Friday, June 29, 2007

Coolster F5 Moped/Motor Scooter Offers 70-100 MPG Economy!

Motor Scooters seem to make more and more sense as a transportation alternative as oil prices continue to climb. Some like the sensational Coolster F5 which is a quality product of one China's largest motorcycle manufacturing companies is great product with crisp acceleration, large body size at 71inches, and great mileage at 70-100 miles per gallon based on driving conditions and individual driving styles.

More and more quality Chinese motorbikes will be reaching the U.S. shores ahead of their high mileage automobiles. Meeting air pollution and safety rules has so far been far easier for the Chinese for their motorbikes. And the quality for the price paid for Chinese motorbikes is very good in many cases.

The Coolster F5 is a good example. This great bike is produced by the ChuanL Motorcycle Company in China, which produces over 300,000 motorbikes a year, and is a very reliable form of everyday transportation with very low maintaince costs. Oil changes are more frequent in these bikes than the family car. And the drive belt may wear out after a few thousand miles of use. But compared to the cost of driving a car, these bikes are very cheap to own and operate.

The Coolster is a large moped/motor scooter at 71 inches, which compares against many mopeds at just 48-53 inches. A trunk kit is included with the Coolster F5 as well, which is a $59-99 option on many brands. And the bike seems just as fast as a car in city traffic. For insurance and license purposes, the speed is regulated to about 30-31mph by a washer on the clutch assembly, which many owners probably remove later, which allows the fastest gear to fully engage and the bike is capable of speeds up to 45-50mph. Some may modify the exhaust pipe as well or add larger jets to the carb, but the most easy modification by removing the clutch washer will make a big improvement in acceleration and probably mileage as well.

For a mere $999.00 the Coolster F5 is available at RadioTvPartz Electronics and is a great product for the money. Only a driver's license is required to drive this fun ultraeconomy bike which is gentle on the environment thanks to a very clean burning four cycle engine that the ChuanL company is very proud of.

Oil Goes Past The $70 A Barrel Mark

Over world concerns of tightening supplies, world oil prices surged above $70 a barrel on Friday, which should lead to sharply higher prices within days. Over the 4th of July weekend, American motorists should see near record oil prices. And other nations will likely see signs of increased prices or tighting supplies. In Iran, some rioting over gas rationing has taken place, as their supply of oil continues to tighten. It also forces Iran to engage in an imperialist foreign policy to expand their influence into Iraq to gain some leverage over their oil reserves, thought to be perhaps the largest in the world at an estimated 220 billion barrels of undiscoved oil.

Oil has helped to fuel the U.S. war in Iraq, and will now fuel the further meddling in this nation by Iran, as various powers jockey to gain leverage over the oil supplies of a developing nation like Iraq.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ann Coulter Crosses The Dangerous Taboo Line Again

Right wing writer Ann Coulter has crossed the line of good sense and good taste once again with her new attacks on Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on ABC's morning news show when she suggested that it was unfair to compare him to "homosexuals" and even far worse suggested that he should be a victim of a "terrorist assassination" attack. How ABC can give time to someone who makes such suggestions is simply outrageous. In Coulter's mind this is comedy. But to rational persons, this is the speech of a mentally ill person.

Next to her attacks on the 9/11 victims' wives, Coulter's disgusting comments regarding terrorism on American soil are simply wrong. 9/11 was a very serious event.

Terrorism on American soil and safety and security for our leaders and presidential candidates is very important. No one like Coulter should be allowed a national soapbox to speak of such serious problems as jokes. There simply is no place for such langauge in polite society, except for those without any sense at all, which seems to include Coulter.

The wife of John Edwards, is rightly angry, and complained to Coulter on the CHRIS MATTHEWS SHOW on MSNBC about this form of outrageous "hate speech" that seems to make light or even justify violence and is just plain wrong. Naturally Coulter was arrogant and unmoved by the complaint by the wife of Edwards.

