Monday, October 31, 2011

Absolute Worst Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Please, please, please, for the love of God, avoid these cheap last minute Halloween costumes. These are the absolute worst of the worst:

The Lovely Floral Pattern Sheet Ghost: A white sheet as a cheap makeshift ghost costume works just fine. However, if the only sheets that your mom has have lovely floral patterns on them, then in the name of everything holy, please avoid this costume. A lovely floral pattern ghost costume looks so bad it almost makes Casper look positively scary by comparison. Not good.

Mom's Lipstick Frankenstein: Using makeup from mom's purse for a quick impromptu Frankenstein's Monster, not only doesn't look good, but is hard as heck to clean up the next day as it may stain the skin. Crappy as hell!

The Kitchen Tin Foil Robot: In your mind you may a great image of Robbie The Robot or even THE LOST IN SPACE Robot. But, the reality is you look like refrigerator leftovers in this terrible costume. Meatloaf, anyone?

Kitchen Utensils Wolverine: So you haven't shaved all that much recently, so now folks are calling you, Wolverine. But, that doesn't give you a license to come up with crappy costumes using the silverware. Hey, some folks wanna eat. Where's a fork around here?

Radio On The Ankle As A House Arrest Child Molester: Oh, God no! Please, please, don't tie a radio around your ankle for this very cheap costume. It's truly frightening, though. It could lead to some real problems.

In other words, if you're going for a last minute Halloween costume, then at least give it some thought, otherwise better to just forget about the costume this year.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


For the 25th anniversary of the FOX network, Keenan Ivory Wayans has been recruited to bring back two half hour specials of the classic urban sketch comedy show that was sort of like FOX's answer to SNL. Besides the Wayans family, the classic comedy show made huge stars out of Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson and David Allan Grier, who all went on to big careers. Originally designed as a medium for the very talented Wayans family and a few supporting actors to showcase their talents, many of the Wayans family members slowly exited the show by the fifth and final season, where no family members remained by that last season.

FOX intends to give the show two shots as specials, but might bring back the show as a regular series if ratings are strong enough. Although a great medium to launch the careers of some very talented performers, the series never topped #56 in the ratings during it's five year run over at FOX. However, FOX is a much stronger network these days, and with a good cast the show might do better than before. FOX also had another SNL competitor, MADtv, based off the popular humor and satire magazine which ran 14 seasons, but was canceled a couple of years ago when it drew less than 3 million viewers per episode.

As much as the public seems to like comedy and satire, since 1958 the number of satire magazines like MAD have all disappeared, leaving only MAD as a quarterly publication as Warner Bros. cut staff by a third at the magazine giving it a shoestring budget. SNL has remained the only satire TV show to remain on the air. Other competitors such as FRIDAYS over at ABC and MADtv all eventually folded. Cable TV even gave Frank Caliendo from MADtv his own sketch comedy show for a while over at TBS, FRANK TV. But, the show only lasted just two seasons. More likely than not, any return of IN LIVING COLOR to TV is going to be short-lived. That's unfortunate. There should be more room for good satire.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

MIKE & MOLLY's Halloween Episode

MIKE & MOLLY, the highly rated comedy on CBS, will have a lot of Halloween fun this Monday when the cast members do their best Frankenstein's Monster and Bride Of Frankenstein costumes. Look for a truly memorable episode!

BTW, the hit comedy is also the top TV show in it's 9:30 time slot as well as a top 20 hit.

Excellent scripts, a great cast, great acting, make this easily one of the best shows on TV.

Outrageous Halloween Costumes: Assassinated President John F.Kennedy

Here's a strong contender for one of the most outrageous Halloween costumes of all time. A young woman I know attended a Halloween party Friday evening with this assassinated President John F. Kennedy costume. Besides being super offensive and outlandish, the costume isn't exactly historically accurate either. On November 22, 1963 the president suffered two wounds, the first was a neck wound which would have been survivable, but the second and devastating wound was to the back of the head which blew out pieces of the presidents skull and brain matter onto the first lady and the Lincoln limousine. But, then again Halloween costumes aren't exactly a History Channel lesson. Some costumes are only meant to shock. This one sure did the job.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Redbox Announces New Rental Fee Increases Due To New Debit Card Fee Increase Schemes

Redbox has sent out a new round of informational Emails to their customers, announcing new fee increases in the next few days. While the company cited some cost increases, the Email also cited new debit card fee increases are one reason for the price increases. While all businesses were supposed to experience a lowering of debit card fees to 21-27 cents maximum, many credit card companies came up with new schemes to actually raise debit card fees and increase business costs, now these new debit card fee schemes are resulting in higher consumer prices.

Debit card processors were supposed to lower their prices as a result of a Federal Reserve Board ruling after weighing evidence that merchants were often paying between 44-56 cents a transaction. However, debit card providers quickly looked for new schemes to charge new fees to offset the Federal Reserve Board ruling such as new claimed "security compliance fees" or equipment rental fees, etc.

Redbox box becomes one of the first major retailers to claim that new debit card fee increases are forcing price hikes. Purchases under $15 before October 1, were charged just 6 or 7 cents by banks, however banks and debit card processors are now charging at least 21-24 cents across the board, besides being hit with new fee schemes as well. This is forcing many small "Mom & Pop" type of business to reconsider accepting debit cards at all.

Banks and debit card providers appear to be trigeering the latest round of inflation. Now, even your local DVD is being impacted by these new fee increases.

The Public Media Image & The 2012 Vote

The use of communications media is playing a decisive role in deciding the 2012 presidential election so far. President Obama skillfully used a Tuesday appearance on Jay Leno's THE TONIGHT SHOW to boost his sagging popularity numbers, which have now improved somewhat. But, while the televised Republican debates have been drawing good ratings( 5.5 million viewers for CNN last week), the debates have so far only led to a more confused race for the GOP. While Mitt Romney remains with a solid core of supporters who recognize him as perhaps the best Republican chance to wrest away the White House from the Democratic president, more conservative voters have supported candidates such as Barbara Bachmann then Rick Perry, and now Herman Cain, looking for a more conservative alternative to Romney. The debates could have acted to produce an early clear front-runner, instead they have only complicated the GOP race by illustrating real weaknesses with some of the candidates. Both Bachmann and Rick Perry's fortunes quickly rose and then quickly sagged due to their debate their performances. On the other hand, despite a terrible economy, President Obama's media handlers have made clever use of the media to reignite his weakening approval numbers which were in the high 30's only a few days ago.

As with all recent presidential elections, one state, Ohio, will likely decide the ultimate winner of the election. and now President Obama leads all GOP challengers in the latest polls from that critical state according to the latest polls published over at Real Clear Politics. Further, the President either leads the polls in other critical swing states like Nevada or nearly ties with Romney, although he could likely lose some states in New England such as tiny New Hampshire to Romney. Both Cain and Perry run far weaker races than Romney runs, who generally ties with the President or sometimes leads slightly. Voters in some critical states such as Ohio can expect to have to sit through massive TV ad wars since only a handful of states will decide a close election such as a Romney-Obama match-up.

