Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frankenstein Terrorizes After Toby Keith Concert

Just like his famous namesake, Forrest V. Frankenstein, of Ohio did a little terrorizing of his own after attending a Toby Keith concert. He was charged with several offenses including threatening to stab a policeman if he had a knife.

Strangely, he deliberately banged his head in the police car, cutting his forehead, giving himself a monstrous bleeding scar wound as well.

Hey, who would ever had suspected a Frankenstein of causing a little mayhem?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Paris Hilton Faces Felony Charge

The legal problems for Paris Hilton are only growing worse. Because Las Vegas police seized .8grams of cocaine, the hotel heiress is facing felony charges and could face anywhere from probation to four years in prison.

Nevada is an interesting place. While having gambling and legal prostitution in some counties, the state is largely a conservative Mormon state with strict drug laws. It's not the best place for Hilton to decide to screw up royal.

Better be prepared to spend some big money on a good lawyer, Hilton. Otherwise, don't the soap in the shower.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paris Hilton Arrested On Cocaine Charge

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Watts, were arrested a little before midnight last night by Las Vegas police. Watts was cited and arrested for DUI, while Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine. Hilton was later leased from custody after hiring top Las Vegas lawyer, Mark Chesnoff.

Police detected a strong smell of marijuana in the SUV, leading to both arrests.

Hilton's defense so far is that it wasn't her purse with the drugs in the SUV. Okay.

Well, at least Hilton, Lohan and Spears keep the lawyers employed.

Paul's New Chopper Trike Test Drive

Okay kids, I promised you a test drive report on the Ice Bear chopper trike. Well, it's an interesting machine to ride where it feels exceptionally stable because of the trike design. The first day out I had a little getting used to the springer front end and clutch, but with a little time the feel comes. Ice Bear is an interesting motorcycle company. Most of their bikes of all types are three wheelers. That's their own special niche in the market.

One cool feature on some of their three wheel bikes is a reverse gear. That's especially useful on any larger bike. And while the v-twin engine is only a 250cc, it still has very adequate power without getting into some $26,000 to $50,000 machine. This Ice Bear model retails for $7995.00, but can be found on a few websites for around half that amount which is a real deal for such a decent quality machine.

For such a low entry price, Ice Bear, a Chinese brand that uses some Japanese and Taiwanese parts in their bikes makes a cool product that borrows more than few cues from custom Harley trikes costing a lot more. Ice Bear makes some pretty good toys for grown boys. I'd recommend them as a great toy maker.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SONS OF ANARCHY Star Assaults Cop

Hey, sometimes life imitates art. Yesterday that happened when SONS OF ANARCHY star, Mark Heidrich, who plays an outlaw biker on the wildly popular cable drama assaulted a cop that pulled him over for a traffic stop for a claimed moving violation. Heidrich reportedly assaulted the cop and backup police had to be called in. The actor was arrested and charged with an assault charge as well as resisting arrest.

In more great news for the FX biker drama, the former head of the New York chapter of the Hell's Angels filed a lawsuit for $5 against FX claiming that he had a "implied-in-fact" contract to bring a motorcycle drama to the network. But FX decided to drop the project. Then SONS OF ANARCHY appeared on the network.

Oh, when it rains, it pours.....
Hey, by the way, a major tip of the old hat to the gents over TMZ for their news tips about this show.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Martin Short's Wife Dead

Martin Short has had a tragic life. Both of his parents died before he was 21. His brother was killed in an auto accident. And there is a history of cancer in his family. Now his 58 year old wife of 30 years has suddenly died. Nancy Dolman had been previously diagnosed with cancer back in 2007, and had been undergoing treatment back then. Her death appeared to be very sudden, and few new details are known.

Martin Short is a great comic genius and a very nice man. He certainly has our best wishes and prayers at this very difficult time for him. Such a wonderful person like Martin Short deserves a wealth of goodwill for all of the joy that he has brought others over the years.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jenny McCarthy Appears With New Boyfriend On Facebook

Jenny McCarthy former PLAYBOY Playmate and comic actress has emerged with a new boyfriend on Facebook. Jason Toohey is a former fitness model, and appears to be more than happy to have Jenny as a new gal pal.