Political opinions are one thing. This is protected free speech. But when Coulter uses national TV like ABC as a soapbox to justify terrorism to suit her extremist political opinions, then ABC must be called on to make some serious changes to their policies. There should be no safe place in the mainstream media for anyone who crosses over the line and advocates for violence to justify their politics. Coulter's brand of extremist politics are simply unacceptable.

Law enforcement seeks to provide a safe society for sane persons to rationally discuss important issues. What isn't needed is for someone like Coulter to break down the taboo of advocating political violence in our society to justify her own opinions. All right thinking persons need to stand firm against this dangerous degeneration of reasonable discourse.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update: $54 Million Dollar Pants Judge Lost His Suit, And Could lose His Shirt As Well

Judge Pearson couldn't have had a worst outcome. His case was dismissed and he is required to pay court costs. However, the attorneys for the dry cleaning business may seek for Pearson to pay over $100,000 in legal fees as well. Pearson has hit on hard times with a recent divorce and a reported asset balance of just $3,000 left in his bank account.

I guess you could say that he lost his pants suit, and could lose his shirt as well.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Conservatives, And Other Factors, Are Driving Up Food Prices As Migrant Labor Workforce Shrinks To Process Food

Conservatives who will not yield on the issue of illegal immigration have created enough of a climate of fear among undocumented workers that far too few are showing up to pick fruit or other crops this year, and grocery prices are likely to take a big hike.

Some farmers in Oregon are already reporting the number of available migrant workers as only 1/6 of what's required, where much of some crops may not be havested this year, driving food prices way up.

Food prices are also taking a big hit upward as rising fuel prices for shipment have increased their value across the board. In adddition, as more corn is diverted to use in ethanol, less corn is available as cattle feed or aninal feed, further raising grocery prices.

Consumers are facing rapidly increasing prices as bad weather has impacted many citrus crops this past year as well. All of this is creating near "perfect storm" conditions that only likely to keep grocery prices growing higher and higher.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stop Me If You The One About A $54 Million Dollar Pair Of Pants

Administrative Law Judge Roy L. Pearson may have bought himself a truckload of problems due to his high profile outrageous $54 million dollar lawsuit over a lost pair of pants from a South Korean immigrant family's dry cleaning business. This week, Judge Judith Barnoff will rule on the case, and a judgement for as little as $10 may be awarded and the case closed. But the real problems may be just beginning for Judge Pearson.

During testimony last week, Pearson presented an image of severe emotional instability and has also brought a huge amount of badwill on the legal profession where his days as a judge may be limited. Pearson may find himself removed from the bench as a result of his wacky case and his disturbing, tearful testimony, which was absolutely not worthy of some used pair of pants.

There is huge pressure in the legal profession to clamp down hard on Pearson because he made such a joke out of the legal system and appears to be emotionally unfit as a result of his silly lawsuit and disturbing testimony.

A big question remains whether Judge Pearson really is fit to sit on the bench in Washington, D.C. after he squandered away his reputation over this wacky case that nearly ruined the business that the Chung family hoped to build in America. Now they talk of going back to South Korea. And Pearson finds himself in divorce proceedings where his marriage may be the first victim of his wacky lawsuit.

As early as Monday, the verdict may be coming down on this case that is hardly landmark, but certainly noteworthy. The late night comics will be waiting.

Friday, June 22, 2007

THE NATION Magazine Will Be Hard Hit By New Postal Rate Increase Scheme Written By TIME WARNER

THE NATION magazine which has existed since the American Civil War in 1865, and has lost money every year, save three or four years, is now facing a new financial challenge at the hands of TIME WARNER and the United States Postal Service. On July 15, massive postal rate increases will hit smaller publications like THE NATION, adding a half million dollars to the mailing costs of this small but significant voice of the American left.