So far, several important key trends of the public perception of the candidates from the media begin to be shaping up the race in this way: Mitt Romney hasn't been harmed by the debates, but really hasn't gained any new ground among voters. President Obama's handlers have proven the ability to improve his poll numbers through carefully selected media opportunities. Barbara Bachmann and Rick Perry have clear media problems. Herman Cain's engaging personality, impressive job resume, seem to have given him significant recent gains among GOP voters on one hand, but polls prove his difficulty as a general election candidate. The clear media winners here appear to be both Mitt Romney and the president. That's important, because all of the other candidates appear unlikely to be elected, at least based on their current mass media public perceptions and corresponding polling numbers.

The latest news is that Rick Perry may now skip some or all of the upcoming Republican debates to limit further damage to his sagging campaign. The perceived public media image is kinder to some candidates than others it appears.

Woman in G-String And See-Through Top Leads Police On Wild Chase

Thank God this isn't another shirtless moron story like you see on COPS. At least 28 year old Erin Holdsworth was dressed in a G-string and see through top while she led police on a high speed chase that only ended after her tires were punctured with spike strips. The Ohio woman even attempted to break the glass out of the police cruiser using her head after being arrested and was charged with a variety of vehicular violations and crimes including DUIL, reckless driving, criminal damaging of property, driving with a suspended license, etc. But not charged with any nudity violation for her revealing fishnet see-through top.

Some policemen sure earn their money when they have to deal with lovely persons like Ms. Holdsworth. I wouldn't want their job.

The woman was clocked at 128mph in her Mazda 626. Some bloggers claim that the car surprisingly can top 135mph, which is amazing for a car I'd never personally want to own myself. These must be better cars than I realized.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Does PLAYBOY For Nearly $1 Million

Lindsay Lohan wrapped up a four day full frontal nude photo shoot for PLAYBOY yesterday. She reportedly agreed to do PLAYBOY after their $750,000 offer was increased to nearly $1 million dollars. It might be a sign that the troubled actress is beginning to hurt financially and could use the money. She also needed to wrap up the deal before her November 2, court hearing which will almost certainly put her in jail for up to a year and a half.

TMZ reported that PLAYBOY had some reason to be concerned that Lindsay Lohan might attempt some lame partially nude photo shoot, however a representative from PLAYBOY claims that a full frontal, "boobs, ass and vag", will all be visible in the photos, which Lohan insisted be "tasteful". However, don't hold your breath for miracles here kids. Lohan has flashed herself in public before, and the parts of her body that have seen the light of day haven't been very good. Some people look much better with their clothes on. That's partially why Hollywood uses body doubles in some films.

Sometimes the sun doesn't shine on some body parts for good reason. Otherwise, speaking, don't expect a lot, and you won't be disappointed. And, with sagging sales among men's magazines, and PLAYBOY the least explicit of them all, this won't be the best thing since sliced bread here. In, fact, this whole thing might actually set back all of the progress made against erectile dysfunction by years, rather than being all that erotic.Not many young women who abuse alcohol and drugs, who have run-ins with the law get paid almost $1 million to strut their ragged stuff. I sure hope that PLAYBOY realizes that fact.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Netflix Loses 800,000 Subscribers To Price Hikes, But Stockholders Are Much Worse Off

After a price restructure that raised Netflix prices by 60%, the company lost 800,000 subscribers, company CEO Reed Hastings admitted in a written statement. The backlash by consumers was apparently far worse than the company had ever expected. But, perhaps the biggest losers here are the stock holders for Netflix stock. According to an overnight trading report the stock is now trading under 100, when it peaked at 324 before the price hikes were announced. This also illustrates why investment in stocks is such a high risk. Investors paid 324 for the company stock, which has now lost value, yet the company still holds this higher valued investment. Further, while the number of subscribers has declined to 23.8 million, from 24. 6, some subscribers are buying both $7.99 a month services from the company, so it's certainly mathematically possible that the company actually has higher revenues than ever before. Yet the stock market value is way down.

While releasing the claimed bad news, the company is actually planning to expand their services to the UK and Ireland soon.

If anything this, entire story should make any person wary of the dangers of investing in Wall Street. Companies can use your money legally after a stock bottoms out, and you have no legal recourse, because it's considered a legal risk. If some guy on the street took your money for a claimed investment, used it for himself, it would likely be a crime. Wall Street rules allow companies essentially to do the same thing legally.

Not many stocks take a 74% discount in just over three months. Netflix is one of the best examples of problems with stock valuation. or over-valuation. Stock critics are now looking carefully at the problems over at Netflix. The company still appears healthy, yet the stock has lost so much value. It's problems like this that make investors wary to buy stocks.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Kicked Out Of Pumpkin Patch For Inappropriate Behavior

8th wonder of the world, 17 year old Courtney Stodden, got herself and her 51 year husband, Doug Hutchison, kicked out of a pumpkin patch because of sexually inappropriate behavior. The teen bride showed up dressed like a central casting member of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD with a sexy get-up of Daisy Dukes that barely covered her bottom as well as tied plaid shirt that showed plenty of cleavage and belly, struck sexy and suggestive poses, and even mounted her husband in sexually suggestive ways. Pumpkin patch security had enough of what they saw, and asked the couple to leave.

Everyone knows how tough those pumpkin patch security guys can be. You sure don't want to mess around with those guys.

Amy Winehouse's Death Report Sent To The Wrong Address

Gez, can't this woman ever get a break? Even in death, things are all screwed up for the screwed up late singer. Now, it appears that some error has sent her death report to the wrong address rather than her family. A spokesman for Scotland Yard, the British police agency is doing an investigation into how this could have happened. I dunno, maybe the obvious thing, clerical error, huh?

Rihanna's One Woman Sex Shop Sprees

Singer Rihanna likes sex shops. Really likes sex shops. Her latest shopping spree in Paris at a sex shop called The Lovestore left the shopkeeper with an extra $1500, after she bought up handcuffs, lingerie, sex toys and an erotic picture book. In Sydney, Australia, Rihanna was able to convince the owners of the business to close especially for her so that she could privately shop. Yeah, who wants to stand in that 10 customer deep line at some sex emporium just waiting to purchase that latest Doc Johnson sex device. Genitals shouldn't be forced to wait that long. That's not right.

BTW, the Australian store was named The Tool Shed. Yet, there's not a hammer in the house. Further, they don't sell screwdrivers either. Although, what they sell can be used for screws.

Rihanna's latest album is entitled S&M, so you can pretty well judge what sort of hobbies preoccupy her spare time. She made sure to flash photographer's a lusty little smile on her way out of The Tool Shed. Obviously, a very satisfied shopper, who will be very busy with some projects now that she has many new supplies. That ought to keep her busy for a while.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

U.S. Inflation Rate More Than Doubles Between Jan-Sep

Between January and September of 2001, the U.S. inflation rate has more than doubled from 1.6% in January to 3.9%. Gasoline and food prices seem to be leading the way to the higher inflation figures. However, Federal Reserve Bank M1 and M2 figures also prove the money supply is growing as well, proving that the government is printing money to cover debts and to pay for costs beyond what tax dollars are able to generate.

Although some of the food price inflation rates seem very serious right now, with many hefty price increases or even downsizing of some products. Some ice cream products for example have downsized by 2oz. such as products distributed by Nestle's Northwest distributor, while other brands such as Ben & Jerry's instead raised their wholesale prices as commodities such as dairy products crept up to high price levels.

