Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kinks Of The Stars: Cindy Margolis

Hey kids, fasten your seat belt. This is going to be a bumpy ride here. You might know that Cindy Margolis has been called the "most downloaded woman" ever, and remains a top Google search item. Even at age 45, she's still a major league babe. Her official website and photos remain forever popular among numerous guys who like the hot babes. And Cindy is real open about her sexual tastes. Some of which are sort of kinky.

In an interview, Cindy openly expressed her love for sex toys, "I tried almost every type of sex toy", but she laments that "Most are more hype than pleasure"(maybe she should become a consumer reporter for sex toys, and start a second career?).

Cindy also describes her favorite sexual scene as "When wearing my hottest, sexiest lingerie with my "come fuck me high heels". She then likes to bring out a vibrator and a paddle to "Give to my man. I like to be spanked". Despite this love of the rough and kinky stuff, Cindy has never looked very much like damaged goods in any of her revealing photos.

Indeed, we at Wizbang Pop work very hard all day to bring you the real hot juicy celebrity stuff. You don't have to thank us. The work has it's own rewards.


At 8:48 PM, Blogger MrBigManRick said...

Cindy makes me purrrrr! Playboy just named Cindy Margolis "The
Ultimate Cougar." She's smoking hot and has everything I look for a woman. She's gorgeous, successfully smart,
self-assured and one of the most sexy alive but best part is she's at her
sexual peak! MEOW!!!! She really is that freaking hot! Cindy is so freaking sexy that once
again proves my theory that watching a hot woman on TV is when you really find out if they're sexier than the published photos. You gotta check out her show online Seducing Cindy in all her sexy and hotness.


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