Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kinks Of The Stars: Amy Winehouse

Some say that Amy Winehouse may have a few addictions in her life. You might add sex addiction and a real need for new kicks to that list according to a former lover, Johnny Headlock. According to him, the tigress can go for hours on end, putting the sorry old Energizer Bunny to shame, and just can't seem to get quite enough sexual fulfillment.

In London's SUN, Amy Winehouse's kiss and tell former lover claimed that, "She was wild. She went for hours and couldn't get enough. We must have gone through five or six positions, but she liked being on top the best. She made a lot of noise and loved being spanked on the ass. It was really rock 'n' roll".

Even more outrageous is a story in Britain's NEWS OF THE WORLD, claiming former husband Blake Fielder-Civil and Winehouse engaged in sexual activity far outside of the bounds of more run of the mill bondage sex, and often engaged in some just plain outrageous sexual activity too gross for the NEWS OF THE WORLD to publish. Winehouse reportedly spent thousands on some wild lingerie and an expensive diamante-encrusted whip as well. Lesbian sex threesomes between Winehouse, Civil and unnamed female partners were also common.

Gee, who have guessed that Amy Winehouse likes it little wild or rough? That's such a big surprise!