The current recession is a strange one, because it is also characterized by high inflation. During many periods of economic recession or depression, prices actually tend to decrease and go down. Prices are supposed to be somewhat influenced by supply and demand, however other factors such as war spending, the Federal Reserve Bank growing the money supply all help to create conditions that can spur inflation.

As serious as the economic problems are right now, the 1980-1982 inflation and resulting recession were far more serious yet. The inflation rate peaked at an annual rate of 14.8% in March of 1980, and the Federal Reserve Board acted to tighten the money supply and raised interest rates, which only allowed that nation to slip into a more serious recession that last until 1982.

Although, the current wave of inflation and economic problems seem serious enough to many Americans, helping to spur economic protests such as the Occupy Wall Street movement recently, many Americans fail to grasp that these current economic problems are not as serious as past recessions or that the current economic problems are far more complicated than most can comprehend. But, that's probably of little consolation to an angry public caught in rapid price increases, joblessness or a feeling of a lacking empowerment over their lives. It also doesn't act as a good omen for the current administration seeking to be re-elected. It becomes an easy solution for the public to fire the chief executive during economic bad times, hoping for a better economy from another chief executive.

The Black Eyed Peas Breaking Up?

Rumors have been swirling that The Black Eyed Peas might be breaking up, however according to at least one report over at TMZ, singer Fergie claims that the band members are taking a break as a group and not breaking up. The band has tried controversial things before and always changed course. As a good example, the group released an album, THE E.N.D. , which they claimed was to be their final physical cd, with all future releases on music downloads instead. However, the group quickly changed their minds, and a new album, their latest was forthcoming after all.

The Black Eyed Peas are one of modern hip hop music's greatest recording acts of all time. It would be a shame for such a talented act to call it quits. They still have lots of great music in them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Great Hammer Films Horror TV Show Pilot You Never Saw

The British masters of horror movies, Hammer Film Productions, produced a rare unsold TV pilot in 1958 called TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN. It was a great half hour horror film of true Hammer quality, yet no network wanted to purchase the series. The story was indeed a horrifying mix of grave robbing and the creation of a truly horrifying looking Frankenstein. Actor Don Megowan stood six foot six, and made for a intimidating presence in his Frankenstein makeup and boots. He made for a very good Frankenstein's monster, perhaps one of the best since either Boris Karloff or Glen Strange.

Network TV executives might have been skittish about the violence and dark themes in Hammer's TV pilot, but it was far better than some TV shows which were actually sold and aired. TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN was a real classic that never saw the light of day. Fortunately, in recent years this rare pilot has now made it on to some DVDs. Get a copy if you can.

NBC's New GRIMM Looks Like Great Halloween Fun!

NBC's brand new horror movie influenced police drama, GRIMM sure looks like great fun. While the show is intended to somewhat be NBC's answer to darker cable TV entries such as THE WALKING DEAD, the show should provide some great Friday night fun by being the most unusual police drama the network ever aired. Based somewhat off the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, the show uses some very impressive special effects and twisted story-lines to capture audience attention.

Set in Portland, Oregon, with the cooperation of the Portland Police, the show follows the adventure of the last Grimm family decedent who works as a homicide detective who is able to see people as beasts or monsters. It's a very unusual script, but a fascinating little show. While I like the show personally, I'm not sure whether the show will click with audiences and may become a fast cancellation. So enjoy this new show while it's around. It premieres on Friday October 28, for the Halloween weekend.

GRIMM promises to be perhaps the darkest Friday night network TV entry since FOX's critically acclaimed MILLENNIUM. You ought to give this new show a try. It's a perfect Halloween weekend type of show for sure, as NBC airs some special Halloween-themed episodes this week.

Millionaire Senator Orrin Hatch Wants Police Crackdown On Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protests

Claiming that the peaceful and legal Occupy Wall Street protests are going to turn into riots, ultraconservative Senator Orrin Hatch urged government and police crackdowns on the protests. This is hardly the first time that the Utah Republican senator has urged the Bill Of Rights to be suspended. While the protests tend to be heavily disorganized with few common themes, they are at least legal and allow the public to peacefully vent their frustrations at the nation's growing economic problems.

Hatch is also concerned the way that President Obama is loaning some sympathy to the protests by feeling the economic pain of the country, urging senators like Hatch to support his Jobs Bill. But Hatch seems unimpressed, and out of touch with the economic hardship that many Americans now face. The millionaire senator has a net worth of about $2.42 million dollars not counting homes and automobiles he owns.

The millionaire senator made attempts over some Republican presidential administrations to be considered for nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court so that he could curtail civil liberties in the country and roll back portions of the Bill Of Rights that he objects to such as free speech protections under the First Amendment.

Major League WTF?:The Porn Film From Orrin Hatch's Office

Moral Watchdog U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) once had a real porn problem on his hands. While this former Mormon Church Bishop wants to go on record as one of Congress's most vocal opponents of adult entertainment, it actually turns out that one of his staffers quit work at his office just so that she could play the lead role in the 1986 pornographic film, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: THE SEQUEL, Born as Elisa Florez from Salt Lake City, Utah, Florez used the stage name, Missy Manners, starring as the lead performer to the 1973 smash hit film by the Mitchell Brothers, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, which made former Ivory Soap box model Marilyn Chambers into a big name celebrity.

As funny as the connection to very socially conservative Senator Orrin Hatch is, the story grows even funnier as Florez was also the daughter of the Undersecretary Of Education from the first Bush Administration as well.

The movie itself wasn't really a big hit like the original BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR film because it was made to address the new AIDS crisis and involved the use of condoms, dental dams and exam gloves, leaving the fans of bareback sex in adult films feeling pretty unsatisfied.

No one seems to be quite sure why someone so connected to so many social conservatives would decide to do something as wild and controversial as this movie was, but it was certainly a very surprising career choice move for Elisa Florez to make. And because of very conservative laws and social views in Utah, likely few of Orrin Hatch's voters ever got to see the senator's own staffer rolling around in front of an x-rated camera. Utah used to be so conservative that the state once only had just one adult video rental store zoned way out in one remote Utah county, and bus-loads of Mormons would board buses to picket just this one store demanding that it be closed by law enforcement.

From 2001-2003 Utah also had a 41 year old virgin, Paula Houston, who acted as a "Porn Czar" for the state, and was paid part of a $150,000 a year budget, to police primarily just this one single adult video rental business. By 2003, even the dumbest of social conservatives in the state legislature began to see the idiocy of establishing a whole new state commission just to police one small business in the state, and budget cuts eventually closed this waste of taxpayer money.

As silly as it sounds for a legislature to create an entire new state agency just to regulate one single small business in a state, it has been done elsewhere as well. The Oregon Legislature once established the Oregon State Wrestling Commission just to regulate one single small wrestling league created by a local Portland promoter when some former disenchanted figure in the local wrestling community lobbied the legislature to give him a job and create this new state agency after he complained that a few wrestlers were "juicing". "Juicing" is a practice where some wrestlers hide a sharp object and cut their foreheads during a match to draw blood to make the carefully choreographed match look more violent and authentic. Professional wrestling is unfortunately entirely fake with predetermined winners of each bout. Oregon's Wrestling Commissioner soon put this only business under his watch out of business for some very minor violations of rules he set, and soon found himself also without a job as you can't draw a salary regulating businesses that don't even exist.