Interestingly, there was a far more simple and fair plan for much smaller across the board postal increases for all publications that would have been far more fair that was submitted by the United States Postal Service, but this was rejected by the postal regulators in favor of a very complex scheme written by TIME WARNER which even decreases postage for some of their publications, or only offers a gentle increase for some of their publications such as TIME, PEOPLE or SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

If anything, once again this illustrates the power and influence of big business to wield heavy influence over the regulations that control their industry. In many cases, the Bush Administration has even appointed industry personalities to head bureaus and commissions that regulate the very same goods that they produce. The TIME WARNER influence over the postal rates was the latest example of this big business power that rules Washington since the Bush Administration rule took hold in January of 2001.

THE NATION magazine has managed to survive only by the help of thousands of progressive leaning donors since 1865. But a new half million dollar cash shortfall may prove more lethal to this landmark publication that the Civil War or any other event that shook up America. Will THE NATION survive? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Hillary And Fred Thompson Have All The Momentum Right Now

Latest polls such as the very authoritive ones from Rasmussen Reports strongly suggest that both Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson have all the momentum on their sides and are the two most likely candidates to grab their party's nominations next year.

With the huge frontloading of so many critical primaries in February of 2008, something akin to a form of national primary, both parties are nearly certain to have picked both candidates by late February.

Both John Edwards and Barack Obama had hoped to upend Hillary Clinton as well give voters somewhere to go that were not fans of her. Yet, with every debate appearance so strong, Clinton has been able to gain public strength in debate, proving herself to be the best candidate running for the Democratic nomination.

Fred Thompson is bouyed by another type of phenomenon. Republican voters are largely unhappy with the current group of candidates, giving Thompson some room to act as the choice of many party conservatives very unhappy with the choice of Giuliani, Romney and McCain. And while some like Romney have put in a huge workk-ethic effort so far, Thompson is not known for such a strong work ethic, and may not really be willing to put in the 110% effort required to win the election.

Hillary Clinton must overcome big voter dislike numbers, while Thompson needs to prove that he can work hard enough, as well as understand issues, and actually speak to the voter's needs. Hillary Clinton probably is the most electable in such an equation. But she needs to improve her voter trust numbers and continue to impress them as well as she has done so far among the two Democratic debates.

At this point, both Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson appear to be the most likely to wrap things up. But many months remain, where either can easily falter with a serious misstep. Look at all the Giuliani problems so far, further compounded with the recent cocaine problems with his South Carolina Chairman this past week. Much can still happen. The final paragraph is far from being written on the 2008 campaign.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What A Great Product!

Some products are unique "one of a kind" products where nothing else exists like it in the world. Such is the great high end product from Coby that plays DVDs, MP3s, Jpeg discs, cds, DVD audio discs and has a LCD display color TV screen and tuner, with inputs and outputs to and from other devices such as a bigger audio system. Normally, Coby, is known for low priced electronics, but this high end device retails for $299.99, but is available over at RADIOTVPARTZ ELECTRONICS for just $149.99(a good $50 less than almost anyone on the Web!).

While the TV tuner could be a little stronger, still the set offers excellent DVD playback and sound. And audio DVDs sound super on it. The stereo FM radio is sure good too. And lots of extras are included including a great remote control and headphones, car adapter and muc more. You know this is a great product once you open the package. The rechargeable battery pack allows you to bring this techie toy anywhere. And you'll find a million uses for this set during our warm summer months.

This is far better than those flat DVD-only players by far. A far superior product. You've to buy one of these. Nothing much is cooler than this item!

Here's the specs and what you get:

Coby TFDVD176 5.6" TFT PRTBLE DVD PLYR W/TV and Radio
Model: tfdvd176

High-Output Stereo Speakers
5.6" TFT LCD Full-Color Display
LED Backlight Technology provides a brighter display and increased battery life
Top-Loading DVD Player with Anti-Skip Circuitry
DVD, DVD±/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, and MP3 Compatible
Dolby Digital Decoder
Convenient Front Panel and On-Screen Display
Rear AV and S-Video DVD Outputs allow for use with Home Theater Systems
Rear AV Input for use with VCRs, Video Games, Media Players, and More
External Antenna Input
Headphone Jacks for Private Listening (2)
Multiple DVD Language, Subtitle, and Camera Angle Support
DVD Parental Lock Control
Digital AM/FM Radio
High-Sensitivity NTSC TV Tuner
Three-Way Power:
AC Adapter (included)
DC Adapter (included)
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (included)
Unit Dimensions: 7.8" x 1.5" x 6.6" (WHD)
Gift Box Dimensions: 10.2" x 9.45" x 6.3" (WHD)

