Saturday, June 02, 2007

Catholic Nursing Home Agrees To Stop Illegal Union Busting Activity

Historically, the Roman Cathoilc Church has taken strong stands in favor of social justice postions including opposing racial discrimination, support for the civil rights movement and promotion of respect and dignity for immigrants against a growing racist backlash generated by the racist right in America.

By sharp contrast, the Maryville Nursing Home in Beaverton, Oregon, a Roman Catholic institution owned by the Sisters Of Saint Mary, has finally agreed to stop illegal union busting activity for workers who were threatened with job termination if they merely dared to support unionization efforts.

The Sisters Of Saint Mary agreed to a settlement with 11 charges of illegal activity filed against them by the National Labor Relations Board. Some of the charges involved illegal surveillance of workers who engaged in any suspected union organizing activity as well as illegal retailiation of employees for engaging in union organizing.

The tactics of this Cathoilc owned nursung home were so nasty, that Oregon's Democratic Governor, Ted Kulongoski as well as state legislators and some local Catholic Priests urged this notorious institution to stop their outrageous activity. But it was only the legal action on the part of National Labor Relations Board that finally put an end to this nasty union busting conduct and forced a settlement from this instution that will allow the workers to freely determine if they want all the wage and other benefits of becoming a union member.


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