Likely, Orrin Hatch hasn't ever seen his staffer's work, or if he has, he's not telling anyone. But, it had to be a classic of political embarassment at one time.

Lindsay Lohan Turned Away From Morgue After Arriving Late

After troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was ordered by Judge Stephanie Sautner to do 16 hours of community service at the Los Angeles County Morgue, she showed up a good 40 minutes late and was turned away from her 8:00am deadline. Likely, the judge won't throw her in jail for just this, yet it's another problem for the actress that may influence her sentence when she has to appear at a November 2, hearing that could send her to jail for up to one and a half years.

Way to go, Lindsay! You certainly know how to screw up big time if even given half the opportunity.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greatest Mysteries: The Conspiracy Against Gas For Pennies?

In 1917, the same year that the United States was involved in WWI, an American inventor approached a cabinet member of President Woodrow Wilson's government and offered a revolutionary new 2 cent energy tablet that could 10 gallons of common tap water into a gasoline substitute fuel. The United States government want to buy this invention because it could help to win the war by giving the American, British and French forces an advantage over Germany.

The U.S. government arranged for a closed laboratory test of the revolutionary new invention, where a tiny amount of water was able to power a brand new gasoline engine for about one minute. The government was very impressed, and asked the inventor Charles Elton to wait in a room for a few minutes while they were going to sign a contract to buy the new invention for a reported $10 million dollars. Elton prevented the government from running lab analysis of the product by dumping all of the extra water fuel down the drain before the lab test.

But mysteriously, Charles Elton, disappeared from the waiting room at the government offices and was never heard from again. Federal agents from the FBI, which was formed in 1908 questioned every American by the name of Charles Elton in the country, but could never find any trace of the man.

To this day, the secret behind the little pills that could turn common tap water into fuel remain a mystery. Was Charles Elton kidnapped? During the war, you might expect the Germans to kidnap someone that could turn the tide against them, however since the Germans never came out with this invention, then it appears they were not involved. What about the oil industry? Did some agents of big oil kidnap Charles Elton to keep his invention off the market? Or was Charles Elton involved in an elaborate hoax, despite a carefully government controlled test, to defraud the government and then disappeared out of fear.

Some websites such as the one run by the Amazing Randi, which attempts to debunk scams and tricks, questioned whether the pill was actually some sort of acetylene derived product. Why the inventor mysteriously vanished has never been explained. It's a very strange true story and one of the greatest mysteries of all time. The true answer will never be known.

AMERICAN PIE Back For Another Slice

The AMERICAN PIE series will be back for another slice on April 6, 2012 with AMERICAN REUNION, which follows the modern day saga of the kids from the series all grown up and married. This time Jonathan Biggs is helping to produce the latest film, in which he is now married to the Alyson Hannigan's character Michelle Flaherty. The couple has a two year old son in the new movie's script as well.

What will make this new slice of the AMERICAN PIE saga so great is that all of the main actors agreed to return for this new film including Eugene Levy, Seann William Scott, and even Shannon Elizabeth makes a return.

You can expect the new movie to be both warm and romantic at moments, and laughable and raunchy at other moments. Otherwise, you can expect another AMERICA PIE classic here. Look forward to this one.

Lindsay Lohan Heading To Jail Again

Another day, another problem for troubled actress bad girl Lindsay Lohan. Now, Judge Stephanie Sautner has revoked Lindsay Lohan's probation after she missed 9 dates at a Women's Center doing community service work. Lohan claimed that she didn't find that community service work very "fulfilling". The actress could now face a year and a half in jail, however jail overcrowding makes quite that long of a sentence seem highly unlikely.

The judge was very dismissive of the arguments from Lohan's lawyer about her obligation that she had to do work overseas, missing her community service dates for that reason, as the actress was photographed partying on a number of celebrity websites over in Europe.

Before being hauled off from the courtroom in handcuffs, the actress was told to complete 16 hours of community service in the county morgue. She is now awaiting a November 2 hearing to sentence her to jail time. All of this is probably about to be expected. Lindsay Lohan can only behave herself just so long it seems like.

Major League WTF?: Mattel's New Tattoo Barbie

Unbelievably, Mattel has now released an outrageous new bad girl Barbie doll with plenty of body ink and a pink bobbed haircut and a nice skull and crossbones styled off the shoulder t-shirt. The new Barbie is just fine for adult collectors, but likely not what many parents would want to give their six year old daughters. Not every parent would want their daughter grow up to be this girl. In fact, she looks like she might even be serious competition for Kat Von D, with all her body ink. The new Barbie looks like a real trouble, bad girl type.

Mattel struck a limited exclusive partnership with the Japanese company Tokidoki, to bring out this edgy holiday special edition Barbie. It sells for $50 on the Tokidoki website, and the new Barbie even includes one of the signature Tokidoki pets with the new doll as well. The new tramp stamped Barbie is certainly unique to say the least.

While not everyone is happy about the new Barbie, Ken is no doubt all smiles. How can he not score with a girl that looks like this on his next date?

CBS Really Really Cancels HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN

Okay, now CBS is serious. The new failed comedy, HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, is really really canceled now. No deposit. No return. First CBS decided to pull the show after it drew horrid ratings following the wildly successful BIG BANG THEORY on Thursdays after the audience steeply fell in it's second week. The show got stuck over on Trash Can Saturday, where networks air new episodes they already bought of programs that failed. But, guess what, audiences hated this show so much this past Saturday, that now it got pulled from that horrid spot. Now, the show gets sent to Canceled TV Show Hell, where bad TV shows don't get aired at all and the shows just spend all eternity gnashing their teeth in this Gehenna of nothingness.

Getting stuffed into this eternal darkness seems like one heck of a fate. But, then again some shows are so bad that they deserve this fate. I was just one of a handful of unlucky persons to watch this horrible show last week. And let me say this about that. HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN was so bad that it took 30 minutes from life that I'll never ever get back. That's not right. This show deserves this fate. What was CBS ever thinking to air this crap in the first place.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shia LeBeouf Beaten Up In Canada

Maybe he wasn't a fan of the last TRANSFORMERS movie or something, but a shirtless man who looked straight from the central casting of every episode of COPS ever made, beat the holy living tar out of actor Shia LeBeouf outside a Vancouver, B.C. bar recently. TMZ is even running a video that someone shot of the assault with a cellphone. After Shia LeBeouf clearly was the loser in the altercation, he apparently wanted a rematch with his opponent, but the actor was wisely held back by someone. Thank God for someone with a cooler head here.

Shia had been a regular at the bar the last few days while filming THE COMPANY YOU KEEP in Vancouver. But rumor has it the actor is prone to running off his mouth at the wrong time and getting himself into some trouble. When you that, then Shia happens.

BTW, Robert Redford is directing this new film, so expect it to be good. However, actors with a black eye or broken nose aren't generally good for business, so Shia LeBeouf needs to cool it and watch himself, at least until this film is in the can.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Major League WTF?: This Politician Paid $140 For Sex, But All He Got Was This Lousy Scandal

What do you get when you mix a politician and Craigslist......well a brand new sex scandal it seems. In Indiana's state legislature, Rep. Phillip Hinkle,64, has made a real career out of soapboxing his Christian faith, helping to write and promote legislation to put "In God We Trust" on the state's license plates as well as sponsoring antiGay legislation. But it all turns out to be clever window dressing to hide a sexual interest in young African American boys. It seems that Hinkle hired young, 18 year old. Kameryn Gibson aka DuJuan Diamond from a Craigslist ad for a sexual encounter in a hotel room, but Gibson got creeped out when Hinkle told Gibson he was a politician and then dropped his towel and exposed himself and grabbed Gibson's rear end in a desperate gesture. It had to be a lovely scene.