Display Type: 5.6" TFT LCD @ 320 x 234
Disc Support: DVD, DVD±/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, MP3
AV Output: S-Video (DVD), Composite Video (DVD), Coaxial Digital Audio (DVD)
RCA Stereo Audio (DVD), 3.5mm Headphone (2), Integrated Stereo Speakers
AV Input: Composite Video, RCA Stereo Audio, Coaxial Antenna, Integrated Stereo Speakers
Digital Audio Decoders: Dolby Digital
Video System: NTSC/PAL
Power: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, 100-240V UL AC Adapter, Car/Boat DC Adapter

Full Function Remote Control
Stereo Headphones
100-240V UL AC Adapter
AV Cable
Car/Boat DC Adapter
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Coaxial External Antenna Adapter

Sam Brownback's Bottom Feeder Campaign

In his own mind, reactionary-right Kansas Senator, Sam Brownback, thinks that he's "God's Own Senator", but in reality this political cockroach is little more than a garden variety mean and nasty guy, exactly like the Old Testament Pharasees right out of the pages of his own Bible if only he could see himself for what he really is. Thankfully, he has no chance of being elected president for the good of the nation, but that won't stop him from using his perverted version of the Christian faith to justify a twisted and self-righteous attack on anyone whose religious values differ from his.

With the inclusion of rightwing incidental LAW & ORDER actor, Fred Thompson, in the race, cutting the conservative vote thinner than Swiss cheese, Brownback is resorting to outrageous religious self-righteous attacks on Mitt Romney, with his staffers already questioning his Mormon faith and even raising absurd bigoted and ignorant questions about whether or not Mitt Romney is even a Christian.

Today, the Brownback campaign began a fresh attack on Romney with a fundraiser Email making the rounds questioning whether Romney considers abortion "murder" or not. Senator Brownshirt, er uh, Brownback, never seems to climb out of the gutter with his variety of trash politics.

The hypocritical and funny thing about Brownback is that he sometimes teams up with fellow reactionary Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch and writes far right features in the Moonie owned WASHINGTON TIMES newspaper, and has no problems with all of this, never questioning the "Christian values" of either Hatch or the Moonie faith, but is making a real religious crusade out of attacking Romney.

Besides being mean-spirited and bigoted, all of this will get Brownback nowhere. Thompson is sinking the voter standing of all the other Republican candidates including Romney, and Brownback is fighting over the mere 10% or so of Romney voters, which is hardly intelligent or wise.

Brownback's electoral strategy doesn't appear to be based to appealing to a wide range of voters, but to bottom feed off another weak candidate, like Romney, hoping to suck up a few votes like some cockroach looking for food scraps.

The nation won't have to worry about a Brownback presidential Administration anytime soon. His goofy electoral strategy and nasty personalty will just about ensure that. But it's too bad he has to tear someone else down like Romney in the process who at least attempts to run an uplifting and respectable campaign by comparison. In the next few weeks, Brownback is only likely to stoop even further into his own gutter of muck politics and further attack the faith of Romney. Unfortunely this now seems like Brownback's only real reason for running at this point.

Brownback's campaign strategy seems borrowed from the Biblical story of Samson. He's blind to what's going on around him. And since he has no chance of winning, he only exists to pull down the house on Romney as well as he goes down to a bitter defeat. A pathetic nasty man to say the very least.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Democratic Control In Washington And State Legislatures Advances Consumer Issues

One of the greatest advantages that the public will see thanks to the Democratic control in Washington and in state legislatures is the advancement of important consumer issues.