The big question is what does Toohey have to offer Jenny? Her past boyfriends had a major degree of success that could get her in films such as Jim Carrey or producers. She could at least sleep her way up to the top with guys like that. So far, Toohey only appears to have a Facebook page. What's the profit in that? This is a business here, you know.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ernest Borgnine Will Receive SAG Lifetime Achievement Award At 94

Ernest Borgnine, whose career has spanned seven decades will receive a lifetime achievement award at the SAG Awards on August 30. Borgnine has appeared in five television series including McHALE's NAVY, appeared in numerous television movies and appeared in over 200 theater movies. Borgnine is one of the oldest Hollywood legends still living.

Ernest Borgnine has brought a complex array of characters to life including some memorable villains as well other interesting characters. In THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE for example, Borgnine played tough New York City Detective Mike Rogo who was often at odds with Reverend Frank Scott(played by Gene Hackman) who sought to rescue a small group of survivors after a giant tidal wave caused the giant cruise ship to overturn upside down. Borgnine brought a brutish presence to the role that created extra conflict. Although released in 1972, at the time it seemed like a later life role for the actor, but he continued to do television and movies for many more years to come.

The actor turns 94 in a few days, and will receive the award six days after his birthday.

Friday, August 20, 2010

South African Host Of THE WEAKEST LINK Dead

Fiona Coyne, 45, the host of South Africa's WEAKEST LINK is dead from a suspected suicide. The game show presenter looked strangely like Anne Robinson. Fiona Coyne was also known for her sarcasms and sharp tongue as well. In two notes left behind, she offered her possessions to her mother and housekeeper.

THE WEAKEST LINK is unique among game shows because of the sadistic putdowns of contestants and Fiona Coyne fit right in with her sharp-tongue style and black leather-like dresses.

Coyne reportedly wrote about fears of failure and growing old in her letters. Well, maybe not looking and acting like a bitter total sadistic bitch might have been a good place to start. Most people act pretty nice by comparison you know.

Country Music Video Shoot Results In Homeland Security Episode

Country singer Deborah Allen and her production crew were just looking for a cozy little off-road location to shoot a new video. A little service road off the ancient Memphis Arkansas Bridge sure looked like a great little spot. But then a swarm of police officers descended on the crew and detained everyone for a bit. It appears that the group had entered an area that was protected under homeland security laws.

But don't worry. Deborah Allen and her crew have nothing in common with Al Qaeda or Bin Laden. They were soon allowed to leave and look for another cozy spot to shoot their new video.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Michael Douglas Has Throat Tumor

65 year old Hollywood legend, Michael Douglas, has a throat tumor. The actor is expected to make a full recovery after a 8 week program of chemotherapy and radiation. He is married to Welsh Mega-babe actress Catherine Zeta Jones.

In his lifetime, the famous son of Kirk Douglas, has won a total of three Emmy Awards and two Oscars and is memorable for his tough financial empire chief in WALL STREET. Douglas has been honored with a lifetime achievement award from the AFI as well and has been considered as a top Hollywood actor for many years.

Michael Douglas has our best wishes and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jimmy Fallon's Emmy Ad Pulled By NBC

Jimmy Fallon sure likes to make people laugh. However, a few of the other TV shows up for best drama award in the August 29 Emmy Awards weren't none too pleased when Jimmy Fallon's NBC ad made a parody of MAD MEN, possibly giving the show an unfair advantage in the voting process which is still open.

Certainly, it was a harmless attempt by Fallon to give folks a laugh. However, the extent of damage to the other shows up in the running for the best drama award isn't known yet. If MAD MEN comes out on top, you can expect more than a little grumbling by a few disgruntled folks to continue for some time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Awesome 4MC Four Wheeled Motorcycle Prototype

The incredible 4MC four wheeled motorcycle prototype is an awesome machine that may predict the future of motorcycles and scooters. Built by engineering genius designer Nick Shotter, the incredible design was an answer to being injured in a bike accident while working as a motorcycle courier in London. The design proves excellent stability on corner leans and tight angle turns. The suspension system is pure high tech genius and manages to stay upright even on very tight turns. Nick has patented his design and appears to be looking for interested companies to inquire about his patent design. No doubt, many companies will knock on Nick's door.