Gibson was so creeped out by Hinkle's pervo behavior that he ran in the hotel room's bathroom and called his sister for help to leave. It was eerily similar to that creepy moment in Charlie Sheen's hotel room when a porn star had to call for help to leave. That must be normal prodigals for persons hired for sex. You run to the bathroom and call for help from the weirdo pervs.

So far Hinkle refuses to resign his office. Maybe there's a lot of registered sex offenders and pervs in his district who support him or something. None of this is good news to Indiana state Republican leadership who just hate the embarrassment that Hinkle is causing them. He's their equivalent of Democrats Anthony Weiner or David Wu, both of which finally resigned their offices after intense party pressure. Hinkle is a problem that just won't go away without being forced to do so. For his part, Hinkle continues to lie about the whole incident, claiming that the whole event is some sort of "shakedown". Yeah, I guess that some folks wanted Hinkle out so bad that they called up a gay escort, put Hinkle in a hotel room naked and forced him to do some gay grab ass stuff.

But things couldn't be much better for Gibson who is now a celebrity and has signed a new lucrative contract with a gay modeling website thanks to the publicity surrounding the scandal.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Major League WTF? Seattle's "Superhero" Back Out On "Patrol"

After his recent arrest for pepper spraying some some people who claim that they were only dancing in the street, Seattle's self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Jones is back on patrol. It turns out that police are holding one of his superhero suits as evidence while he's awaiting trial, so Phoenix Jones is using a "backup" suit, as he calls it.

Phoenix Jones has become something of an oddity up in Seattle, leading a sort of citizen's anti-crime patrol which is interesting for someone who has at least 22, mostly minor incidents with the law, mostly traffic violations, himself. His superhero suits have bulletproof and anti-stab wound protections built-in. He claims that by wearing the superhero suit, he's not mistaken for a law breaker himself, although that sure didn't help him with his arrest in the pepper spray incident.

Despite his protective suit, Phoenix Jones did suffer a knife wound to one leg in one incident, but the bulletproof vest did help to deflect a bullet in another incident, possibly saving his life. But, while he's not a deputy police officer, he has no legal grounds to get involved in incidents and faces some of the same legal perils that have spooked other vigilante-type groups such as The Guardian Angels. But, unlike The Guardian Angels, who have something of a street punk organization persona, Phoenix Jones(real name, Benjamin Fodor) wants to be seen as good citizen who's making a difference.

However, it's that crazy superhero costume that makes Phoenix Jones seem too much like some kook who's read one too many comic books. There's a few guys running around in homemade batmobiles for example, which seems like a comic book nerd's wet nerd. Jones has to put in a little effort to convince folks that he's not crazy.

Phoenix Jones did prevent a city bus from being hijacked, and did help out in few other incidents. He's become of Seattle's defining oddities, where tourists no doubt love to have their picture taken with him. Many cities have their odd personalities who become something of a celebrity. Los Angeles used to have Wild Man Fischer, a severely mentally ill man who would sing outrageous songs that he made up on the streets. Both Frank Zappa and Dr. Demento became huge fans, and Fischer even recorded some records of his outrageous songs such as "My Name Is Larry". NY has The Naked Cowboy.

Phoenix Jones probably isn't crazy. But, it's certainly an eccentric routine he does. Not many cities have real life superheroes. Seattle is one of few cities to have one.

Jennifer Grey's Life Forever Changed By 1987 Auto Accident

Right after filming for the smash hit movie, DIRTY DANCING, young actress Jennifer Grey had a fling with young actor Matthew Broderick. On what was supposed to be a delightful holiday in Ireland, the couple was involved in a very serious fatal head-on car accident for which driver Matthew Broderick was fined $175 for careless driving. Jennifer Grey suffered severe whiplash which has resulted in a lifetime of pain. Her serious neck pain issues made her 2010 appearance in DANCING WITH THE STARS so surprising, However, after she won top honors on the show, she required more surgery to deal with a bout of thyroid cancer.

Matthew Broderick had faced up to five years in prison for causing the death of a mother and daughter, when he veered his rented BMW into the wrong lane of traffic. He had extensive injuries as well from the crash, and spent four weeks in A Belfast hospital.

Today, Jennifer Grey is celebrity sponsor for Partners Against Pain, offering advice and help for sufferers of chronic pain.

Despite her serious lifetime chronic pain issues, Jennifer Grey has been able to star in a new production almost every year since this serious 1987 accident. That's impressive, and should act as a serious incentive for anyone suffering from chronic pain issues.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Police Impound Booty Lounge Mobile Strip Club

Detroit police have impounded the Booty Lounge, a cut rate mobile strip club that had hoped to garner some big bucks as a tailgate vehicle during the Lion's appearance on the nationally televised MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game on ESPN. The low rent strip club on wheels apparently was operated by a driver who wasn't licensed to drive a commercial vehicle like this. The bus was also illegally parked and hadn't been approved by the Michigan Department Of Transportation as a commercial vehicle either. With these violations, police towed and impound the vehicle until tickets are paid and the other state required commercial rules are satisfied.

The mobile strip club became a national celebrity on the news this week when the owner hoped to cash in at the football game. But, ultimately it was violations of a number state transportation and licensing rules that brought down this mobile strip idea to Earth.

It seems like no matter how a guy tries to make a buck these days, there is some government rule or law against it. And you wonder why our economy is in the dumpster and there's so little private imitative these days?

Don't look for a Hot Wheels version of the Booty Lounge any time real soon. Something tells me that Mattel is going to pass on that idea.

Facebook Offers Apology To Courtney Stodden

Facebook has taken an unprecedented action by issuing an apology to Courtney Stodden and putting her Facebook page back up. Facebook first pulled down her page claiming that it violated their policy rules by being too sexy. And likely Facebook was very concerned that Courtney Stodden is just 17 years old as well. Likely some lawyer for the company informed them that although she under the age of 18, she is not nude or in violation of some federal law. As long as nothing indecent or illegal was placed on the site, Facebook likely had overstepped their own policy rules and had little choice but put the page back up. Being a popular celebrity probably helped Courtney Stodden win her fight with Facebook here as well. Her Facebook page is listed as "Court Stodden".

Courtney's mom was pretty sore at Facebook as well over the matter. But latest reports are that young Courtney is thrilled to have access to Facebook back again. And as long as she doesn't post something over the top, the hot celebrity is probably back on Facebook to stay.

Friday, October 14, 2011

TWO A HALF MEN'S Ratings Still Strong

Some half-baked TV critics with no background in statistics analysis are running features today claiming that season 9 of TWO AND A HALF MEN is in ratings trouble. That's nonsense. Although the season 9 episodes of the series have lost a significant amount of it's peak audience since it's huge 28.74 million viewer peak debut, the series is still running above the yearly average for any of it's previous eight seasons so far. Last year's season 8 average was 14.2 million average viewers for example. Last week's episode still garnered a strong 16.2 million viewers, which is very strong.

