Friday, October 09, 2009

Oh Nuts! Levi Johnston Will Keep The Sarah Palin Soap Opera Alive By Posing Nude In PLAYGIRL

According to his attorney, 19 year old Levi Johnston, the baby father of Bristol Palin's baby is currently working out to buff up for posing nude in an upcoming PLAYGIRL magazine. Like a bad penny, the silly soap opera surrounding the Palin family only continues with this latest silly stunt. But it's already provided the late night comics such as Conan O'Brien with a few really good jokes.

This latest stunt by someone connected to the Palin soap opera is only sure to sell lots of magazines for PLAYGIRL which is surprising still being published. Many skin mags are suffering enough of a sales drop with the bad economy and Internet competition. But PLAYGIRL which is supposed to appeal to women has it's own small market to itself. However, with much of the content seemed aimed towards gay men in many ways, it is highly questionable how much of a female to gay male readership the struggling magazine has. It was shut down for a while last year, but is attempting a comeback once again.

The question remains how good the distribution may be for the magazine. But the Levi Johnston issue will likely be very hot and boost sales and maybe get the struggling publication back on track. And once again the circus surrounding the Palin family family will get more news and more publicity.

No reason for any of the Palin gang to stop now, when they still have plenty of embarrassing stunts yet left to do just to make news. Oh nuts!


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