entirely upfront and honest about his roles in the Hitler Youth, or as a German soldier, and now his involvement in the cover-up of an abusing priest raises new questions. Is this the "infallible" agent of God that he claims to be?

NIGHTLINE is raising an important issue here. News is supposed to make people think. NIGHTLINE isn't questioning faith here, but some of the leadership who claimed to be God's Earthly representatives. No doubt, NIGHTLINE will be airing far more shows on this scandal as more news comes out and lawyers press the issue with the church.
Wizbang Pop often reports about celebrity scandals. However, it's sad that religion often isn't very far behind with many scandals of it's own.


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