Thanks, Nick. You brought the cycle world something really fresh and cool!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Totally Bitchin' Chopper Trike For Less Than $4,000!

Incredible, but true, Scooter Depot a major superdiscount Online dealer in scooters and motorcycles is offering this wild and cool $7,899.00 list price motorcycle chopper trike for an absurdly low $3999.00 this weekend. That's like wholesale kids. And just look at it! Wow. V-Twin engine, low seat, lots of chrome luggage rack space, a trunk. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Holy crap just look at it. That's a cool machine. And it's a nice big 119 inches long, way longer than those 89inch maxiscooters or many motorcycles.

Hey, I was so impressed I bought one yesterday and I'll run an update once it arrives from California this week and I get to tool around on it. A road test is coming.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Levi Johnston Considering Run For Wasilla Mayor

Levi Johnston, the 20 year old on again, then off again, former fiancé of Bristol Palin is now considering a run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin, Bristol's mother, was once the Mayor of Wasilla before becoming the Governor of Alaska. It's only the latest goofy news to surround the former lover of the young Palin daughter.

So far, Johnston's biggest credentials for office appear to be an appearance in PLAYGIRL and a music video that he's shooting with singer Britanni Senser.

In Oregon, former mediocre center for the Portland Trail Blazers, Chris Dudley feels that his role in several disappointing losing seasons for the team are sufficient enough credentials to qualify him to run for Governor of the state, despite a total lack of political experience. Okay.

More and more celebrities with no political experience feel that their celebrity status alone qualifies them to run office. Some surprise and do very well, but others fall far short of the experience really needed to do an adequate job.

Monday, August 09, 2010

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL Actress Patricia Neal Dead At 84

Patricia Neal, the actress who won an Oscar for her role in 1963's HUD with Paul Newman has died of lung cancer at the age of 84. Two years ago the actress suffered from serious effects from a stroke and helped to found the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville for stroke victim recovery. She had to work very hard to learn how to walk and talk after that.

Patricia Neal was also memorable as the female lead frightened of Gort the robot in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and in 1949's THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

Charlie Sheen's Weekend At The Playboy Mansion With Ron Jeremy

Leave it up to Charlie Sheen to know how to celebrate, but the TMZ photographers caught him at the Playboy mansion with porn legend Ron Jeremy after his lawyers worked out a favorable plea deal to his assault case. Sheen is also in the middle of a rocky marriage as well, so a little party action with some nice blondes at the Playboy mansion can't help that situation all that much either.

How'd you spend your weekend?

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Disney Shelves 3D Conversion Of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Even though it would only involve a conversion of an existing film, Disney has decided to shelve their project to convert their 1991 release of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST into 3D. But if Disney has the technology available, then why not go for it. However, it appears that the process is very involved and costly to convert existing films to a 3D style format. But, you'd expect software to be developed that can make 3D film conversion more widely available at some point in the future. However, now it appears that a painstaking frame by frame new animation art process is required.

Will new 3D versions of existing films ever see the light of day? It might depend on the process used and the type of technology. But you can expect Disney to be at front line of new technology development, and newly enhanced versions of existing films will certainly be released in future years giving new generations the opportunity to enjoy these films.

Former WWE Wrestling Star Mickie James Pursues Singing

Back in April, the WWE decided to release the contract of wrestler Mickie James. Since that time the former five times women's champion wrestler has looked for a new career. She released her first country album back in May, STRANGERS AND ANGELS and remains active by doing legends of wrestling events where wrestlers sign autographs and meet fans.

Mickie James is part of the revolving door system in the world of professional wrestling. Managers and executives of organizations like the WWE constantly mix things up and add new wrestlers, hoping to create a new big draw for their events.

