Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Weird Al Ready For A 2010 Comeback?

Weird Al Yankovic may be on the verge of a 2010 comeback. After releasing the Grammy Award winning album POODLE HAT in 2003, Weird Al waited until 2006 to release STRAIGHT OUT OF LINWOOD, his largest commercial success so far. But, then nothing until his 5 song INTERNET LEAKS EP digital download package emerged this past Summer. Now, comes word that these songs will be included in a new cd to be released sometime this year. And over at Wizbang, writer Jay Tea announced the news of a trailer for a new movie about the life of Weird Al to be released this year as well.

INTERNET LEAKS was nominated for a Grammy Award, and contains an excellent parody of The Doors with Ray Manzarek of the legendary band playing keyboards to add authenticity to the song, "Craigslist". The music video for the song is floating around YouTube, with Weird Al doing his best Jim Morrison impression with scenes very much like some Doors music videos such as "L.A. Woman" and similar scenes from the Oliver Stone DOORS film as well. It's one of the best things that Weird Al has ever recorded. "Craigslist" seems mostly like a parody of "When The Music's Over" by The Doors for the most part, and Manzarek is in fine musical form on keyboards as well. The song does lift some from "The End" and "Light My Fire" as well. But you have to wonder what Jim Morrison would think about making fun of the accident scene and Native American Indian images. But, Manzarek proved that he's a great sport to help out. After all, how many people get to do music with any of The Doors?

But, the upcoming film about the life of Weird Al looks like a real gem compared to the flop UHF film. The film features an actor sporting the worst ill fitting wig and mustache since the days of early 70's porn(and that's just the girls I'm talking about). Patton Oswald plays Dr. Demento in the film as well.

Strangely, the film makes a comic comparison between Weird Al and Jim Morrison once again with a fictitious Miami arrest. In real life, Weird Al's song parodies are about as safe as milk, and pretty G-rated stuff. He usually opts for safe topics such as "food" or something nonsexual to joke about about. This is a sharp contrast to other funny song acts such as punk rock bands or The Fugs, which spawned-off The Holy Modal Rounders. "Boobs A Lot" by the Rounders was a favorite song by Dr. Demento to play, along with Weird Al favorites. But Weird Al has always been a favorite of the doctor.

But part of Weird Al's "safe as milk" musical formula might be because he identifies himself as being a Christian, and probably wants to avoid working more "blue" like many musical raunchy comics do. His more "family-friendly" approach to musical comedy makes his concerts events where you see all ages attend, babes to grandpa types.

2010 looks like it might be good year for the comic singer.


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