Sunday, October 04, 2009


ZOMBIELAND is one of the best camp-horror films of all time. It's a real home run. It's loaded with more than enough great sight gags and goofy zombie fun. It's also one of Woody Harrelson's best roles. You just can't say enough good things about this excellent movie that is no doubt an instant classic.

But, yet there's some real controversy about the show among some zombie purists. The show features what are known as "fast zombies". Many fans of the George Romero-type zombie films argue that the only zombies can be "slow zombies". However, the argument with this show is that these zombies aren't really entirely dead but merely infected humans. But regardless of this controversy this film is great fun.

As an angry and snarling zombie-killer, Woody Harrelson is great. He's a real blood and guts guy, playing a cartoonishly violent macho-type a-hole. It's sure a funny role that makes for great laughs with the overdone acting. And his more gentle costars make for a great foil to his over-the-top character.

From opening to closing credits, ZOMBIELAND really delivers the laughs. The script is well written and fresh enough of a new take on the zombie genre of films that you'll never be bored for a moment in this great film. Another funny new idea is zombie rules that appear on the screen at some moments. It's a funny idea.

With so many nasty horror films such as the SAW films on the market, which seems largely like "torture porn" to some critics, it's so nice to see a refreshing fun horror film for this Halloween season. There needs to be more horror films this good and this funny. Nearly Excellent +++1/2


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