Thursday, October 29, 2009

Several TV Series Are On Life Support. But Several More Are Soaring.

Bad ratings may soon doom several series. UGLY BETTY has experienced a 53% drop in viewers this season compared to last season. That probably spells an end to that series sometime this year. TIL DEATH, the Brad Garrett comedy on FOX is amazingly still on the schedule, although FOX intends to pull TIL DEATH and the low rated African American comedy, BROTHERS off the schedule during November sweeps. FOX will also shelve DOLLHOUSE for November sweeps as well, strongly suggesting that cancellation may soon be in the works for this low rated show.

Superman also proves not to be so super this season as well as SMALLVILLE has a 36% lower audience this season compared to last season. NBC's HEROES is also in real trouble as well. with a 35% audience decline as well. And FRINGE over at FOX is also in ratings trouble with a 29% audience decline as well. THE JAY LENO SHOW continues to be a ratings drag on NBC, scoring far lower audiences than it's 10pm dramas did last season. How long NBC will stick with Leno's drag on their network is a good question? But likely all the other troubled TV shows listed here will soon be gone sometime during this season.

On the flip side, the CBS comedy, THE BIG BANG THEORY is way up in ratings with a 48% audience increase. HOUSE is also running stronger at a 32% audience increase. PRIVATE PRACTICE is up 31%. BIGGEST LOSER hasn't lost any viewers, just weight, with a 23% audience share increase. NCIS has surprised everyone by soaring to the #1 show position with a huge 22% audience share pickup. NCIS: LOS ANGELES has become a huge hit as well, and is the #3 show overall.

On cable TV, the retiring private detective drama MONK is scoring big audience numbers with over 5 million viewers per episode. The new USA Network drama WHITE COLLAR has become a hit as well, holding on to the entire lead-in audience of MONK so far. Once again, comic ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has proved to be gold for Comedy Central, with his new weekly show pulling in an awesome 5.3 million viewers. Last December, a Jeff Dunham special drew a huge audience over 6 million viewers. From this Comedy Central knew that they had a big star on their hands.


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