Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charges Likely In "Balloon Boy" Hoax

Charges are highly likely to be filed against the Colorado family responsible for the "balloon boy" hoax. Charges could range from filing a false police report, to FAA violations, to abuse of the 911 emergency system. It appears the balloon stunt might have been part of some publicity stunt to get attention for the family, possibly for a TV reality show.

Even though the FAA and Air National Guard were all involved in operations in response to the claimed runaway flying saucer shaped balloon which the family claimed that their son might have been on, it is also possible that only a Class 3 misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report might result, despite the seriousness of the resulting crisis.

The father of the family involved in the hoax was formerly featured on ABC's WIFE SWAP program. Some believe the hoax was an effort to get attention for more TV appearances. With CNN and other news following the story for two hours this week as a breaking news event


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