In Washington, Senator Christopher Dodd, D-CT, has held hearings on the credit card industry in an attempt to eliminate outrageous unfair fees to consumers. Some credit card companies have already pledged change to the the committee, in advance of any legislation. Senator Dodd has also held hearings on the outrageous practices of the subprime home loan industry that takes advantage of persons seeking to buy their own home with ripoffs such as high interest rates or balloon payment clauses that cause many persons to lose their home to the lender even if they religiously make every payment.

At the state level, states such as Orgeon in which Democrats won control of the state house have advanced new bills that will be signed into law that will limit the "payday loan" industry to a maximum of 36% interest rates, compared to the current 300-500% some have now been charging. While these payday loan crooks claim that they cannot make it financially with such an interest rate cap, this limit will make it more possible for persons to payoff such loans and not remain in never ending debt to these loan shark operations.

Other important legislation will likely put a new 8ocent tax on cigarettes, with the mony used to advance children's health care. Not only will this directly help provide all children the medical care they deserve, but it should help put a new reason up to smokers to quit or realize the harm that their second hand smoke causes to others, especially children or those with health problems.

The American public is already witnessing advances for consumer protection and public health thanks to the new Democratic control in Washington and at the state level in some states. Since 1994, when Republicans won control in Washington and in many states, consumer protection slowed to a near halt, as big business lobby efforts and campaign donations as well as the "conservative" intent to pander to big business and against the average person was the rule. Consumers should see big benefits in their life as home loans become more honest, unfair credit card fees are limited, and payday loan companies have their loan shark interest rates capped.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rep. John Conyers Pushing For Health Care Expansion

U.S. Representative John Conyers,D-MI, is pushing for his health care proposal that would extend Medicare benefits to uninsured and poor Americans. Since 2003, Rep. Conyers has sought to get H.R. 676 passed into law, but a Republican majority who get many campaign donations from the big HMOs and health insurance industry have stood as a major roadblock to passage. However, with the narrow Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, along with the veto pen of George Bush waiting to quash any proposal that does not meet the likes of the big business community, this bill still faces a huge challenge.

The new film by Michael Moore, SICKO, may give some extra strength to help push this bill to get poor and uninsured Americans the medical, mental health and dental benefits that they need. However, the razor thin Democratic majority in the Senate could be the biggest reason this bill does not become law for the fourth year now.

The American public needs to get off the couch, turn off the TV, and spend a few minutes to Email or write their members of Congress and the White House that you support this bill. A goal of universal health care for all is vitally important.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Immigration Raid On Del Monte Raises Disturbing Issues

This past week's illegal immigration raid on Del Monte fresh Produce in Portland, Oregon that netted 167 illegal alien workers has raised many disturbing issues. Not only do such raids rip families apart, which was a concern that was echoed by Portland Mayor Tom Potter as well as the Roman Cathoilc Archbishop John G. Vlasny, and have a serious humanitarian consequence, but also raises concern's how some companies seek to profit off a low cost labor supply.

This Del Monte business has had a record of worker safety issues including threats and firing of workers who complained about unsafe working conditions. But with a large workforce of low paid Hispanic workers, this business profits from the worst of old time American capitalist traditions, using a cheap workforce of persons of color to exploit for profits.

This nation has had a long tradition of some capitalists becoming wealthy by first bringing slaves to America to work in the cotton and tobacco industry, then later bringing Chinese to work on the railroads and exploiting poor Irish who escaped the Potato Famine over in Ireland as well. Now Hispanic immigrants become the latest exploited workforce. Paid low wages and working in miserable conditions, they provide low cost groceries and food products to the American public, yet are disliked by many Americans despite their hard work to make food affordable. Many Americans would be very unhappy if their food would cost two or three times as much without this cheap workforce, yet continue to exhibit dislike for these poor immigrant workers. And even unions are unhappy at the way the use of low cost migrant workers continues to drive down wages.