Many TV critics aren't happy with Ashton Kutcher's character on the show, and they're looking for any evidence that he's causing the series to fail. But, the ratings so far don't paint that story at all. The ratings wouldn't be running better than any of the previous eight seasons if Ashton Kutcher was as much of a failure as some critics suggest. Even all of the bad publicity surrounding his latest sex scandals doesn't appear to have dampened ratings all that much. True, each week the ratings have come down in season 9. But' it's still doing 2 million viewers better than last year. In all likelihood, this season probably eventually settles down to a little below last season at some point, but that's still healthy enough for a nine season long series. CBS still has a big hit here, where there's no reason for anyone to panic yet.

Season 9 of TWO AND A HALF MEN is far from the best season ever, but a number of guest stars such as Jenny McCarthy are keeping this season both fresh and funny. This season is still good enough to be considered good enough. Any series that's nine years old might have some viewer fatigue. Nothing lasts forever. And probably neither CBS, nor the producers of TWO AND A HALF MEN are very happy at the scandals of Ashton Kutcher on one hand, but on the other hand the scandals might actually help the ratings a little by adding an additional curiosity to the show.

As long as viewers continue to watch in decent numbers, TWO AND A HALF MEN will continue.

Former DALLAS Star Larry Hagman Has Cancer

Former star of DALLAS and I DREAM OF JEANNIE, Larry Hagman, has publicly announced that he's suffering from sort of cancer. He didn't reveal which type of cancer or the seriousness of the illness, but still it has to be bad news for fans of the veteran actor. The actor survived liver problems back in 1995, and had to undergo a liver transplant procedure. The actor just turned 80 recently.

TNT will begin airing a reboot of the DALLAS series soon, and the 80 year old actor has been assisting that network in this new project. His J.R. Ewing character was involved in a huge event on the Dallas show with a cliffhanger mystery of "Who shot J.R. Ewing" one season, which became a huge ratings grabber event. Larry Hagman is scheduled to appear in at least four episodes of the new reboot of the DALLAS series, and hopefully his cancer treatment goes well for him.

Fans of DALLAS will no doubt enjoy this new version of this classic ABC TV show. Hopefully, J.R. Ewing will be healthy enough to be a major part of this new edition of this show.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


ZOOKEEPER might not be high art by any means, but it's a perfectly nice family film that children will no doubt just love. Comic actor, Kevin James(THE KING OF QUEENS) plays a bumbling but well intentioned zookeeper whose animal charges include a talking gorilla among others. Adults might find this script juvenile, but it's perfectly nice for family viewing.

An all-star cast voices the animals who support zookeeper Griffin Keyes and want to keep him at the zoo. Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Don Rickles, Cher, Nick Nolte, Maya Rudolph and Jim Bruer are among the voice actors for this enjoyable little film.

This film was a decent box office hit, grossing over $164 million despite $80 million in production costs to make.

Like many family films, audiences like this movie far better than the critics which gave the film horrible reviews and just a 13% Rotten Tomatoes critical approval rating. But, the critics aren't always right. ZOOKEEPER is a charming enough movie, and Kevin James is delightful enough here along with his all-star cast of animal pals. ZOOKEEPER will likely remain a family favorite for years to come, regardless of what the critics think about this film.

The Bottom Line: Hardly any classic by any measurement, yet a perfectly enjoyable family film by those standards. Children will be delighted with this movie, while parents may be less so. You need to just let loose and go with the story and enjoy this film for what it is, and not what it might have been. ++1/2(Better than fair, nearly good).

Major League WTF?: Fake Breast Exam Doctor Strikes Plea Deal

When it rains it pours, it seems. But the WTFers are at it again. This time it appears that a 81 year old Florida sexual pervert, Phillip Winikoff, came up with a scam to feel up some young women by posing as doctor from some sort of women's health service that offered free breast examinations. Two women in an apartment building fell for his scam and let him in, but then the exam quickly turned creepy as Winikoff put his hand down their pants so he could feel their vaginas as well. The women called the police, and Winikoff was arrested.

Winikoff carried a black doctor's bag with him, which helped with his disguise as a phony doctor.

Prosecutors could have put Winikoff in prison for up to 45 years, however he was able to strike a plea for a lesser sentence, probably because he was able to scam women into giving him consent to fondle them, meaning his lewd acts weren't considered forcible conduct like some sex offenders. Surprisingly, one reporter for Cafe Mom, Lindsay Mannering offered up her opinion that Winikoff shouldn't get any jail time, despite being a sexual pervert, because he obtained the consent of the women to fondle them. I disagree here. What Winikoff did was wrong, he falsely impersonated a doctor, and the situations could have turned out worse than they did. Right now, two women probably just embarrassed that they were scammed by an elderly pervert into copping a little feel.

This is only the most recent fake doctor story in the news. A few weeks ago some wacky high school student put on a medical smock and visited patients at some hospital of all things, before being arrested.

Regardless of everything, it's just another wacky and bizarre story from the world of WTFdom. But, I'm just waiting for the day when some victim of some phony doctor, might recognize that indeed the doctor was a fake, but he strangely turned out to be the best doctor they ever had. That will be a whole other WTF story right there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Goes Public

Sara Leal, the beautiful 23 year blond mistress of TWO AND HALF MEN star Ashton Kutcher is now granting interviews and going public with the details of her affair with the 33 year old actor who is the husband of actress Demi Moore. According to Leal, she had unprotected sex twice with the actor the night of the infamous naked hot tub party on what was supposed to be the sixth wedding anniversary of Kutcher and Moore.

Besides sex, Ashton Kutcher and Sara Leal both talked about politics, where both are Democratic Party leaning in their politics. Demi Moore by comparison tends to lean Republican like her former lover, Bruce Willis.

Apparently, Sara Leal now realizes that huge profits can be made by going "kiss and tell", where US Magazine and other sources will no doubt profit handsomely from this latest scandal to rock the TWO AND A HALF MEN show. STAR Magazine has a picture of Sara Leal taking a hit off a bong they're running. Right now, the sex scandal girl is a hot commodity.

Major League WTF?: AUSTIN POWERS Star Now Implicated In Prison Murder

This must be WTF trifecta day, or something. The weird news just keeps on coming. Do you remember that intimidating evil character from the AUSTIN POWERS movie, Random Task, who was like a one-off from Oddjob in the James Bond film' GOLDFINGER? Well, in real life the actor that played Random Task, martial arts expert, Joseph Hyungmin Son, is now serving a life sentence for the torture and gang rape of a woman he helped to kidnap and rape when she was walking her dog. Now serving his life sentence in Wasco State Prison in California, Son is now suspected of the murder of a sex offender inmate. Since he's already serving life in prison, he must have figured that the murder is a freebie or something? The murder victim was serving a two year sentence for failure to register as a sex offender.

Son was first sentenced to prison for the 1990 sexual assault on a woman walking her dog, when Son and a friend abducted the woman, forcing her inside their car, threatening with her gun, and sexually assaulting her. Charges went from rape and sodomy, evolving to conspiracy to commit murder and torture. To say the least, this effectively ended this actor's career.

Apparently, no one bothered to tell Son that when you play a villain in a movie, that doesn't mean that you're also supposed to play one in real life as well. That's bassackwards to say the least. Like I said, the WTFers are working overtime lately.

