Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Photo Use Policy

To better illustrate news features to our readers, we have recently added an illustration photo to our features. Most of these photos are either public domain photos or GNU public license photos in which the rights to use as an illustration have been signed over by the photo owner.

Only in very rare cases we will we use a copyrighted photo for educational news feature illustration purposes only, and in which no available free license photo is available for use. This very limited photo use for news and educational illustration is under the terms of "fair use". If a public domain or GNU photo exists, then that will be our first choice to use. Other news services also selectly use small amounts of material under fair use as well, and this minor use of material for illustration purposes is common to all sources in news reporting. The select use of a photo under acceptable federal fair use guidelines and standards is deemed very important for illustration purposes and no attempt is made for this website to profit from this illustration. The purpose is merely public education.

Select use of copyrighted photos will also be used to illustrate products for sale by companies who will benefit by our review of their products by free promotion of their products without charge or cost to them.

This website does not profit from any photo use of any type whether public domain, GNU or fair use type. All photo use is for public education purposes only.

If any questions exist about this policy strictly followed under the guidelines of federal copyright law standards and practices, then please contact us at


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