Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Markie Post For President?

In the year 2000(sounds like a Conan O'Brien bit doesn't it), conservatives offered up to American voters the absurd premise that because George Bush 1 was president then his son should be president as well. Well that certainly made a lot of sense looking back. The family "goof" son should be president right after the dad went from winning a solid 54% vote win in 1988 down to just 38% of the vote in the 1992 election. If the dad was awful, then why offer up the son as well,especially with his goofy past of questionable National Guard duty, alcohol and cocaine abuse.

This year conservatives are offering an even more silly premise. Because Fred Thompson is an incidental actor on the #4 broadcasting network, NBC, then he should be president.

Thompson's bulldog looks, gruff style and hard conservative doctrine are hardly pleasing to all voters. Maybe voters should look to other NBC actors instead.

How about the Asian guy from HEROES? We've never had an Asian president before.

How about Howie Mandel from DEAL OR NO DEAL ? Oh, wait, he's Canadian sorry.

What about other actors from LAW & ORDER, like Sam Waterston?

What about Jerry Seinfeld? Hw was a big hit on NBC.

Maybe Michael Richards would appeal to the antiimmigrant crowd right now with his tough opinions on race?

What about Markie Post from NIGHT COURT, back when NBC was #1 among the networks. She also was on CBS in HEARTS AFIRE and on ABC with ODD MAN OUT? She could bring in the voters from all three major networks. And she's still a major babe at about 57, compared to the bulldoglike, Fred Thompson. And she has some political experience as well by going on the ARSENIO HALL SHOW to stump for Bill Clinton back in 1992. She'd be far more progressive than Thompson, someone that liberals could support. And she's smart too. A Lewis & Clark graduate with a scientist dad to boot. She'd be a far better NBC personality thaqb Fred Thompson.

Maybe conservatives who feel that the next president should come from NBC need to look further than actor Fred Thompson. I'm sure there's better NBC stars and former stars to choose from. Maybe there's something wrong with the premise that the next president should be chosen from the ranks of the NBC actors rather than being the brightest and most talented politician in America. Maybe the latest conservative premise is once again flawed.


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