Friday, October 23, 2009

Did Bad Accountants Murder Crime Author Patricia Cornwell's Fortune?

Celebrated crime author Patricia Cornwell has a real mystery on her hands. Did some bad accountants murder her $40 million dollar earnings from her famous books? Even this would be a mystery challenge for her her famous fictional character, Kay Scarpetta.

Patricia Cornwell and her wife, Harvard Neuroscientist, Staci Gruber, might well be two of the most brilliant women in America. But the married couple allowed an accounting firm to manage the couple's finances, with little reporting on assets, liabilities, expenses and other silly little details. Now, Cornwell claims that $40 million might be vanished into thin air. In papers filed in Boston Federal Court on October by Cornwell and her wife, the couple claimed that the accounting firm handled everything for the couple even including the purchase and delivery of bath tissue to the couple. Yet, despite her extensive details in her books, Cornwell just didn't seem to be bothered by so many little details in her own life and allowed an accounting firm too much of a freehand managing her money. Now, millions might be gone.

Cornwell and her wife just didn't seem to bother to see how well their money was being invested. Now, the case may become yet another story of bad accountants losing a fortune for some investors. Once again, some no account accountants might have ruined some innocent victims financially. Stay tuned to this story.