Saturday, March 13, 2010


As much as I love horror genre films, SORORITY ROW, is a very disappointing entry for me. The film should have had all of the elements of a successful trashy slasher epic, such as an unique killer with his own shtick, a great storyline, and especially pretty and sexy girls. But the storyline and the killer were all less than great here. And the movie really wasn't all that sexy as well. Watching SORORITY ROW has all of the fun of coming home from a bad date....alone.

Oh, the slasher killer did have something that looked like a pimped-out four way tire changer converted into a murder weapon. But, beyond that fact, he was an ordinary generic slasher type guy. Don't expect any sequels here. If SORORITY ROW ever sees the light of day, it would be a major surprise.

And even the bonuses section of the DVD took noted that the girls usually die by taking some sort of murder weapon in the mouth, proving some sort of heavy duty oral fixation on the part of the filmmakers. Not at all sexy here. Just real creepy. Just real pathetic.
Usually, slasher films work on a level of watching bad kids get theirs. They're like twisted morality tales. And certainly some of the girls are little brats in this film. But SORORITY ROW just isn't a great slasher film by any means. It's not that creative or different enough to be all that entertaining. It's bad enough as a rental. Far worse if you buy the film.

I certainly expected much better here. So many slasher genre films at least partially work. But on so many levels here, this is a sub-par slasher flick just didn't. Far better films exist in this genre than this piece of crap.

The Bottom Line: Not particularly good on any real level. And disappointing on most levels. +1/2(One and a half stars, or only a little better than poor).


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