Major League WTF?: A Halloween Themed Coffin Crime

This reads like the worst TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode ever made, but a Scanton Pennsylvania single mother, Lori Gardner, 26 and her 31 year old live-in boyfriend were arrested for some outrageous Halloween-themed crimes. The mother dressed her 7 year old son in a diaper and locked him in a Halloween type coffin in the home's basement as punishment, and then left the house for an extended period. A neighbor called the police after hearing the boy's cries and screams. The couple apparently stayed away from the house for a long period because several news agencies were able to get stories up and running about the crime, and the couple were still missing and still sought by the police before finally being arrested.

Apparently, according to the boy, the mother would dress him in a diaper because he would be locked in the coffin for long periods, not feed him, and rattle chains outside to scare him, telling him that ghosts lived in the basement.

Halloween is probably forever ruined for this little boy, who probably now only equates holiday images like coffins with the psychological trauma he suffered. That's way wrong. But likely, Lori Gardner will likely get a taste of her own punishment when she's locked in her own little cell for an extended period of time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Remember The Columbus Day Storm Of 1962?

In 1962, the Pacific Northwest was hit by the biggest storm since 1880 when winds up to 179mph hit Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Oregon was the hardest hit cars crushed, homes knocked down and trees uprooted. Electric service took days to weeks to re-establish in major cities like Portland where the winds hit a peak of 116 mph. The storm began as Typhoon Frieda and came on to the Northwest coast, blowing around and knocking down anything in it's path.

at least 46 persons lost their lives in the terrible storm, one of the worst ever to rock the Pacific Northwest. From Northern California, through Oregon and Washington, an awesome 11 billion board feet of trees were knocked down and destroyed, a total of damage that far exceeded normal logging production from all three states.

In 1962, our family was on vacation in Vancouver, Canada, and I remember traffic signs spinning around in the strong winds, almost strong enough to knock a person down. In, our native Portland, Oregon we came back to no power and significant damage when our cherry tree broke and damaged the neighbor's home. My great-grandfather reportedly hailed from Victoria, so we naturally enjoyed visits to Canada, which actually spared us from the worst of the storm.

The Columbus Day Storm of 1962 was a big event in my life. It was one of the greatest storms to ever hit the Pacific Northwest, and definitely one for the history books.

Major League WTF?: !8 Year Old Female Babysitter Burglarizes Home To Pay For Porn

In Minnesota, 18 year old babysitter Amanda Owens was charged with climbing through a doggy door of a neighbor's home to commit a burglary. That sounds like a normal enough crime, except it turns out that Owens told police she committed the burglary to pay for about 30 porn DVDs she had to have. It appears the burglar claims to have a porn addiction so bad that she felt compelled to turn to crime to support her habit? WTF? I guess she never heard of surfing the Net looking for free smut like 70% of all men do each month.

Another thing, Amanda. If you were going to steal anything, how about stealing some zit cream. A little less acne, and some guys your own age might want to get some adult film experience with you, practicing your favorite scenes from the movies you just love. Now, you might to have to cool your heels for up to 10 years in prison for this burglary crap you pulled. Real smart, Amanda. Real smart, indeed.

CBS Cancels High Rated New Comedy

CBS surprisingly canceled the highly rated, but critically lambasted, HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN and is replacing this dreadful and unfunny comedy with the far better RULES OF ENGAGEMENT with David Spade instead on Thurdays at 8:30pm. HOW TO A GENTLEMAN had a top rating of 9 million viewers, but was seen as being up to the quality of other Thursday night CBS shows by comparison.

With 9 million viewers, the show is the highest rated new show to be canceled this season. But, apparently CBS was unhappy where the series was headed, and decided that it just didn't live up to it's promise as a new entry. My impressions of this show weren't good either. I didn't like the show at all.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Demi Moore Contacts Divorce Attorney

Following the sex scandal involving her young husband, Ashton Kutcher, 33, Actress Demi Moore, 48, has reportedly contacted a divorce attorney. It appears that the marriage of the two appears now be toast after Kutcher was reported to have been involved a naked hot tub sex romp with as many as four girls. Other sources such as IN TOUCH Magazine even claims that Ashton Kutcher may have gotten his 23 year old mistress, Sara Leal pregnant. Some sources claim that he may have broken up with her after this news broke.

This nude hot tub sex party apparently took place on what was supposed to be the sixth wedding anniversary of Demi Moore ans Ashton Kutcher. You know that's not good.

The producers of TWO AND HALF MEN probably couldn't be much happier than having fresh scandal problems with their new star who was supposed to replace the scandal plagued Charlie Sheen. I bet they can't wait for this latest crap to die down. But, with a possible pending divorce now looming, that's not likely to happen any time real soon.

Paul McCartney Gets Married Again

After his horrible marriage to former model Heather Mills ended in divorce after just four years, Paul McCartney decided to give love one more try and married 51 year old Nancy Shevall this weekend. Paul McCartney's first wife, Linda Eastman, died of cancer. McCartney's friend, Piers Morgan suggested that McCartney and Heather Mills should date, and took hit it off for finally married. But, the relationship soon turned very bitter. Piers Morgan has since regretted bring these two together.

Nancy Shevall is the vice president of New England Motor Freight, a trucking company as well as a board member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. She is Jewish, so Paul McCartney reportedly attend services at a Synagogue the day before the marriage out of respect for her family background.

Of all of his relationships in his lifetime, he spent the longest time with Linda Eastman, 30 years. Paul McCartney probably would have spent his entire life with her if she wouldn't have died of breast cancer. Hopefully, Nancy Shevall and Paul McCartney have a very happy life together. For all of the great romantic times that Paul McCartney brought to millions with his wonderful love songs he wrote, he deserves to have a little love in his own life as well. The death of Linda Eastman and his unhappy marriage to Heather Mills brought him so much sorrow.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

THE SIMPSONS Salary Cut Deal Struck

Voice actors for THE SIMPSONS such as Harry Shearer have signed a deal that would cut their salaries by 45-70%, allowing it to run two more seasons. Harry Shearer and the other voice actors aren't real happy about the pay cut, however some like Harry Shearer are so devoted to the show that they only want to see the series continue. This means that the show should be able to complete it's 25th season before it retires. Cancellation wouldn't be entirely bad for the show, since it could actually make money in fuller syndication than as a network entry because it has so seasons under it.

Although the ratings for THE SIMPSONS are a little lower than it's peak, the series still does well enough for FOX that it was willing to give it a few more seasons to run as long as costs can be cut enough to justify the lower ratings. Critics also complain that that the show has lost it's quality from previous years as well.

Whether THE SIMPSONS continues as a weaker product now remains a question. The public deserves a quality product, however salary cuts don't always inspire people to work harder. Maybe this show just "jumped the shark" a few seasons back, where some FOX animation shows like FAMILY GUY just seem to be far superior to THE SIMPSONS now.

Being Called A Douchebag Was The Best Thing That Happened To Eddie Cibrian Last Week

You know that your week really sucks royal when being called a "douchebag" is the best thing that happened to you all day long. But, that's just the sort of days that actor Eddie Cibrian had last week. The actor who's currently married to country music singer Leann Rimes had to endure perhaps the worst week in memory for any actor.

