Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get Celebrity Autographed Merchandise For As Little As $10

Ginger Lynn Allen, the former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, TV, B movie actress, and adult film superstar, will sell you an autographed photo for $10, or a DVD for as little as $20. The former 1980's adult superstar has her own website and personally autographs every item purchased. It is a trend among some celebrities with declined popularity to earn some money by selling autographed merchandise through websites they operate.

Ginger Lynn Allen is rated as the seventh most popular adult film actor of all time. And as late as 2009, at the age of 46, made another film in this genre starring with a male lead many years younger than her. But she's also appeared in a cameo role in Rob Zombie's THE DEVIL'S REJECTS and other films such as YOUNG GUNS II, AMERICAN PIE'S BAND CAMP, NATIONAL LAMPOON' VAN WILDER THE RISE OF TAJ, and TV shows such as NYPD BLUE, SKIN and SILK STOCKINGS. In the Metallica music video, "Turn The Page", Allen played a role as well. And in the computer game, Wing Commander III, Heart Of The Tiger, and Wing Commander, Prophecy, she plays the role of Chief Technician Rachel Coriolis. Allen has done pictorials for men's magazines ranging from PLAYBOY to HIGH SOCIETY, CLUB, CHERI and other publications. Allen continue to remain one of the most recognizable stars of adult cinema to this day, as well as having breakthrough roles in mainstream TV and film works as well.

John Kay of Steppenwolf, also offers autographed merchandise for sale through his website as well. Posters and other items autographed by the band are available for sale.

For fans of certain celebrities, these opportunities to get their autographed merchandise is a real bonanza. And it gives some aging celebrities with declined popularity a chance to sell a few items as well and to put a few coins in their pocket, which they deserve for a lifetime of performance work.


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