Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton Gets Fresh Bounce From Latest Democratic Debate

The 2008 race for the Democratic nomination may not be much of a horce race at all. For the second time after a debate, Senator Hillary Clinton improved her lead to double digits over her main challengers Senator Barack Obama and former Senator John Edwards.

Clinton may have some serious problems with voter distrust both with all voters as well as voters in her party, but she appears to be the strongest candidate to win the nomination compared to the other also-rans. But even Richard Nixon proved that a candidate who is not completely liked by all voters can win an election if they prove that they are a leader.

Senator Barack Obanma really needed to assert himself among Democratic voters, but so far fell a little short twice. He had good moments, but just was not as strong as the polished performance of Hillary Clinton. Edwards also had good moments as well. But neither has so far proven the ability to outdebate Clinton who just looks far stronger than male opponents.

Is Clinton even electable in a general election? With very high negatives this is a good question. But if she can win over voters she might just have a chance. But for now, both Edwards and Obama look more electable, but have been losing some strength in possible matchups with Giuliani. But both Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney have been proving to build steady strength while the more moderate Giuliani and McCain have proven steady slippage.


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