Saturday, October 15, 2011

Police Impound Booty Lounge Mobile Strip Club

Detroit police have impounded the Booty Lounge, a cut rate mobile strip club that had hoped to garner some big bucks as a tailgate vehicle during the Lion's appearance on the nationally televised MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game on ESPN. The low rent strip club on wheels apparently was operated by a driver who wasn't licensed to drive a commercial vehicle like this. The bus was also illegally parked and hadn't been approved by the Michigan Department Of Transportation as a commercial vehicle either. With these violations, police towed and impound the vehicle until tickets are paid and the other state required commercial rules are satisfied.

The mobile strip club became a national celebrity on the news this week when the owner hoped to cash in at the football game. But, ultimately it was violations of a number state transportation and licensing rules that brought down this mobile strip idea to Earth.

It seems like no matter how a guy tries to make a buck these days, there is some government rule or law against it. And you wonder why our economy is in the dumpster and there's so little private imitative these days?

Don't look for a Hot Wheels version of the Booty Lounge any time real soon. Something tells me that Mattel is going to pass on that idea.


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