There is no easy answers to these many problems. But poor immigrants come to the U.S. partially as a result of the failure of NAFTA which drove down farm income in Mexico and South America and lead to a wave of economic refugees seeking work in the U.S. American capitalism is no great miracle. It often has profited from exploiting some race or group to make a few very wealthy, but often leaving many workers in some exploied condition. Capitalism needs to never lose a human face and to bring economic well being to all, and not just a few.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton Gets Fresh Bounce From Latest Democratic Debate

The 2008 race for the Democratic nomination may not be much of a horce race at all. For the second time after a debate, Senator Hillary Clinton improved her lead to double digits over her main challengers Senator Barack Obama and former Senator John Edwards.

Clinton may have some serious problems with voter distrust both with all voters as well as voters in her party, but she appears to be the strongest candidate to win the nomination compared to the other also-rans. But even Richard Nixon proved that a candidate who is not completely liked by all voters can win an election if they prove that they are a leader.

Senator Barack Obanma really needed to assert himself among Democratic voters, but so far fell a little short twice. He had good moments, but just was not as strong as the polished performance of Hillary Clinton. Edwards also had good moments as well. But neither has so far proven the ability to outdebate Clinton who just looks far stronger than male opponents.

Is Clinton even electable in a general election? With very high negatives this is a good question. But if she can win over voters she might just have a chance. But for now, both Edwards and Obama look more electable, but have been losing some strength in possible matchups with Giuliani. But both Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney have been proving to build steady strength while the more moderate Giuliani and McCain have proven steady slippage.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chinese Scooters Offer Low Cost, High MPG, Low Carbon Imprint Alternative To Automobiles

China produces 12 million motorbikes of various types each year. This is equal to 60% of the world's moped, motorscooter and motorcycle production. Next to the use of bicycyles in China, motorbikes of various types are the second most common form of transportation, although automobiles are rapidly increasing in China.

But in the U.S., these Chinese made motorbikes suddenly seem to make a great deal of sense. Some of these scooters like the beautiful TANK Urban Sporty pictured above which comes in both 49.6cc and 150cc versions gets between 73-100 miles per gallon according to owners. The 49.6cc version can be licensed in the U.S. as a moped because it has speed regulation equipment limiting the top speed to 30mph. However, clever scooter fans know how to later remove this equipment and turn these scooters into a 45-50mph small street screamer, and yet get great miles per gallon due to the small but very dependable engines in the established TANK models, some of which offer a 3 year warranty, and some are available for under $1,000 in the U.S., or far less than a well used car.

Quality varies greatly in Chinese made scooters and motorcycles, although is constantly improving as some brands like TANK now rank among some of the best of the world in price for quality among motorscooters. The TANK models are also produced for another American distributor, COOLSTER and the F5 model is nearly identical to the Urban Sporty except for the paint schemes.

With gas prices hitting the sky with only slight relief, the Chinese made scooters suddenly look like a good alternative to the big 3,000lb. automobile with poor mpg and high insurance costs. Generally the insurance and other costs are far lower with a scooter. Some insurance can be bought for as little as $70-120 on the low side and to over $500 a year on the high side with full coverage of the bike and full theft insurance as well as towing benefits in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

The Chinese made scooter is quickly becoming a decent alternative to the automobile and deserves a good first or second look by those wanting to lessen their carbon imprint on the earth with these low pollution transportation vehicles that are a real kick to drive. So far the scooter has made a huge imprint on society in Britain and parts of Europe as well as Asia, but is yet to make a bigger impression on the U.S. market where automobiles are still king and big SUVs reign, but high gas prices are causing some motorists to rebel.

Pedal Cars Make A Retro Comeback

For any reader that is around 50 or older, one toy that might be remembered from your childhood is the beloved pedal car toy. These durable steel toys were a favorite of small children, but seemed to gradually disappear as newer toys repleced them in the marketplace and tastes of children moved towards skateboards and bicycles of various sizes.

