Wednesday, October 07, 2009

David Letterman's Ratings Surge In Wake Of Sex Scandal

For years comic David Letterman has made jokes about the sex scandals of others. His jokes about Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer and others could reach the moon and back. Tuesday night David Letterman had a new opportunity to make more jokes. This time about his own sex scandal. But the news isn't entirely bad for either David Letterman or CBS. The ratings of the show are way up. People want to tune in to hear what Letterman has to say about the scandal.

In fact, the scandal is actually the best thing to happen to David Letterman's ratings since Sarah Palin picked a fight with him over a botched joke a few months back. Letterman gained viewers who wanted to see where the fight was headed. Now it's more of the same. Viewers wonder where this scandal story is headed.

But while David Letterman's public reputation has been damaged, his attempts at apology seem to often be in the terms of jokes, questioning his sincerity. All of that raises questions whether in the long term he will suffer any damage or eventual ratings fall. But for now it seems that the bad news for Letterman is good news for his ratings.


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