Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stop Me If You The One About A $54 Million Dollar Pair Of Pants

Administrative Law Judge Roy L. Pearson may have bought himself a truckload of problems due to his high profile outrageous $54 million dollar lawsuit over a lost pair of pants from a South Korean immigrant family's dry cleaning business. This week, Judge Judith Barnoff will rule on the case, and a judgement for as little as $10 may be awarded and the case closed. But the real problems may be just beginning for Judge Pearson.

During testimony last week, Pearson presented an image of severe emotional instability and has also brought a huge amount of badwill on the legal profession where his days as a judge may be limited. Pearson may find himself removed from the bench as a result of his wacky case and his disturbing, tearful testimony, which was absolutely not worthy of some used pair of pants.

There is huge pressure in the legal profession to clamp down hard on Pearson because he made such a joke out of the legal system and appears to be emotionally unfit as a result of his silly lawsuit and disturbing testimony.

A big question remains whether Judge Pearson really is fit to sit on the bench in Washington, D.C. after he squandered away his reputation over this wacky case that nearly ruined the business that the Chung family hoped to build in America. Now they talk of going back to South Korea. And Pearson finds himself in divorce proceedings where his marriage may be the first victim of his wacky lawsuit.

As early as Monday, the verdict may be coming down on this case that is hardly landmark, but certainly noteworthy. The late night comics will be waiting.


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