A new and sturdy all steel body retro remake of the durable pedal cars is now available for sale for $219.00 with free 48 state shipping included in the cost over at and is an excellent remake actually even better quality than the original pedal cars.

The heavy guage metal bodies are virtually indestructable, and the petal and tire are made from high quality solid rubber. These are almost too good for use as a toy, and even make a great collector's item.

These steel cars are 39 inches long, 21 inches high and 18 inches wide, a perfect size for smaller children who will probably think this is the greatest toy that they've ever seen. And they're right. These retro pedal cars are just plain excellent.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

USS Cole Incident And Terrorism Concerns Impact Security For U.S. Navy Ships At Public Events & Festivals

The 100th anniversary of the Portland Rose Festival will witness some important security change from earlier years. This year, like the very recent years since 9/11, when U.S. Navy ships come to dock at Portland docks along the downtown waterfront serious security efforts will protect the ships including Coast Guard patrols with machine guns, frogmen who inspected the docks for any unusal items, and boat traffic will only be allowed up the river by Coast Guard escort only.

Some of the ships are veterans of the War On Terror that will dock in Portland. And the Navy is mineful of the attack on USS Cole that took place in Yemen back in October 2000 in which some smiling and waving terrorists on a small boat appeared to be friendly, then blew their boat up alongside the Cole and made a large hole in the Norfolk, VA based destroyer class ship, killing 17 U.S. Sailors.

Both the War On Terrorism and the USS Cole attack have forever changed U.S. Navy security for the better, even in a friendly port like one in Portland, all the security concerns seem wise. The public will still be allowed limited tours of some of the ships.

Since 9/11 no major incident of terrorism has taken place on U.S. soil, while worldwide terrorism, especially in the Mideast have dramaticly worsened each year since the beginning of the 2003 Iraq War. In Iraq, security concerns would be far higher for U.S. Navy ships than in a friendly U.S. port, however the War On Terrorism has no doubt made permanent changes to security at all levels for the U.S. which will never relax. But so far this new security in the U.S. has broken up several plots including this past week's JFK Airplot scheme by for Al Qaeda wannabe's.

Security is no where as tight in the U.S. as it is in Israel. But any incidents would certainly tighten up security even more for the U.S. Israel effectively prevents all but a very few terrorism incidents over the last 10 years by the world's best public security efforts. This improved security has certainly paid off in enhanced public protection and fewer incidents.

Security for events like the Portland, Oregon Rose Festival vary with the times. During WWII, large scale parades were called off to prevent a Japanese attack on a large civilian crowd, although such events never took place. The enhanced waterfront security is simply a sign of the times in response to today's concerns during the current War On Terror and simply good prevention, worth more than 1lb. of cure.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Markie Post For President?

In the year 2000(sounds like a Conan O'Brien bit doesn't it), conservatives offered up to American voters the absurd premise that because George Bush 1 was president then his son should be president as well. Well that certainly made a lot of sense looking back. The family "goof" son should be president right after the dad went from winning a solid 54% vote win in 1988 down to just 38% of the vote in the 1992 election. If the dad was awful, then why offer up the son as well,especially with his goofy past of questionable National Guard duty, alcohol and cocaine abuse.

This year conservatives are offering an even more silly premise. Because Fred Thompson is an incidental actor on the #4 broadcasting network, NBC, then he should be president.

Thompson's bulldog looks, gruff style and hard conservative doctrine are hardly pleasing to all voters. Maybe voters should look to other NBC actors instead.

How about the Asian guy from HEROES? We've never had an Asian president before.

How about Howie Mandel from DEAL OR NO DEAL ? Oh, wait, he's Canadian sorry.

What about other actors from LAW & ORDER, like Sam Waterston?

What about Jerry Seinfeld? Hw was a big hit on NBC.

Maybe Michael Richards would appeal to the antiimmigrant crowd right now with his tough opinions on race?

