Friday, October 30, 2009

The Worst Children's Halloween Costumes Ever

Hey parents out there, you may think it's a real cute idea to dress up your little tyke as young Hitler for Halloween. But, please resist this urge. There are far safer costumes to go with than dressing your little guy as the mastermind of the Holocaust.

While you're at it, you parents might want to avoid dressing your little guy up as the leather guy from the Village People. Your little guy might enjoy all the trappings of Gay S&M sex and black leather. But for Heaven's sake, look for something else. Please.

You parents might also wish to avoid dressing your kid up like a toilet as well. It's not a cool look, believe me.

I know that some sick folks might find humor in those missing milk carton kids. But even worse is dressing up your kid like a missing child. Real funny, heh?


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