Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tofurky Makes A Vegan Thanksgiving Really Special

Vegan foods just keep improving in taste, but one of the pioneers in this market has been Tofurky. They make a wonderful all-vegan roast that tastes so much like Turkey, and includes a center filled with their excellent vegan stuffing as well. Tofurky is an Oregon brand from Hood River, yet their products have become famous anywhere in the U.S. that vegans shop. It's hard to top this brand for either quality or taste. And the company just keeps adding great new products, such as their new line of vegan pizzas with a soy cheese that actually melts like real cheese.

In 1903, Loma Linda foods was established to help provide a decent market of vegan and vegetarian products for members of the Adventist faith. However, as more and more Americans became aware of the health benefits of both vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as persons who suffer from food allergies to animal proteins became aware of the benefits of the Adventist types of diets, newer vegan brands such as Tofurky gradually entered the marketplace.

In addition to their excellent Tofurky roast and stuffing, Tofurky makes probably the best mock-turkey gravy ever made. It's so good. Wonderful taste. And it includes bits of Tofurky that would fool almost anyone into believing it to be real turkey.

But, there are two other honorable mentions for a great vegan holiday feast. Field Roast makes a wonderful product called Celebration Roast. It's a perfect Sunday evening dinner treat year round. And AFC, an Asian foods brand makes several varieties of baked bean curd, where the hard variety tastes amazingly like a cross between smoked ham and turkey. It's absolutely delicious either hot or cold. It makes a great ingredient in a hot served vegan Asian vegetable dish such as a stir fry, or is great sliced cold and served with a Summer cold plate of hummus, baba gonoush and stuffed grape leaves. That Summer cold plate is really special and exquisite dining.

Thanksgiving sure doesn't have to be awful for vegans. There's so many wonderful choices these days that vegans didn't have so many years ago. Your vegan Thanksgiving can be a memorable one with the right foods on your table.


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