Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paul's New Chopper Trike Test Drive

Okay kids, I promised you a test drive report on the Ice Bear chopper trike. Well, it's an interesting machine to ride where it feels exceptionally stable because of the trike design. The first day out I had a little getting used to the springer front end and clutch, but with a little time the feel comes. Ice Bear is an interesting motorcycle company. Most of their bikes of all types are three wheelers. That's their own special niche in the market.

One cool feature on some of their three wheel bikes is a reverse gear. That's especially useful on any larger bike. And while the v-twin engine is only a 250cc, it still has very adequate power without getting into some $26,000 to $50,000 machine. This Ice Bear model retails for $7995.00, but can be found on a few websites for around half that amount which is a real deal for such a decent quality machine.

For such a low entry price, Ice Bear, a Chinese brand that uses some Japanese and Taiwanese parts in their bikes makes a cool product that borrows more than few cues from custom Harley trikes costing a lot more. Ice Bear makes some pretty good toys for grown boys. I'd recommend them as a great toy maker.


At 7:50 AM, Blogger Joe Dirocco said...

hey paul. I have been looking at this bike for 2 years now. How does it sound. I cant find a running one anywhere to hear it. Also with it only being a 250 cc. Do you think I will get laughed at. haha. thanks Joe

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Timothy Case said...

I know this has been some years ago, and hope I can get a message back.... I had been thinking on getting something like this, but, the 250 cc, whats the top speed, surely not for long distance driving, or going at least 85 miles an hour,,, I seen one website where a 2 wheeled chopper gets about 80 miles and hour, but, its still on the little small size even though they showed it next to a normal chopper, and a nice size for itself, more for like my 17 year old son, but, he's kind of tall for his age,,, it may still be too short,,, to an extent,,, But, If this could cruise at 85 without proplems ( 95 would be better,,, passing mostly ),, most highways are 75, but, would like that extra power to pass,,, but, I was looking at trikes, normal size, and the prices are outrages,,, Id be better building my own,,, And i have seen similiar trikes to the Ice Bear, and they look to be an alright size for sitting on, but, just need to know if its a town cruiser, or if it can handle the highways just fine or not... ( from wyoming to ohio and back,,, vacation to see family ).. thanks, TC

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