Friday, October 30, 2009

The Weird Backstage Concert Demands Of Some Performers

As part of the legal agreement to perform a concert show in addition to their pay, some music artists make some rather interesting, unusual, and sometimes curious demands. Here's a few of the most strange backstage demands ever:

*Singer Jennifer Lopez once asked the promoters of a charity show she was to perform to provide her with some ultra high priced French candles that cost around $50 each for her personal use backstage.

*The rock band Guns N' Roses once asked the promoters of a concert show to provide them an "Assortment of adult magazines" for their backstage entertainment, use or abuse.

*Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters used to demand that concert show promoters provide him some stinky cheese such as Gorzongola for his backstage enjoyment before a show. Grohl is also a car collector with unusual tastes such as a Rambler her owns.

*Cher used to demand an entire seperate room just for her wigs for use onstage. Who knew that Cher's wigs required their own dressing room?

*Peter Gabriel used to demand that the concert promoters provide him with deep muscle massage therapy from a female before performing shows.

Jane's Addiction used to ask for 2 packs of orange Zig Zag rolling papers before a show. Makes you wonder just what Jane's addiction was, doesn't it?

*Dionne Warwick wasn't a personality for limosines. She used to demand just a station wagon to arrive and depart a performance concert. Any reasonable grocery getter wagon was good enough for her.

*The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards may not be the absolute icon of high style himself , but the boys used to demand for "(2) smartly dressed, well groomed hostesses" in order to perform their shows".

*Tear-jerker song singer, Michael Bolton used to strickly demand no onions in any backstage food. He hates onions.

*Aretha Franklin apparently has a fear of heights, so no hotel room or concert staging area can be above the fifth floor level or she gets a $25,000 cash payment by demand.

*The country music supergroup Alabama used to set a demand that no animals could ever be backstage or they would refuse to perform. So much about their appeal to some farm folks.

*Rapper LL Cool J used to demand Johnson baby oil and dethorned roses backstage. Urban music has sure changed it seems.

*The Beach Boys used to demand BIC lighters for their use backstage, but not in the color green for some odd reason. Okay?

*Trent Rezner of Nine Inch Nails used to demand two boxes of cornstarch for shows. Likely this was to assist him slipping into those real tight leather pants.

*50 Cent is strickly against any beef product and demands that no beef product be anywhere in the vincinty of his performance area. Man, that sounds like a tough vegetarian to me.

*For years there have been massive jokes about country music legend Willie Nelson and smoking pot. However, Nelson actually demands that "all engagements be smokefree".

*Singer Clay Aiken must have a number of food allergies because he strickly demands that no nuts be offered, or mushrooms. Also no coffee, shellfish or mints be served backstage.

*Paul McCartney demands that no trees be backstage. But smaller plants appear to be fine with the former Beatles legend.

*Weird singer Boy George used to demand for a "crack oil machine". WTF?

*Gnarls Barkley demands white athletic socks for one dressing room and Magnum condoms for a second dressing room. Attention: Big Man Walking.....

*Metallica demands that bacon be present at every meal. They claim that this is "very important". Okay?

*Janet Jackson strickly demands "No Fish Ice!". This is a very important issue to her. Apparently, she once had a bad fish ice experience once before, and has now been forever tramuatized by the event.

*Little Richard reserves the right to distribute free religious or moral belief books or booklets to the audience.

*Prince demands that all items in his dressing room be wrapped in clear plastic in order to provide a clean germ-free environment.

*Protopunk rocker Iggy Pop has a legendary 18 page list of demands that includes "no toy robots, televangelists.... plastic seahorses, baliwicks, crepescules or kooks". Okay? We all know how annoying those plastic seahorses can be, don't we?


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