What about Markie Post from NIGHT COURT, back when NBC was #1 among the networks. She also was on CBS in HEARTS AFIRE and on ABC with ODD MAN OUT? She could bring in the voters from all three major networks. And she's still a major babe at about 57, compared to the bulldoglike, Fred Thompson. And she has some political experience as well by going on the ARSENIO HALL SHOW to stump for Bill Clinton back in 1992. She'd be far more progressive than Thompson, someone that liberals could support. And she's smart too. A Lewis & Clark graduate with a scientist dad to boot. She'd be a far better NBC personality thaqb Fred Thompson.

Maybe conservatives who feel that the next president should come from NBC need to look further than actor Fred Thompson. I'm sure there's better NBC stars and former stars to choose from. Maybe there's something wrong with the premise that the next president should be chosen from the ranks of the NBC actors rather than being the brightest and most talented politician in America. Maybe the latest conservative premise is once again flawed.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Catholic Nursing Home Agrees To Stop Illegal Union Busting Activity

Historically, the Roman Cathoilc Church has taken strong stands in favor of social justice postions including opposing racial discrimination, support for the civil rights movement and promotion of respect and dignity for immigrants against a growing racist backlash generated by the racist right in America.

By sharp contrast, the Maryville Nursing Home in Beaverton, Oregon, a Roman Catholic institution owned by the Sisters Of Saint Mary, has finally agreed to stop illegal union busting activity for workers who were threatened with job termination if they merely dared to support unionization efforts.

The Sisters Of Saint Mary agreed to a settlement with 11 charges of illegal activity filed against them by the National Labor Relations Board. Some of the charges involved illegal surveillance of workers who engaged in any suspected union organizing activity as well as illegal retailiation of employees for engaging in union organizing.

The tactics of this Cathoilc owned nursung home were so nasty, that Oregon's Democratic Governor, Ted Kulongoski as well as state legislators and some local Catholic Priests urged this notorious institution to stop their outrageous activity. But it was only the legal action on the part of National Labor Relations Board that finally put an end to this nasty union busting conduct and forced a settlement from this instution that will allow the workers to freely determine if they want all the wage and other benefits of becoming a union member.

Friday, June 01, 2007

It Was 20, No Make That, Forty Years Ago Today

It was 40 years ago today on June 1, 1967 that The Beatles released their breakthrough classic album, SGT. PEPPER's LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. The album was not only a breakthrough in writing ability, production and musicianship, but also showcased each of the talents of the four individual Beatles and was a wonderful showcase for the individual talents of the four musicians.

For the first time on any Beatles album, the individual personalities and writing styles were never more clear to the fans of the group. And unlike many previous Beatles albums in which many songs were penned by others or else cover versions of already released songs, every song was new and a creation of The Beatles. ROLLING STONE Magazine rated SGT. PEPPER as #1 among the 500 greatest rock albums of all time.

If you haven't heard this complete album in some time, then it's time for you to go out any buy a fresh cd to enjoy. Compared to many so-so new albums on the market, this album is like the CITIZEN KANE of rock albums. This is the standard by which any good rock album should be measured.

Hillary Clinton Would Win NY In An All NY Politician Three Way Election

Rasmusssen Reports has some of the very best polls of any Website on the internet. And a new one out this week has Senator Hillary Clinton winning her home state of New York with 50% support if fellow New Yorkers Andrew Giuliani runs as the Republican nominee and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg runs as an independent candidate. Giuliani gets no higher than 29% support in such a strange matchup of all New York candidates for President. Former millionaire Democrat turned Republican, Michael Bloomberg gets a healthy 15% support.

Election Projection run by Scott Elliot and Rasmussen Reports rate as two of the best polling and election data evaluation websites. Both are worthwhile to check our each day or to subscribe to. Both offer great hypothetical polls that will give political junkies their best fix of political data to drool over than almost any other websites out there. And these two websites have very closely called recent elections down to the fraction of a percentage point as well.