Friday, October 16, 2009

1980's Rock Group Air Supply Found Alive And Touring In Doha, Qatar

Hey kids, the long search for the 1980's rock group, Air Supply, is over. They've been found alive and well and touring in Doha, Qatar of all places. Actually, the band has remained active since 1975 to the present led by British guitarist Graham Russell and Australian Russell Hitchcock. And while their popularity has long since left the station in much of the Western world, in Asia and parts of the Mideast the soft rock band remains popular. In 1995, the single "The Way I Feel" hit #1 in China for example while the song was largely ignored in the West.

Both Hitchcock and Russell have released some solo albums in recent years, and new compilation albums emerge every so often by the soft rockers.

You might think that old 80's pop groups go away for good to some rock and roll junk-bin in the sky. But not true, kids. They just become popular in China and remote parts of the earth.


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