Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seth Rogen To Star As THE GREEN HORNET Soon

Big news for fans of THE GREEN HORNET is that Seth Rogen will cast as the crime-busting newspaper publisher in the new movie due out soon. The film is scheduled for release somewhere between June 25- December 22, 2010. Black Beauty will be back too, this time as a customized 1960's vintage Imperial with machine guns popping out of the hood. Kato, who was played by martial arts expert Bruce Lee in the 1960's TV series is set to be played Taiwanese actor and singer Jay Chou. Christoph Waltz, who just won the Oscar for best supporting actor, will be cast as the villain in the film.

Since the 1990's there have been some attempts to get a GREEN HORNET film made. One early attempt involved having George Clooney play the lead role.

Seth Rogen will as also co-write the script for the film which started as a radio series in the 1930's. The main character, Brit Reid is a millionaire newspaper publisher disgusted and fed up with crime who roams at night as a vigilante crime fighter. Often, THE GREEN HORNET portrays himself as another criminal to get in the favor of other criminals, but then sets the criminals up for a big fall. Unlike BATMAN or SUPERMAN who is are allies of the police, THE GREEN HORNET is at odds with the police who believe him to be another criminal element as well.


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