Friday, October 09, 2009

Marvin Gaye's Biker Film

Most people are well aware of the tremendous talent of the late great singer Marvin Gaye. However, few knew that he also was a minor film star as well. In 1971 he was a star in the b grade outlaw motorcycle gang film, CHROME AND HOT LEATHER. Marvin Gaye played Jim, one of four army soldiers that go undercover to bring an outlaw motorcycle gang to justice that killed the finance of Mitch, the leader of the soldiers.

In the film, Marvin Gaye rides a Kawasaki motorcycle and tries to look the part of a biker. It's a rather strange role for the great singer, yet an interesting footnote to his career.
Marvin Gaye looked pretty handy on the bike. He seemed to know the handling characteristics pretty good and even did some fancy riding tricks. And the film wasn't entirely bad either. If you're a fan of either biker films or singer Marvin Gaye you might be entertained by this rarity available at some video stores that deal in the obscure.
I'd give CHROME AND HOT LEATHER a fair ++ star rating. But it's enjoyable enough biker fun to pretty much satisfy. And watching Marvin Gaye in his odd biker role is a real hoot.


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