Life goes on for wrestlers after the WWE. Some such as the Undertaker are already involved in setting up a real estate career after he is retired by the league. But fans can still expect to see Mickie James show up some place, maybe even in a another smaller wrestling league or doing legends shows or other special guest appearances.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Caroline Giuliani Arrested For Shoplifting

Move over SNL, it appears that former New York Governor Rudolph Giuliani has another goofy kid that slipped under the radar. SNL used to parody Andrew Giuliani with great comic Chris Farley doing an outrageous memorable skit of his hyperactive kid routine. Now, Giuliani's 20 year old Harvard daughter, Caroline Giuliani, has made a little news of her own with a shoplifting arrest.

In 2008, Caroline became an Obama supporter, and didn't even support her dad's bid for the presidency.

So far, no word from the happy father about any of this.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


The future of LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT now hangs in doubt as actor Jeff Goldblum has announced his decision to leave the show after only two seasons. And the USA Network, part of NBC has been undecided what to do about renewing the series or not. All of this may spell the end of the series.

LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT was once built on the skills of the great character actor Vincent D'Onofrio who created an intense character role who seemed split between his own severe psychological issues and understanding the minds of the criminal. It was a complex character, and certainly one of the greatest performances by any TV actor ever. Supporting actors Kathryn Erbe and stage actor Eric Bogosian greatly added to the show as well.

As Vincent D'Onofrio developed some health issues, actor Chris Noth alternated with the role doing a fine job.

LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT is a great TV series. It needs to continue. But like all great TV shows, it hinges on having great actors. The original LAW AND ORDER franchise was once was built on fine NY stage actors such as Jerry Orbach and Jesse Martin from RENT. And with the loss of so many fine actors, the show's future looks very cloudy right now.

Monday, August 02, 2010

The Decline Of Dr. D. James Kennedy's Personality Cult TV & Radio Empire

At one time, Dr. James Kennedy amassed a large $37 million a year profit political empire using his Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church to promote his own personal political causes over the airwaves. He once aired his radio and TV messages to 200 nations. These mainly political messages were wrapped in a paper-thin veneer of God as some justification for whatever personal views that Kennedy himself held. It was like bait-and-switch Christianity. You expected to hear a sermon about God, but instead you hear another Kennedy political speech. But, it all has gone to waste after a 2006 heart attack, and 2007 death of Kennedy. Today, most radio and TV stations have dropped his program, and his church membership has sharply declined from a 10,000 member peak down to around 1800 to 2200 members. Side political groups established by Kennedy have also folded.

If anything, the rise and fall of the D. James Kennedy empire was proof positive that most members of his church or radio and TV listeners weren't there for God in the very first place, but drawn to the political personality cult of Kennedy himself. It's a pretty good sign that the church members put God second, if at all in their lives, and mainly thrive for the socially conservative politics that Kennedy once preached. If Kennedy wanted to go into politics, then he should have run for political office, not hijacked a church to further his politics. But Kennedy did what he wanted, and up to 3 million viewers with little spiritual discernment or true love for God followed this televangelist for many years.

D. James Kennedy had great potential to leave a lasting faith mark on the world. He went from a dance instructor, to gaining several important degrees in theology. He was a deeply intelligent man, but his love for politics rather than God became his fatal spiritual flaw. Despite an excellent speaking style, he would always leave wary viewers with a deep sense and mistrust. Asking viewers to send him in $500 for some political group like his "President's Club", made him a subject of scorn and ridicule by some. Kennedy might have been another Billy Graham is only he had more faith. But politics, not God, was his first love.

A church really based on faith in God should have withstood any change in pastors. But a personality cult with a man at the head blows away in the wind. Such is the case of the crumbling Dr. D. James Kennedy empire, a once powerful presence in televangelism broadcasting.

Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail Into Rehab

After a 14 day stint in California's Lynwood Correctional Facility, Lindsay Lohan has been released to the UCLA Medical Center for treatment for issues with bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug problems. Her lawyer and doctors have been pushing for this treatment since before the actress was incarcerated by her judge for probation violations.

Apparently Lohan will not be in the psychiatric ward, but rather in treatment program that deals with psychological, drug and alcohol dependence issues, and addiction issues.

Reports from TMZ clain that Lohan had problems with meth as well as bipolar issues.