Sunday, March 28, 2010

Proof Positive That Some Cars Are An Extension Of A Guy's Manhood

Some guys get criticism from girls for owning cars that act way too much like an extension for their manhood. Well, here's the ultimate car in that genre, girls . Not much is really known about this wild car that surfaced as a photo inside the 1971 album by Steppenwolf, FOR LADIES ONLY. But it's definitely an attention grabber. Especially when parked alongside of Hollywood's Walk Of Fame.

One rumor circulated that the car was once owned by the band's leader, John Kay. However, since John Kay is legally blind, that seems highly unlikely. But whoever is responsible for this car must be a real cocky guy. It takes balls to drive something like this.

The car is strangely like a 1930's Cord sports car in many ways.


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