Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SONS OF ANARCHY Star Assaults Cop

Hey, sometimes life imitates art. Yesterday that happened when SONS OF ANARCHY star, Mark Heidrich, who plays an outlaw biker on the wildly popular cable drama assaulted a cop that pulled him over for a traffic stop for a claimed moving violation. Heidrich reportedly assaulted the cop and backup police had to be called in. The actor was arrested and charged with an assault charge as well as resisting arrest.

In more great news for the FX biker drama, the former head of the New York chapter of the Hell's Angels filed a lawsuit for $5 against FX claiming that he had a "implied-in-fact" contract to bring a motorcycle drama to the network. But FX decided to drop the project. Then SONS OF ANARCHY appeared on the network.

Oh, when it rains, it pours.....
Hey, by the way, a major tip of the old hat to the gents over TMZ for their news tips about this show.