Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Major League WTF?: A Halloween Themed Coffin Crime

This reads like the worst TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode ever made, but a Scanton Pennsylvania single mother, Lori Gardner, 26 and her 31 year old live-in boyfriend were arrested for some outrageous Halloween-themed crimes. The mother dressed her 7 year old son in a diaper and locked him in a Halloween type coffin in the home's basement as punishment, and then left the house for an extended period. A neighbor called the police after hearing the boy's cries and screams. The couple apparently stayed away from the house for a long period because several news agencies were able to get stories up and running about the crime, and the couple were still missing and still sought by the police before finally being arrested.

Apparently, according to the boy, the mother would dress him in a diaper because he would be locked in the coffin for long periods, not feed him, and rattle chains outside to scare him, telling him that ghosts lived in the basement.

Halloween is probably forever ruined for this little boy, who probably now only equates holiday images like coffins with the psychological trauma he suffered. That's way wrong. But likely, Lori Gardner will likely get a taste of her own punishment when she's locked in her own little cell for an extended period of time.


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