Thursday, August 12, 2010

Levi Johnston Considering Run For Wasilla Mayor

Levi Johnston, the 20 year old on again, then off again, former fiancé of Bristol Palin is now considering a run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin, Bristol's mother, was once the Mayor of Wasilla before becoming the Governor of Alaska. It's only the latest goofy news to surround the former lover of the young Palin daughter.

So far, Johnston's biggest credentials for office appear to be an appearance in PLAYGIRL and a music video that he's shooting with singer Britanni Senser.

In Oregon, former mediocre center for the Portland Trail Blazers, Chris Dudley feels that his role in several disappointing losing seasons for the team are sufficient enough credentials to qualify him to run for Governor of the state, despite a total lack of political experience. Okay.

More and more celebrities with no political experience feel that their celebrity status alone qualifies them to run office. Some surprise and do very well, but others fall far short of the experience really needed to do an adequate job.