Friday, June 29, 2007

Coolster F5 Moped/Motor Scooter Offers 70-100 MPG Economy!

Motor Scooters seem to make more and more sense as a transportation alternative as oil prices continue to climb. Some like the sensational Coolster F5 which is a quality product of one China's largest motorcycle manufacturing companies is great product with crisp acceleration, large body size at 71inches, and great mileage at 70-100 miles per gallon based on driving conditions and individual driving styles.

More and more quality Chinese motorbikes will be reaching the U.S. shores ahead of their high mileage automobiles. Meeting air pollution and safety rules has so far been far easier for the Chinese for their motorbikes. And the quality for the price paid for Chinese motorbikes is very good in many cases.

The Coolster F5 is a good example. This great bike is produced by the ChuanL Motorcycle Company in China, which produces over 300,000 motorbikes a year, and is a very reliable form of everyday transportation with very low maintaince costs. Oil changes are more frequent in these bikes than the family car. And the drive belt may wear out after a few thousand miles of use. But compared to the cost of driving a car, these bikes are very cheap to own and operate.

The Coolster is a large moped/motor scooter at 71 inches, which compares against many mopeds at just 48-53 inches. A trunk kit is included with the Coolster F5 as well, which is a $59-99 option on many brands. And the bike seems just as fast as a car in city traffic. For insurance and license purposes, the speed is regulated to about 30-31mph by a washer on the clutch assembly, which many owners probably remove later, which allows the fastest gear to fully engage and the bike is capable of speeds up to 45-50mph. Some may modify the exhaust pipe as well or add larger jets to the carb, but the most easy modification by removing the clutch washer will make a big improvement in acceleration and probably mileage as well.

For a mere $999.00 the Coolster F5 is available at RadioTvPartz Electronics and is a great product for the money. Only a driver's license is required to drive this fun ultraeconomy bike which is gentle on the environment thanks to a very clean burning four cycle engine that the ChuanL company is very proud of.


At 2:05 PM, Blogger Rose Jeffers said...

were is the choke on the darn thing
my motor scooter seems to be flooding gas comes threw the airfilter and then stops running
could you please tell me or give me a place to take it for repairs
we live in san clemente, ca.
my email is
thanks for your help

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Billy said...

where do you get parts for the darn thing?

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Ralph Baker said...

Is the battery 12 volts? and how many amps per hour. Someone please help with this info.


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