Thursday, October 29, 2009

Microsoft Yanks Support For FAMILY GUY

Stewie Griffin has a message for Microsoft. Microsoft had a special commercial arrangement deal with FAMILY GUY to air a commercial free episode in exchange for some very obvious product plugs. But instead, Microsoft pulled out the rug after previewing the episode and didn't find humor about the Holocaust, incest, feminine hygiene and deaf people their cup of tea or good for their corporate image. For some odd reason, Microsoft apparently just didn't understand that FAMILY GUY is an edgy show with outrageous jokes and scripts. Maybe Microsoft thought FAMILY GUY was like a Disney cartoon or something.

Microsoft is rolling out their Windows 7 as a replacement for their much maligned Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft apparently thought that FAMILY GUY was a great show to promote their product, although far safer shows exist. But Microsoft loved the 18-34 age demographic that FAMILY GUY reaches. That's a real target audience for their new Windows 7 computers and operating systems.

The show will still air on November 7, although with another sponsor as part of an all Seth MacFarlane block of new shows including THE CLEVELAND SHOW and AMERICAN DAD. Often FAMILY GUY manages ratings as good or better than the aging SIMPSONS that airs earlier in the evening.

The Microsoft fiasco over the controversial FAMILY GUY episode was at least an attempt to avoid an audience backlash. However, many other sponsors are still willing to step up and buy ads since FAMILY GUY appears to gaining viewers in recent years, unlike many aging programs whose audience numbers often begin to settle.

Life goes on. FAMILY GUY remains popular. And Microsoft looks for new ways to promote their new operating system.


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