Friday, March 12, 2010

Richard Belzer's Apple Store Incident Remains Bothersome

LAW AND ORDER SVU actor and comic Richard Belzer has found himself embroiled in a strange little mess recently. For some odd reason, he simply put his hands on the shoulders of a female employee at an Apple store in New York in a friendly manner, and politely asked her for help. But, the female employee instead called 911 claiming the actor choked her, which the store security tapes clearly proven did not happen at all. Police did not arrest the actor because no assault ever took place. For Belzer's part he admitted that he probably used poor judgment and invaded her "personal space". Yet, the store employee is still seeking some sort of action against Belzer such as harassment charges.

This is part of the problem of being a celebrity, the least little bit of bad judgment can result in legal problems or lawsuits. Richard Belzer is a kind and decent man, who himself was a survivor of a very abusive childhood at the hands of a rabbi when he was young. He is highly unlikely to want to victimize others in any way. Yet, this innocent little incident at Apple probably will bothersome to Belzer for days.


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