Saturday, October 24, 2009

AMELIA Really Crashes With The Critics

AMELIA, the freshly opened new biography film about legendary female aviator Amelia Earhart has really crashed with the critics. With little depth into the real soul of this great figure, the film manages only to catalog her numerous achievements. This is disappointingly shallow.

Actress Hilary Swank always brings great potential to any film that she does such as MILLION DOLLAR BABY. But unlike MILLION DOLLAR BABY, don't look for any real awards here. This AMELIA film just isn't on a par with that great film by any means. It is hardly better than some made-for-TV film for the History Channel or PBS.

Part of the reason that AMELIA really crashes is that neither actress Hilary Swank or the script manages to really sell the story very well. It just doesn't bring you in very much. It's just lacking in real depth and credibility even if it's cataloging real events such Amelia Earhart taking First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt up for a plane ride. Hilary Swank might look much like Amelia Earhart, but with a wooden and not very good script, the film simply fails to soar to any high levels of success. The film isn't completely terrible, but simply not good for little more than some history lesson. As an old film the movie might find some future success replaying on the History channel if you want a lesson in history, otherwise this film will likely be quickly forgotten.

What would have made this film great would have been an inspirational story here. But there isn't one. This simply isn't a very good film other than some rather bland history lesson. Not good. Not terrible. Just fair. Fair++


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