Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pharmacy Cut Off Brittany Murphy's Prescription Drugs

When it was found out by Eddie's Pharmacy in Los Angeles that the late actress Brittany Murphy was using hundreds of prescription pills a month under an alias name, the pharmacy cut her off. Records from the pharmacy show that the late actress was prescribed as many as 400 pills one month for example.

Records also indicate that one of the drugs that the late actress sought were hydrocodone(Vicodin, an opiad analgesic drug, that is used for severe pain relief, but has a very high psychological dependence problem for some persons who abuse this drug). The actress also sought out vicoprofen(which is a combination drug with both vicodin and ibuprofen, prescribed for pain and probably inflammation issues). A third type of drug that the actress sought out were antiaxiety drugs such as clonazepam or Klonopin.

Interestingly, one Dr. Richard Kroop was responsible for all of the prescriptions. including the one's written under the alias name as well. According to a report by TMZ, authorities paid a visit to the medical office run by Dr. Kroop on Friday, which may indicate an ongoing investigation into the causes of death of the late actress.


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