NBC sent down word for the production of THE PLAYBOY CLUB to continue, claiming that they were going to let the ratings troubled show build viewers. While on the set, the actor's foot was horribly cut in an accident involving a 200lb. steel door, which required the actor to be immediately sent to the emergency room to close up the deep cut. Later that day, the actor finds out that he's out of work, when NBC changed their mind and decided to cancel THE PLAYBOY CLUB. Gee, NBC could have saved him the injury be deciding quicker.

And recovering at home may not be an option, since the ho me is currently under repair because some drunk driver lost control of his car and slammed into the home, damaging it.

Cibrian's former wife, Brandi Glanville, then goes on the season premiere of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS, proclaiming to the world that, "I was married to the number #1 douchebag of all time. Eddie Cibrian. He's an actor". Oh, great. The best thing that happened to Eddie Cibrian this past week was being called a "douchebag" on national TV. You know that's a great week.

The only other bright news for the actor is that THE PLAYBOY CLUB might not be dead after all. There's the possibility that the show might be sold to some cable network, which might include some nudity and salty language, where it might actually be able to live up at least a little to the proud PLAYBOY name. .......PLAYBOY, the leader in soft porn since 1953.

For his part, PLAYBOY's founder, Hugh Hefner, has also voiced his opinion that it was a major mistake for THE PLAYBOY CLUB to air on network TV at NBC as well, claiming that should have been a cable TV series. Whether, it gets that second chance remains to be seen.

Friday, October 07, 2011

AMC's Excellent THE WALKING DEAD Season 2 Premieres Oct 16

Just in time for Halloween, AMC's excellent Emmy Awarded series, THE WALKING DEAD, premieres for season two. This is certainly one of cable TVs greatest series by far, with impressive scripts, action and acting. It is every bit as good as the finest works of zombie-master, George Romero.

The story follows a small group of surviving humans who managed to avoid a feverish disease that killed most persons, turning them into flesh eating zombies. The fight for survival involves one frightening escape after another, as well as heartbreaking sequences where survivors family members have joined the walking dead.

AMC rely did an excellent job with this series. It's as good as any top notch zombie film.

If you missed it, you can now catch up with season one on DVD. It's fresh out.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Westboro Baptist Church Tweets IPhone Threat To Picket Funeral Of Steve Jobs

Never one to avoid taking the absolute cowardly route, Marge J. Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church has used an IPhone to Tweet plans the church has to picket the funeral of the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. The church claims that Jobs is guilty of "Teaching his neighbors sinning". All of this seems so hypocritical for a church to be using modern devices like IPhones, etc. to transmit their own hateful messages about someone who helped to bring such technology to these people only to abuse and misuse.

The hateful of Westboro Baptist Church sure need to take just half a second to comprehend that far more intelligent people than than themselves such as Steve Jobs make life better in the USA each day with jobs and technology, while they only keep sign painters in business printing their crappy little messages to carry around.

There have been some calls for children's protective service agencies to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect among this religious cult church, where members appear to be far more interested in following the Phelps cult leadership than God himself. Regardless, once again this church has made the news, and for all the wrong reasons.

Ashton Kutcher May Be Expecting Love Child With Mistress

IN TOUCH Magazine is going to run a new claim in their upcoming issue that Ashton Kutcher has gotten his 23year old mistress Sara Leal pregnant and is expecting a love child. However, it is claimed that he broke after his relationship with her after she broke the news to him. It's only the latest outrageous news to rock the new star of TWO AND A HALF MEN who was supposed to offer up less problems for the show than Charlie Sheen delivered.

IN TOUCH also claims that all of this stress over her deteriorating marriage to Ashton Kutcher has resulted in a huge weight loss, where she's become very skinny. However, there could be another reason for all that weight loss as PEREZ HILTON is now suggesting that Demi Moore has fallen back into addiction problems, creating so much of the problems for the marriage.

For his part, Ashton Kutcher seems to attempting in ignore all of this sex scandal news by instead using Twitter to post some comments about his sadness over the death of Steve Jobs.

NBC Cancels Ratings Challenged FREE AGENTS

NBC took the next logical step after canceling Monday's low rated THE PLAYBOY CLUB by canceling the even lower rated FREE AGENTS. FREE AGENTS was actually a U.S. adaptation of the more successful British series PARTY DOWN. The romantic workplace comedy simply seemed to be losing viewers with each outing, having just 3.3 million viewers for it's final airing, or 100,000 less viewers than THE PLAYBOY CLUB. Apparently, about 3.5 million viewers is the NBC immediate cancellation mark it seems. Previously, NBC claimed that they were unwilling to cancel either series, which they had big investments and high hopes for both.

In the case of the cancellation of THE PLAYBOY CLUB, you can expect NBC to air a cheaply produced news magazine hosted by Bryan Williams. At 10pm, NBC feels that they can get away with cheaply produced television, but earlier in the evening a cancellation of a higher budget series is a real concern.

On the bright side for NBC, two new series WHITNEY and UP ALL NIGHT both appear to be relative successes, and the network has now ordered full season orders. That has to be good news for Canadian born comic actor Will Arnett, star of UP ALL NIGHT, whose last series over at FOX, RUNNING WILDE was a huge flop in the 2010/11 season over there. NBC immediately saw some great promise in the current husband for comic actress Amy Poehler, and fitted him into the cast of THE OFFICE before finding him this new vehicle. All of this only proves that the right script and right actor will sell a show. Both THE PLAYBOY CLUB and FREE AGENTS failed because things were simply flawed with both shows.

Comic actor Hank Azaria had to be very disappointed at the cancellation of FREE AGENTS, he's a highly talented entity that provides voice work for THE SIMPSONS and other projects. He even mounted a Twitter campaign to save the show.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Moves Out After Huge Sex Scandal

After news broke that Ashton Kutcher was involved in a huge sex scandal story on what what supposed to be his sixth wedding anniversary, news is that he has now moved out from Demi Moore. Some stories that Demi Moore is now suffering from substance abuse are being denied though. However, an eyewitness account did place Ashton Kutcher naked at a hot tub party with four young naked women, one of which is said to be his 23 year old mistress, Sara Leal.

Rumors started to emerge in the last few days that the marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore might be in trouble, although there were some attempts to disclaim that from somewhere. Now, it seems to be a fact.

Another big issue is what CBS and the producers of TWO AND A HALF MEN must be thinking at this point. They were hoping to put all of the scandals of Charlie Sheen behind them. Now, in only the third week of the new season with Ashton Kutcher as the new lead star of TWO AND A HALF MEN he has once again colored the show with more outrageous scandal. It's almost like Charlie Sheen never left. Welcome back, Charlie?

While the ratings for TWO AND A HALF MEN still rate over 17 million viewers, that's down nearly 10 million viewers from the season premiere episode just three weeks ago. And a brand new HUFFINGTON POST entertainment opinion piece now argues that the experiment with Ashton Kutcher as a character just isn't working.

No doubt, both the producers of TWO AND A HALF MEN and CBS will watch the series ratings over the next few weeks and hope that the worst of the Ashton Kutcher sex scandal problems are behind them. However, if ratings continue to fall by 13% or more each week, and if more bad reviews for Ashton Kutcher's character as well as scandal stories emerge, then this may well become the last season for this once powerful CBS comedy. Things have to be a little nervous right now.