Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kinks Of The Stars: John Mayer & Jessica Simpson

John Mayer may be a master guitarist, but he was in some into some wild stuff in private with his women. Jessica Simpson should know. She had a long relationship with John Mayer once before. Both have since moved on. But, according to reports some of their lovemaking was pretty wild.

Celebrity insider Perez Hilton insisted on a Howard Stern radio program that John Mayer was "very into anal sex with Jessica Simpson". And if that's not a wild enough image to ponder, more reports about John Mayer claim that he has a fetish for wanting to urinate on partners during sex.

I guess some celebrities like to get down and dirty. Really dirty.

But on Oprah's show, Jessica Simpson has been less than amused about John Mayer's open talk about their past sex life. She felt "betrayed". In the upcoming March PLAYBOY, John Mayer has an upcoming interview where he talks some more about their sex life together. Likely, that will raise a few more eyebrows as well as sell a few PLAYBOYS. Stay tuned.....