Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sam Brownback's Bottom Feeder Campaign

In his own mind, reactionary-right Kansas Senator, Sam Brownback, thinks that he's "God's Own Senator", but in reality this political cockroach is little more than a garden variety mean and nasty guy, exactly like the Old Testament Pharasees right out of the pages of his own Bible if only he could see himself for what he really is. Thankfully, he has no chance of being elected president for the good of the nation, but that won't stop him from using his perverted version of the Christian faith to justify a twisted and self-righteous attack on anyone whose religious values differ from his.

With the inclusion of rightwing incidental LAW & ORDER actor, Fred Thompson, in the race, cutting the conservative vote thinner than Swiss cheese, Brownback is resorting to outrageous religious self-righteous attacks on Mitt Romney, with his staffers already questioning his Mormon faith and even raising absurd bigoted and ignorant questions about whether or not Mitt Romney is even a Christian.

Today, the Brownback campaign began a fresh attack on Romney with a fundraiser Email making the rounds questioning whether Romney considers abortion "murder" or not. Senator Brownshirt, er uh, Brownback, never seems to climb out of the gutter with his variety of trash politics.

The hypocritical and funny thing about Brownback is that he sometimes teams up with fellow reactionary Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch and writes far right features in the Moonie owned WASHINGTON TIMES newspaper, and has no problems with all of this, never questioning the "Christian values" of either Hatch or the Moonie faith, but is making a real religious crusade out of attacking Romney.

Besides being mean-spirited and bigoted, all of this will get Brownback nowhere. Thompson is sinking the voter standing of all the other Republican candidates including Romney, and Brownback is fighting over the mere 10% or so of Romney voters, which is hardly intelligent or wise.

Brownback's electoral strategy doesn't appear to be based to appealing to a wide range of voters, but to bottom feed off another weak candidate, like Romney, hoping to suck up a few votes like some cockroach looking for food scraps.

The nation won't have to worry about a Brownback presidential Administration anytime soon. His goofy electoral strategy and nasty personalty will just about ensure that. But it's too bad he has to tear someone else down like Romney in the process who at least attempts to run an uplifting and respectable campaign by comparison. In the next few weeks, Brownback is only likely to stoop even further into his own gutter of muck politics and further attack the faith of Romney. Unfortunely this now seems like Brownback's only real reason for running at this point.

Brownback's campaign strategy seems borrowed from the Biblical story of Samson. He's blind to what's going on around him. And since he has no chance of winning, he only exists to pull down the house on Romney as well as he goes down to a bitter defeat. A pathetic nasty man to say the very least.


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